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Peck's Berkley_660
Berkley is having fun in the leaves!

Growing, Learning, and a lot of Fun!


Berkley is growing like a weed. Sometimes we call her “bean stalk” because she is growing so fast.

She’s learning more and more every day and we are enjoying her so very much. She is sweet with a twist of feistiness!

Berkley and Our DaughtersPeck's Berkley_987

Berkley is excited about learning Latin along with our daughters.
Peck's Berkley_144726Then, she is showing off her ability to heel alongside our 7-year-old. We use the Starmark Collar you recommend on your website and taught our girls how to use it properly.
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Breeder Comment

We are delighted to learn that things are going well with Berkley. It is great she is such an integral part of the family. Then too–it is beyond surprising that she is heeling for your 7-year-old daughter. Many of our adults (write us) that they are unable to achieve the loose-leash heel. When you understand how to use that collar, and it is used (correctly) a lot of good things can happen.

We sincerely appreciate you thinking of us and sharing a window into your life with Berkley. Keep up the consistent effort and things will continue to move forward positively.

Blu at Two

Blu Came Home

           ~in January  2013

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So today I decided to celebrate her birthday a couple of days early, we went for a walk/hike. She is amazing– she just loves children and other dogs. We are not hunters; however, I believe she would be a real good bird dog if given some training.

Blu has faced a Big Change

Unfortunately, she is like a lot of children today. I am speaking of having their parents become divorced. Ron and I have decided to part ways; she lives with him. I didn’t have a home where I could keep her. She is not as finished as we hoped when we got her. This lack of manners is because she did not receive enough early age training. She is a sweet girl. She loves to give hugs; she will come up to you, and lightly put her neck right on your neck.

Our Birthday Walk

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Blu and I met a lady walking with her children. Of course, they wanted to pet Blu. As usual, I said yes. So I was explaining that her birthday was in two days. They were excited for her.  The little boy asked if they can sing happy birthday to her. Wasn’t that so precious? I asked for permission to post it online. We got it. 

Blu was the Perfect Pup

I just wanted to say thank you for picking out the most wonderful puppy for us. Sorry for not getting you an update on her life sooner. As you can see a lot has happened. I wanted to let you know she is alive, healthy, happy, and a joy to be around. Thank you again. Tammi
Breeder’s Comment
We truly appreciate the extra effort Tammi went to (in order) to send us the note given the circumstances. Divorce and broken relationships are one of the primary reasons pets become orphaned. On occasion, neither person can take the family pet. This splitting-the-sheets action can lead to kind of hurt that is almost too much to bear–so much loss packed into the process of the dissolution. When a child’s pet must be left at a shelter or rehomed it can leave an even bigger wound than the parents separation. 
The pets are often the best kind of friend. They keep our secrets. They know our hurt. The love us unconditionally. There most certainly are no adequate words to cover what they mean to us. To leave them behind is tragic and heartbreaking. In some cases, it is unavoidable. 
We have received many inquiries from people who lost their beloved Weimaraner in the divorce or separation. The sad truth is you cannot just replace what you had. You must start over with a new best friend. Never give up–it is possible to begin afresh. Each journey is unique and takes us to a special place we share with that particular Weimaraner. 

A Dream Come True

We are Happy to have Blu in our Lives

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I am a huge dog-lover. As a kid, I grew up with Labs. As an adult (and as a father) I had to take a back seat to what dogs my kids liked. Needless to say, it has been a long time coming for me to have “My Dog”. The kids are grown, that is except for our four-year-old. She is not yet old enough to select her dog of choice. This time around it is my turn. I love the fact that they are friendly and feel part of the family. Have looked into this breed for years.

Blu is making his way into our home and hearts

Plenty of room for Blu to run around.   My youngest Daughter is in love with Blu, and he likewise with her.


A Toddler and the Weimar Pup

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When we got Luna, my grandson was ten months old. I was a little apprehensive to let them play because Luna was (is) a puppy. She plays a little rough and kisses with her teeth 🙂 she and Elijah have been besties since the day they met! Elijah makes sure she has enough to eat. Luna has never hurt him with her teeth. she’s so careful with him. They rest together, and they are constantly switching toys. In the picture Eli wanted the blue bone so he gave her the duck & took the bone …. Luna also wanted the bone, so she took it back, but still gentle enough to not cause a stir, I love their relationship 😍

Breeder’s Comment

There have been several folks who have had this same experience; however, there has been a call from a woman who stuck her face into her pup’s face, and she got bit. Did it mean anything? No–nonetheless, it is best to avoid those situations. Proceed with caution. Many times the Weimaraner pup will not trouble the baby whereas they young children get tagged. Their energy fuels a game, and it gets too rough. The pup visualized them as their littermates. They exchanged bites and knocked each other over too! We love this report. Thank you, Nancy!

Obi wan

Obi wan is doing great.

His obedience training is going swimmingly, and I have started incorporating some minor bird training. I got hooked up with a buddy from work who runs a bird hunting club and have gotten some training tips to start with but we don’t work long (10-15 min a few times a day). I’m looking forward to his shots being complete so we can get more outdoors.

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Best Friends

As always him and my youngest daughter are best friends. He this far is a great addition to the family, and we couldn’t be happier. He will be getting a small taste of hunting in the fall.

Breeder’s Note: The photos were used with permission. Please do not reproduce them without the owner’s written permission. This note from Justin is a very nice update. We love that it covers the training, as well as living with the Weimaraner. Clearly, they are doing well. We appreciate the effort it takes everyone to raise the Weimaraner. Keeping us updated is a huge plus. 

