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This Week at OwyheeStar

 Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

It is officially cold. For you shivering at fifty or sixty degrees we do not possess empathy. It was in the low twenties here this morning. The good news is it a bright day bringing the much-needed warmth of sunshine. We can happily forego fog and heavy dampness for the time being. Missing those two things is a welcome occurrence. In truth, what can we expect for the first week of November? I suppose some of us (like me) continue to hope for Indian Summer until Thanksgiving–this thwarted pipe dream is but a fleeting wish.

2_Mesquite X Stackhouse WK 5-5Earlier I stepped outside and watched a few leaves topple to the ground. There are a lot of leaves remaining in the deciduous foliage. As much as I dislike the tree disrobing and the green foliage turning to a shade of brown, it is a necessity. The four seasons help us learn to appreciate each one for its diversity. Without winter, the mountains would not become snow packed. The snow will provide the much-need irrigation water. We are hoping for an abundance of snow in the mountains.

5_Mesquite X Stackhouse WK 5-15Last night I posted some of the puppy photos on Facebook. We know how much you enjoy getting a puppy fix. Warming from the inside out (with puppy faces) seemed idea as we find ourselves chilled due to the freezing temperatures. Everyone enjoys the photos except for the pups. These are five-weeks-old pups, and they were not so amused with us expecting them to pose. Our goal is to try to get them to hold still long enough to capture a photo without assistance. The camera captures photos in rapid succession, so we are often successful; however, it is never all that simple. Normally we have anywhere from 600-1200 photos to process after a very short photo shoot.

3_Mesquite X Stackhouse WK 5-39

This Week on the Blog

This week (again) had so many great posts. If you missed them or want to revisit the posts, here are the links.

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On a very personal note

The week brought more of the same. The farmhouse remodel appears to be endless. It will most certainly be longer than we hoped–we have far exceeded our deadline. Nonetheless, we are doing what we are able each day. Shela is packing–that which is not a must to have available. We have been virtually camping out for some time.

The post-cancer issues are manageable. It still takes physical therapy, special massages, etc. The most important thing is a positive attitude. Healing is a body, soul, and spirit thing. A negative attitude or allowing discouragement to wrap you in a feeling of hopelessness will lead to nothing good. We hang onto our positive outlook and believe we are in a good place in our personal lives. Yes, I suppose it is a kind of firestorm; however, we will come through not even smelling of smoke. We are not in this fire alone. It is all a comforting thought. We believe in a God that is bigger than anything that comes against us. We feel His love as well as yours. Thank you for your love and support. It means more than words can express.


As Always

(Note–thank you to all of you who made sure I had enough material to make some fascinating updates this week. I have exhausted the supply; however, several of you said you would send something along shortly. I have a few thoughts to work on as well. )

There is no way we could ever thank you enough for your love and support. We are especially grateful for those who continually provide us with the material for the blog. Unfortunately, sometimes this is only photos and no script. There is no end in sight of our farmhouse remodel. We are doing it ourselves, and it is the installment plan–we are not borrowing to do this. We buy something and install it. Therefore, having the updates is even more appreciated than usual–it is always a blessing! DSC_0134edit

Fellig’s Progress

Just a few lines abut Fellig’s progress; now it’s coming up to a month of having him around.

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As you can see from his FB posts he has settled in well, is enjoying all kinds of adventures and is trying all kinds of foods and winning all kinds of friends on his journey!
There are two bad things about Fellig – one, his biting. My arms and hands are full of welts, and it is extremely difficult to break him of the habit. I’ve noticed that the biting occurs (mostly) when he is tired. Two, his screaming when he has to go in the lair. But both these things are surmountable and nothing compared to how great he is in other departments.
He hasn’t once had an accident in the house – it’s quite amazing! He takes himself outside and is now starting to save poops until our morning walk rather than in the garden.
He is learning really quickly. He knows his name, know his whistle and comes to it also 80% of the time will come when asked, and he sits. He is learning ‘off’ because he is ripping holes in pants and shorts from jumping and grabbing.
He loves travelling in the car and has found his favourite niche (the passenger seat floor) where I provide a bowl of ice (it’s still hot here). And he likes to watch out of all the windows.
He is free feeding now. I have shifted him to two new kibbles since we can’t find the one you use here, a large breed puppy grain free and a limited ingredient grain free adult kibble. I top this with a little raw lamb, and he has sampled salmon (he likes it cooked) and many vegetables and fruits and these are included in his bowl. He likes chick peas as well. He LOVES green beans, and I have discovered him helping himself to them straight out of the garden!!
He is pretty fearless – the only thing that phases him are sirens and motorbikes – he doesn’t mind storms and is very friendly with all dogs, and people. I take him everywhere – art openings, shopping, etc. and everywhere we go people want to say hello and make a fuss and he certainly accepts all that attention with grace.
We hike and go on various walks quite a few times a day and also he loves the dog park. He is off leash a lot of the time, sticks close and comes when called.
He sleeps with me on the bed – sometimes he gets up in the night and asks to go out, but more and more is lasting all night. He gets very fractious when he is tired and bites, but then flops down beside me and snuggles up.
He is a very, very smart little wilful creature and is going to be a great little dog.
I’ll keep you posted and feel free to guide people to his FB page!
best, Jill

A Weim Fix

Sometimes Words do not Suffice

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Sometimes Words Cloud the Issue–today for your enjoyment a few Weim looks.


