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Pheasant Finally

Stackhouse Reports


Dad and I went out to the Petersen place and tromped around the cockleburrs as some other stickers. I picked up more than a few. If I had not found a bird, the trip would have been a bust. Seriously, it was a little hunt adventure, but there are not all that many pheasants showing up. Oh, let’s not forget about this little quail I retrieved too. It doesn’t show too well, but if look closely and you can see it tucked next to my pheasant. Two birds in the pot are better than one in the sticker bush, right?!?

Maybe I will take the guys hunting again, soon. Tonight I will sleep well. All that fresh air and managing the two guys (did I mention Big Nick was there too?) is exhausting.

Featured Weimaraner — Havoc

Havoc Hunts….Havoc Hunts (37) Havoc Hunts (38) Havoc Hunts (40) Havoc Hunts (41) Havoc Hunts (42) Havoc Hunts (43) Havoc Hunts (44)

Breeder’s Note: The Weimaraner is first a versatile hunting dog. That means they make great hunting companions for those who like to hunt upland game, and waterfowl. By nature, they are not a far-ranging hunter. Their connection to the hunter makes them more of a team-hunter that checks back often. For some hunters this trait is annoying. Other hunters find it refreshing, and fun. With the aging hunting popular many former GSP fans are converting to the Weimaraner.

People choose the Weimaraner over other breeds for many reasons. This is also true for hunters. Many hunters are casual hunters, who consider the family aspect (and livability) of the Weimaraner a plus. One thing is for sure. People either seem to be addicted to this breed, or not. It is a kind of love-hate view point. Those who don’t get the Weimaraner are frustrated by its concrete-thinking, Velcro nature. Others enjoy the depth of relationship and the human-like actions.