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~My Running Partner

Now that Piper is fully grown we can run long distances. The vet told me not to run her more than 3 miles at a time while she was still growing (for the fist two years) because it could damage her growth plates. She is three years old now (time flies!) and she has become the best running partner. She trains with me for all of my races and when dogs are allowed, she races right along with me. People often ask me how far she can run and my answer is always, “farther than I can”. She runs all of the miles that I do and I know she would keep going if I did.

I asked for a runner and you picked the perfect puppy for me. Piper was a lot to handle being such an energetic pup, but we survived it with a lot of exercise and training. I used to joke that she never got tired; just a 10 minute power nap and she was back at it. I suppose that means she has always had endurance and it shows on the trails. We have a lot of fun running and there isn’t anyone I would rather be out there with. Piper is my favorite “person” ūüôā

Thank you for bringing us together,

Breeder Comment

A much Younger Piper

Thank you, Lina–for being a smart Weim parent. I always worry that someone will not heed the advice of letting the growth plates close. Honestly, you want to get as many miles as possible–and longevity for those hips and joints. No one can say for sure how long they will hold out (human or Weimar running partner). They have hip, knee, and elbow replacements for dogs, too. We hope it never comes to that. Yes, it appears you have an endurance runner for sure. Thanks for the update. We truly appreciate it.

A Penchant for Paper!

      ~Naughty Maizie, Or Not!

No Paper on My Lips or Anywhere

You wouldn‚Äôt believe that this little beauty, MAIZIE, age 6.5, has a penchant for paper!  

You can file this in a chapter of ‚ÄúWeim Crimes!‚Ä̬†¬†Yesterday, we left the house for an hour.¬†¬†Maizie stayed home.¬†¬†Usually always on our return home, she happily greets us‚ÄĒsmiling, chattering, nibbling, wiggling with glee.¬†¬†Yesterday she did not greet us.¬†¬†Uh oh.¬†¬† (She doesn‚Äôt greet us if she‚Äôs been naughty).¬†¬† I found her laying in her living room sofa bed‚ÄĒears back and shivering!¬†¬†Uh oh.¬†¬†Major telltale guilt!¬†¬†We did a search of the house to find the ‚Äúevidence‚ÄĚ and came up with nothing!¬†¬†We assumed then that she was just ‚Äúthinking‚ÄĚ about doing something naughty‚ÄĒreason for her guilty behavior.¬†¬†That was, UNTIL…..
…..I went to make dinner!¬†¬†Before we left home, I had printed a new recipe, Martha Stewart‚Äôs ‚ÄúBacon-Mushroom-Leek Galette.‚Ä̬†¬†It printed out on 3 pages.¬†¬†I had left it on the dining room table.¬†¬†It was nowhere to be found!¬†¬†
BUSTED!  She didn’t leave a trace!  I had to reprint it to make dinner!  This is why we close our office door when we leave the house, can’t leave mail on the table, or leave a package in sight!  This girl’s got a penchant for paper!
Linda ‚̧ԳŹūüźĺ

Breeder Comment

We cannot believe how smart this girl is, and as I replied–this is not her first paper raid you told us about. Old habits die hard. I guess the good news is it is paper—just so she doesn’t take to eating cash or important documents. (OMG)


At One YearFilger's Henry Special

Question From a Weimar Mom

Okay, so Henry is 1. And I’ve learned that 18 months is when you can start running with your dog. I’m kind of confused by this because “run” is so vague with this breed. When Henry is playing catch, and darts across the yard with the speed of wind, I consider this running. It’s strenuous, fast, he breathes heavier, etc. I’ve taken him on a few short runs with me, less than 2 miles, and my observation, even though I run at a 9 minutes/mile pace, he appears to just be walking fast. Obviously I don’t want to cause health issues for him in the future, so I am wondering if you could give me more information. Are short runs with me, less than 5 miles, going to cause joint issues for him if I don’t wait another 6 months? And do you think a 9 minute mile pace is really considered a running pace for a weimeraner? ~Kiley

Breeder Comment

Knowing when and how to add age-appropriate exercise is hard to define. Being a serious runner means you want to get the maximum benefit from the time you have together. Longer distances and frequent runs will eventually affect their body–just as it does with humans. The extreme athlete typically would benefit from a major medical insurance policy. A torn ACL or ligament can mean a sizeable Veterinary bill. One such injury often leads to another. No one wants to face such a situation. Nevertheless, this type of thing is a reality even if you have done everything right along the way. Insurance–another consideration when speaking of you and the Weimaraner.

Joint development is affected by various things–their DNA, how fast they grow and the amount of high-pact exercise they see before the growth plates close. Typically, we expect the growth plates to close sometime between a year and a year and a half. During this time of development, recommendations are to keep the runs shorter–about 3 miles a day. With the very high-energy Weimaraner, this seems like too little. It is easy to forget the caution when you are trying to achieve a tired Weim pup. In light of this dilemma, we always suggest swimming. The water retrieve is the best and the safest way to burn a lot of energy without causing harm to the developing joints.