AKA Whippersnapper

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Well, we are just past the 10-week mark and boy are we having fun!  Olli, aka Whippersnapper, is keeping us all busy and entertained. He already knows the sit and drop it commands, and we are working on the come.  I should send pictures of our flower pots as Olli is quite the gardener although his pruning skills are questionable….  Still working on house training – but we will get there.  We know when he needs a nap is when his energy level goes through the roof! The little devil turns back into the sweetest puppy once he wakes up and gets out of his crate:). Our older dog is still not thrilled but tolerates him better when outside.  That will take some time.

Breeder’s Comment

It sounds like you are off to a good start. The recall (coming when called) is vital to master. Pruning skills are not a necessity but could come in handy.  The resident Weim being happy about the new arrival will take some time. Regardless, it is hard to move over and share some of the limelight.

An OwyheeStar Labor Day

Dusty Trails (or tails) at the Nielsen Farm

Murray for a Walk with Cliff and Shela-15

There are no puddles despite the sprinkles we have seen. The only real water is the irrigation water; in some places it is sparse. Dust boils up from the dry fields being harvested. Nonetheless, our hay looks lush in comparison.

We had this little longhair out for a walk. Not everyone loves the Longhair Weimaraner (sometimes called the other Weimaraner). Nonetheless, they have a growing fan base. Cliff and Shela adore all things Weimaraner.

You and Your New Weimaraner

Letting the Process Unfold

WP_20150716_15_57_33_Pro (2)Have you considered how relationships work when you come to the table with preconceived ideas? In my personal experience, this doesn’t work out well. It doesn’t matter how many best friends I have had; this is a new person, a new time in my life, and a new type of interaction. It is unique.

11164737_10205700470504544_2879016024495933137_nNo matter how many puppies (or Weimaraners) you have brought home, this is going to be different. Yes, there will be things that are similar. This Weimaraner will (no doubt) remind you of a former fur family member. Nonetheless, to press ahead with only a goal of achieving certain things in mind will rob you of an unusual opportunity. Bringing to the table your experience, and preconceived ideas may prove counterproductive.

We encourage people to take a deep breath and to move forward slowly this is about the journey. For all you folks out there giving advice, and setting goals for other new puppy owners, you might help them more by sharing less. All too often people feel pressured to impress someone — or to achieve (master) the perfect obedient young Weimaraner. We are not suggesting that you should work toward other than making every attempt to evoke compliance; however, we are suggesting you go about this in a different manner. You want this magnificent creature to have a desire to please you. When they desire to comply with your wishes, then you are not embattled in the ongoing war of who is in the lead. One thing to keep in mind here too is that the Weimaraner that doesn’t get control of the situation may turn to manipulation. It is amazing how they can wrap a person around their paw. The Weimaraner is all about the relationship and at the same time they have a large bag of tricks. Ultimately, your relationship is the foundation of all things possible. This idea is not to have a willy-nilly anything goes type of relationship. Respect must be elicited from the Weimaraner; likewise, you need to show them respect. They are not running things. There are many ways to show your approval and appreciation; however, the manner in which to interact and reward them will make all the difference.

Rewarding Achievements

The cookie-treat enticement has its place. Nevertheless, we hope everyone will (eventually) achieve compliance without the use of bribe. Otherwise, there is the chance that one day the treat-offering will not be as important as them crossing the road to get to something. By the time you get the Weims attention, it might be too late. No matter how this scenario ends, it is either the unthinkable heartbreaking outcome or the close call that leaves you shaken to the core. The latter is preferable; however, it means taking a step back and earning absolute compliance. pick_trainer

Winning titles and demonstrating obedience is amazing–it is one way of receiving tangible rewards. Not everyone has the time, money, or knack for competing. Nevertheless, it is important to remember the most important things are the simple ones. Achieving the various disciplines (loose-leash compliance, housebreaking, crate training, and the recall to mention a few) can be challenging. The Weimaraner (and their antics) can get you off-track. A trained and obedient Weimaraner is compliant on the leash and off the leash. Very often the Weimaraner choose to be compliant off-leash because this puts them in control. Well, that is food for thought.