Hunting Doves in California

It’s hunting season again, and we hunted for dove out in Blythe California this past weekend.

sneaking up on the girlsTemperatures were hot but he did great! We always hunt next to or very close to a canal so he can stay nice and wet and cooled off. He did great finding and retrieving our downed birds. Sorry, we didn’t get any video or action photos. the retrieve

Here (on the left) is a photo of G2 on a retrieve with the girls and my dad John Nicols Sr. Kinda fuzzy sorry about that.Blythe Ca dove hunting

Some would say the family that hunts together stays together. For sure, this is a fun experience that affords a special bonding experience.

Breeder’s Note: We are thrilled to receive word that G2 continues to be a great family member, and awesome hunting companion. Recently John, John Sr., and the kids all went out to hunt doves. Here are some photos from their trip.

Willow is Kid Friendly

1147588_10201551411290434_797806020_o[1]August 17, 2013 — Willow was perfect at the Farmers Market today 

She was calm and well-behaved, so many people commented on how good she was.  I also had her “down stay” for several tiny toddlers, so they could pet her head and back without being scared of her being face-to-face with them.  The parents thanked me for taking the time to do that, Willow is such a good girl!!!

A much younger Willow at another Farmer's Market

A much younger Willow at another Farmer’s Market

Featured Weimaraner — Betsy

Betsy is about to turn 3

Betsy vigilant and watchful

Betsy vigilant and watchful

It’s been forever since we sent an update of Betsy. She’s just a few days away from her third birthday and has definitely matured in the last year to a grown-up.

Betsy is busy–we have had a big change!

It was a tough transition going from an only child to having to take care of an infant. Betsy has learned to pitch in and help, and she’s been really busy raising our baby.The night we came home from the hospital, the baby wouldn’t stop crying and Betsy threw up all over the carpet.


`family game night

We knew adding a baby would mean change!

We made sure to give Betsy a lot of extra attention (so she would not feel displaced). Over the months, she’s grown to understand that raising this baby is her responsibility. She immediately lets me know whenever the baby wakes up, cleans her up after meals, and plays keep away with her.

Betsy still goes to work with her Dad..

We can tell that the responsibility wears her down at home, so she still gets to go to work every day with her dad to get a break. News of her work at our company will come in a later post. Betsy has written in from her perspective. She never ceases to amaze us. 🙂

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012

Breeder’s Note: It is especially important to keep your Weimaraner wormed when you have a baby (or small children) in residence. Roundworms and hookworms are the most common problems, but a broad-based worming program is important. Please discuss the proper protocol with your veterinary of choice.

Featured Weimaraner — Beorn

snuggle time

snuggle time

Happy six month birthday to our Beorn!  (It’s a little early, but the 26th is coming up fast).

He is a family member!

I am very excited to give you an update about Beorn and his place in our family.  He is growing fast, like always.  He is weighing in now at 48.5 lbs.  Big boy!

Puppy Bites are not fun!


Family Member He is!

We lived through the puppy nipping and got wise and started wearing gloves when we were training him.  He now only mouths us in a very gentle way. 

We all were on the same page with our training program!

The Don Sullivan collar and training video helped us manage this behavior while Beorn was young, so I think it saved us all.  The other very helpful thing we did was to include the whole family (except the cats that is) in the training process.  Beorn listens to commands from both the kids now too (11 and 4). 

The Cat Rules the Roost!Beorn Riddle Snuggle

Our 20lb male cat is still the dominate pet in the house.  He tells Beorn when he gets to close, but they get along ok.  Our younger female cat and Beorn are great friends.  They play hide-n-seek, all in good fun.  They even snuggle together.  He has never shown aggression to our cats, which is a relief.

Beorn is developing into a Running Companion — appropriate distances for his age of course!

running buddies

running buddies

Beorn the nurse

Beorn the nurse

We are busy and on the go and he seems to be adjusting to our schedule.  Alex is at home during the day and I’m home on the weekends.  He does not spend to much time alone honestly, but we do use the crate daily. Most importantly we use the crate at our family meal times and when we are not at home to watch over the pup. 

Beorn travels and adapts well to each adventure!

DSCN2352Beorn loves going to new places and enjoys traveling.  He has been on some snowshoeing expeditions with me at Trillium Lake and also sledding. 

Snowy Nose

Snowy Nose

He loves the snow!  We will be taking him for his first trip to the coast in March.  I hope he loves the waves.  We will be staying in a Yurt, so it will be a fun adventure.DSCN2340

Beorn will be neutered in March as he is showing he is ready for this.  We have an excellent vet and are a little nervous about the surgery, but we know all will go well.

DSCN2337I guess a lot has happened since our last message.  I’ve included some of our favorite pictures.  We are so thankful for Beorn and our chance to be his family.  He has changed our lives in so many ways, we are very happy.  Thank you a thousand times!

Featured Weimaraner — Beorn

We just wanted to drop in and say hi with an update on Beorn.

Beorn is growing fast!

He is doing great and making gains everyday. Actually, he’s gaining about 4 pounds a week and growing fast.

Beorn loves the kids!

He loves the kids and plays with them great (most of the time).

Beorn and our cats!

Beorn is also doing good with our two cats. Our older male cat, Tennessee is still the dominant animal in the house. He and our female cat snuggle, it’s so cute!

Thanks for our wonderful companion.

Breeder’s Comment: Thank you for sharing an update on Beorn. We truly appreciate you remembering us. The pictures are also fabulous!

It is great the cats, and he have worked out their relationship (and roll) within the family.

~ Shela and Cliff