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Weim Privilege Denied

`Maizie Gets her Chair

Maizie, age 8, has lived her life without being allowed full access on human furniture and beds.  (She has no idea other Weims get full privilege).  (She has numerous comfy beds and fleeces of her own in every room of the house). About two months ago, she weighed the situation and took a gigantic risk.  She stepped right up on the comfy recliner chair in our bedroom and curled up into a ball!  We were so stunned we were speechless!  She didn’t get yelled at!  We didn’t have the heart to scold her.  We relaxed our expectations justifying, “Well, she’s 8.5 years old….she’s getting older etc etc etc)”.  It’s Maizie’s chair now for certain times of day—at her choosing.  We ask her when we want to sit in it.  The power of the Weim!

Breeder Comment

The Weimaraner doesn’t see herself as a dog–and her humans use furniture. Having a fancy dog bed isn’t the same–look this chair just fits. What more should I say? Well, nothing more to say other than we do so appreciate this photo and your little story that we could use for the blog.

House Rules

~Regarding–the Furniture

We try to have strict rules so all the furniture doesn’t get taken over by the dogs since both Jim and I are allergic to big loads of dog dander.

Our compromise is this:  One ancient sofa near the front hall is all theirs.  Sucia and Patos know that they can wrestle, scratch, jump on, chew toys and rough-house all they want on “their” old couch. The rule for the rest of the furniture is off-limits.  The one exception is this gray couch, and by invitation only,  in this picture is that it is off-limits, UNLESS it is covered with one of their fleece blankets.  they can only be on it when it is covered with one of these fleece blankets, usually when one of us is on the couch and want a pup to snuggle next to us.   Clearly, this was an afternoon that Sucia and Patos discovered that the fleece blankets were left on unattended…….😊

Breeder Comment

Every household has rules–spoken or unspoken. Sometimes we humans fail to keep our end of the bargain, and it is either confusing or allows bending the rules a bit. (Haha) Weims have a way of working things to their liking. We all know that. Don’t we adore them for their shrewdness — for the challenge they present? I think we can agree, we do.

Thank you, Megan, for this fabulous update. We truly appreciate it!

Featured Weimaraner — Bella


This Pink Chair is mine.....I love it!

This Pink Chair is mine…..I love it!


Well first and foremost she is spoiled like most Weim’s are.  We brought her home in early March and she seemed to adapt well except for keeping us awake the second night in her new kennel.  Over the past few weeks we have really noticed her personality coming out.

Bella has a chair and enjoys life…

We started immediately walking her on a lease which she didn’t like at all at first but has grown to enjoy her daily walk with Darilyn and her friend who has two boxers.  She has her own chair that is pink as you see pictured above.  We had to strengthen up the joints so it wouldn’t fold up on her when she jumps at it full speed.  Bella really likes it a lot.

Bella Talks…

First Trip to the beach

First Trip to the beach

We bought a second kennel for her, one in the main living room and the other in the bedroom.  Although I have to admit she has managed twice to sleep with us.  She has found her vocals now as well.  She loves to talk at other cars and motorcycle riders when going to and from town.  Also she spoke to a woman on the beach that she didn’t see at first, I think that was more from being startled at her appearance.

Bella and her Mom at the beach

Bella and her Mom at the beach

Potty Training is a work in progress

We are still working on the potty thing…..she goes to the door and occasionally will paw it but usually she just passes by.  If you miss this attempt to go outside then she will almost immediately have an accident.  We have recently hung some bells from a piece of ribbon and we ring them every time she heads out the door and I think she is starting to catch on as she has done the same a few times.

Puppy Biting is better but a work in progress

She still likes to nip but has gotten really better about not doing so.  She has lost most of her baby front teeth so it makes it a little better because they are not razor sharp like the baby teeth.  She has many favorite toys, but will fetch and return almost anything thrown her way.  We tend to stick with squeaky toys, or the crinkle toys as she loves them the most.  In fact the one she guards with her life is a possum crinkle toy that also has a squeaking tail we found at the local pet store.  I started letting her ride with me on the four wheeler when I’m doing chores around the house.  She sits in-between my legs and rests her front feet on the gas tank, she seems to enjoy it.

Bella was 16 weeks when we brought her home…

I really like the fact that she was older than most.  This is our second Weim that was older.  They seem to adapt to new surroundings quicker.  I feel they learn quicker and I don’t find myself constantly wondering/looking for her.  She is very well behaved, although she does like to get in your face when I first get home but that only lasts a minute or two.  Everyday I come home for lunch and we have a routine we do…..she goes out to potty, we sit and eat lunch together….I think this is her favorite time of day because I will always share either a banana or orange with her and then we play tug.  She is eating about 3 cups of food right now a day, three sittings of course.  I have not weighed her yet but I would say she is about 20-25 pounds right now.  We will be setting up her vet appointment  to get a check up and schedule a spaying soon.    Overall we could not be more pleased with Bella.  She is adorable and full of love and energy.  We enjoy her every moment, our thanks go out Owyheestar and the Nielsen’s for the wonderful joy Bella brings to our home.