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Rogan’s Here

~The Journey Begins (part one)

I can’t stop! I can’t stop chasing this sweet puppy boy Rogan around with a camera! He’s so photogenic, he’s so portable, and he’s the new best friend & cuddling buddy to his 5 month old Dane Weim cross bro Utah!

He is very popular and received by all including (our Weimaraner) Blind Steve who is 12 who snuggled in with Rogan (8 weeks) -getting a quick nap in.

Thank you for trusting us with this sweet guy we are all already crazy about him. Let the adventures begin 😍!

Breeder Comment

Thanks for all the photos and news about Rogan’s new beginning in Western Oregon–he will rock his world. He is most certainly living the dream–thank you for that, too.

What’s This?

~out of the ordinary

Winchester woke up like it was any other day this morning until he went outside to go potty. There was this strange white cold powder covering the ground. He was unsure what to think about this so he slowly walked into what he learned to be snow. Winchester realized the snow was fun so he started running around in it. Mom even tossed a couple of snowballs at Chester he had so much fun.

Now he is warming up on the couch curled up next to his mommy taking a nap.

Breeder Comment

Whitney–thank you, for thinking of us with this special update. It is greatly appreciated.

Referrals, Recommendations, and Repeats..

A lot of people find us in other-than-advertising. Referrals and recommendations are a big part of the puppy placement process. Repeats also play a huge part. We have many families who have two OwyheeStar Weims, and even a few that live with three–we call these folks extreme Weimlovers.

Rebecca and Winston

Rebecca and Winston

From Rebecca–I also wanted to give you a heads up that my friend Griffin has fallen in love with the breed after being friends with Winston for so long and hopes to get a blue Weim puppy in the near future.  Keep your eye out for an application or email from him – he’ll be a great dog owner and his pup will have Winston to show him the ropes!

Enjoying the good life with Jim and Julie

Enjoying the good life with Jim and Julie

From Jim–(Both Weims are OwyheeStar Weimaraners) Just made it home after a stop in Portland for some meetings where Zeus and Samson stole the show.

(Initial inquiry for a second OwyheeStar read….) We lost our Spinger Spaniel a few weeks ago and our home is just not the same without 3 happy dogs running around.  Additionally, Lucy our Viszla is 11 and slowing down quite a bit.  We have been so happy with Zeus, he is by far the best dog we have ever had; his temperament is incredible and when I am home he follows me everywhere.  So we have decided we would like to add another Weim to our family this summer. It’s hard to believe that our boy Zeus is about to be 5 this summer.

Cooper and Gus

Cooper and Gus

From Nancy — (Prior to Cooper’s Arrival we recieved this note for Cooper) Dear cooper: tomorrow you will come to your forever home with a big bed, lots of love and kisses and HUNTING.965807_10200459418980730_934223953_o (2)

Ray carries the exhausted Cooper ....

Ray carries the exhausted Cooper ….

We love you guys too and are so grateful that our lives are full and fulfilled because of our Weims. We’ve been out for a run this morning and off to the boat landing for fetching this afternoon. Do my dogs have it good? Yes, that is why I am on this earth: to be of service and in love with my boys. Thank you so much –Love Nancy

Dear Weim Addicts!

There are successful placements, along with your continued support (including recommendations) warm our hearts. We listed only three recent families that referred or got a second OwyheeStar Weim; however, there are many more, which will soon grace our blog with their presence (or have recently done so). To mention a few…..

  • Jeff (Oscar of Calgary) has recommended us to Joe (also of Calgary) who is slated to pick up a longhair from Greta’s current litter. Thank you Jeff.
  • Cal (San Francisco) who lives with Clyde and Luke
  • Virginia’s Dusty and Stormy ( Magalia, CA)
  • Jamie with Pokey and Winchester (Northern Idaho)
  • MaryAnn’s True, Ruca, and Silas (Bend, OR)
  • Carrie’s friend fell in love with Dora (Chiloquin, OR ) and has contacted us about a puppy of her own.
  • Marcy and Bob’s Wolfie (Omaha, NE) and their daughter also has an OwyheeStar Weim. She lived in Seattle when Milo was making plans to join their family, but since then they have relocated to Texas.

This is the tip of the iceberg so to speak. Many of you have written about a future addition to your family. Others have alluded to friends who want their own. Some of you, have asked for extra business cards. Thank you all for everything. We do so appreciate it!