Speaking of high impact exercise–things like playing the frisbee is equally hard on the young Weimaraner. Jumping and beating their feet on the pavement should be avoided. The dirt or grass path is much easier, but still, we feel it is wise to hold off on the pounding regime of a long distance runner until they for sure have those growth plates closed. Only an X-ray can determine if the growth plates are closed. So, for the longevity you want, please take to exercising the young Weimaraner with care. Also, we mentioned it earlier–make sure they grow slow. Feeding the large breed (rather than the regular puppy) food is vital to the hips and joints. That puppy chow stuff will fill them out like a butterball and cause them to grow even faster. Slow growth is preferred. Regardless, they grow to adult-looking before the six month birthday. It is shocking!

Rule of Thumb–about three miles should be fine from day one until about a year. From there on out, you have to kind of guess. No one can speak to your exact situation. Of course, the Weimaraner is capable of running more than a nine-minute mile. The biggest concern is the pounding of the pavement or whatever surface on which you run. It is the impact factor because the growth plates are at the end of the bones. Click Here to read a blog on this topic.

More From Kiley

17425926_10155017109079564_5112457838743378612_nPs. I wanted to pass along too how Henry excels at being an active and lazy dog. He loves his walks, loves being outside, but he doesn’t mind being lazy either. Last night I worked and Kevin was out of town, so Henry was in his kennel. I got home this morning, let him out, fed him, and then took him to bed with me this morning. He contently slept with me until 1:30. Exercising him is ideal, but on the days it doesn’t happen, he doesn’t get restless or destructive, he just goes with the flow.
Other than the above questions, Henry has done well with our few runs. He stays to the left, remains mostly focused on me and what is ahead, and doesn’t pull. Henry will be a fabulous running partner for me!!


More Comments from Shela and Cliff


We like to say the Weimaraner has two speeds–on and off. Wiggle your toe while watching TV and they might assume you are getting ready to do something and in turn fly off the sofa.

More than anything the Weimaraner is all about the relationship. If they want to please you and they respect you and you them, it is a beautiful thing. You are off to an awesome beginning. We wish you all the best on your journey.

Free To Dig

Today At Cannon Beach

~November 7th, 2016

14205999_592073297644265_3347585519385296134_oMaizie, age 4.5, shows her delight at Cannon Beach today. No ball, no frisbee, no sticks. Just chasing freely at her pace, going after birds and pouncing on clam shells with glee!  Lots of digging spurts in the wet sand and happily greeting people and dogs all along the beach. All smiles for this happy girl today!

Maizie and Linda recently brought home a medal.

Congratulations to the both of you. Training has paid off. She is one of the many OwyheeStar long-distance running companion Weimaraners.

Featured Weimaraner — Raein

IMG-20130528-01894Today May 28, 2013, after a 13.5 mile run. She’s a real trooper. Couldn’t have asked for a better running partner. ūüôā thank you. ~Shelli



Breeder’s Note: Shelli has worked on conditioning (and waited for Raein’s growth plates to close). The Weimaraner can run long distances, but your approach needs to be to wait and prepare them property. ( Click Here to read more about appropriate exercise.)

It is important to remember that summer and winter present pavement challenges. Paws need special care. A person should never run in the heat of the day. There is a risk of heat exhaustion (and remember that¬†a¬†dog pants rather¬†than¬†sweating¬†to cool their body). Very hot pavement is also a risk to their pads. In the winter, you must worry about ice, and products¬†used¬†to¬†melt¬†the¬†ice. In¬†the¬†summer,¬†the¬†pavement¬†heats¬†up¬†and¬†becomes¬†like¬†a¬†hot¬†iron.¬†Consider getting an appropriate product to prepare their feet (and protect them from conditions). Products for the feet and pads are varied; some are waxy preparations. Others are creams that toughen the pads. Use good sense‚Äďit will tell you if the conditions are going to damage your running partner‚Äôs pads.¬†If your running partner suffers pad damage, it will mean time off for healing.

Featured Weimaraner — Regen

Regen had another birthday.

Shela and Cliff we continue to be so grateful to you and all you do for Weims.20130410_152844

Regen is my girl and she is saving my life.

She is my jogging partner and with that and learning to eat better I have lost almost 100 pounds. I still have 40 more to lose and with Regen I’ll do it. She is still so playful and she just loves our new additions of backyard chickens. She is so gentle with them and at times a little scared.¬† Ill send pics soon but here is¬†one from yesterday. Adam and I always discussing getting another weim, but currently we are extremely enjoying our Regen girl.

Thanks a million. —¬†Adam and Ingrid¬†
Dallas Oregon

Featured Weimaraner — Raein


Raein at 2 Years

Decided to write a little note about Raein, since she’s 2. She is great. Just great. ūüôā She trains with me on our long runs (the most is almost 14 miles). 424458_10200290222239901_1892501887_n

She is a trooper.

This pastweek, we haven’t ran. ūüė¶ due to icy pathways. We have snow now, in the Spokane, WA area.

Yummy Snow

She loves the snow and seems she could eat it all day. Lol I am sending you some pictures of her and her buddy, Riley.IMG-20130119-01699