Jan and Willow have a collection of ribbons and trophies. Their achievements blow us away. We blessed to know Jan Magnuson, who has been involved with the Weimaraner on so many levels for more than 35 years. We are not diminishing her achievements by saying the show ring is not for everyone. You can still achieve great things with your Weimaraner. If you live near Jan, she holds classes. Click here to learn more about Jan’s classes. Everyone can benefit from proper socialization and a well-structured obedience class. Look for a place to participate, or an interesting activity to share with the Weimaraner. The venue can be something simple you both love and enjoy together.

Laps for Maizie

Whenever Jerry and I and Maizie return home from our runs, Maizie has to do laps around our front lawn–to show us her preferred running pace!  😉

Breeder’s Note: We want to remind everyone (especially those with a young pup) that the Weimaraner is a very high-energy dog. We see them as having two speeds. First, there is full speed ahead, and then there flop (and recline). This makes it challenging to exercise the very young Weimaraner. A lot of long-distance runners choose this breed. They can make a good running partner. Nevertheless, it is important to remember they are similar to us humans. They can wear out their joints. They also can get ACL tears, nerve damage, and a whole myriad of ailments from too much exercise–or an inadvertant wrong move. 
Growth and the Weimaraner
The Weimaraner will continue to grow until they are at least 15 months old. Some growth may occur as late as two-years of age. The only way growth can occur (as we understand it) is for the growth plates to allow expansion. This means they have not closed yet, and the bones are more easily damaged. This same situation means that the pliable bones have a limit to the amount of high-impact exercise they should see. Everyone has their own opinion on this topic. Nonetheless, we suggest that you be creative with your exercise routine. You might consider swimming. It is low-impact, and the water retrieve can burn off a lot of energy. For the first year, keep the runs to about 3 miles, or less. Remember, if you go three miles, they might have gone six. You want those hips and joints to last as long as possible. 
The Amazing Maizie
Maizie is in excellent condition. She is not a young pup, and easily able to do longer runs. We love this video. Isn’t it great how she runs laps on command? Thank you Linda for sharing it with us! it is very fun video….

This Week at OwyheeStar

Owyheestar March 2015 Notes

image001March is in full bloom; I need to get to work on the garden. This year my bay window is not filled with too many starts–it has none. I am going to have to purchase my plants. (Sad face.) I love starting my own, but there is a limit to what can be accomplished it seems. That is not my favorite theme, but I will talk about that a bit more in the personal note below.

We are busy with the spring pups. You might have seen the photos. Some were posted on Facebook, and of course; all can be found on the Internet. I need to update the availability. It is always a juggling act — this is true from the moment they arrive; until the day, they exit for their new homes. In reality, we try to manage the craziness, but there is only so much we are in control of when it comes to life. We try to do as little micro-managing as possible, and to (just) get the job done. I have added a blue, as well as a silver gray puppy photo into this update. I hope this makes you smile–it does me.

The Week

image002We are once again thankful for the updates that make this possible!

Sunday March 1 — Duck in Norfolk with Abe

Monday March 2 — Get the birds Maizie

Tuesday March 3 – Then There Was Luna

Wednesday March 4 — Kirby G and Other Stuff

Thursday  March 5 — Extreme Weimlovers

Friday  March 6 — Cabin Fever Cure

On a very personal note……

I love the green bursting forth; yes, I realize a lot of what see are weeds. Soon, (all too soon) we will be in a battle with them, but for now they offer delight.  It speaks new life to my heart, and with the recent brush with cancer, a person appreciates life even more. It has caused me to realize I have to take care of us more; I have to do the most important stuff, and not to agree to do anything extra. Yesterday, it was a day that burnt up a lot of time doing other than what I wanted to be working on. I had four various kinds of appointments–one was a borderline mammogram. I understand they need one, but it really wasn’t something I was looking forward to at all. 

Ellen quit working for us a couple of weeks ago. There is simply no way I can remotely keep up without some kind of assistance. I interviewed someone who might be able to help us for a few months. I think they can be good help, but I have to train them, and find out what type of skill-level they have. The changing of the guard (so to speak) is hard. I am going to believe it will work out for the good. Beyond, the afore mentioned—Imentioned–I had a lymphedema massage. I am wondering if I am going to need one for the rest of my life. As the therapist pointed out, I abuse my arm a lot more than the average person. There is a lot of swelling, and we are trying to keep it at-bay as much as possible. I work on the issue between visits, but the process is uncomfortable to some degree. I am sore today. That being said, I am so very thankful to have the opportunity to get these treatments. George is a very skilled lymphedema massage therapist. He worries he is not helping me enough—howenough–how sweet. I look at it very differently. If the inflammation were to spiral out of control, I might not be able to what needs to be done. To me, it seems that I am fortunate.

As Always…

Thank you for your love and support. Keep the puppy updates coming. They brighten our day; and allow us to have something to share. We had so many sitting in the folder waiting for me to work them up, but they have either timed-out, or been used. We have one ready to go, and a couple that can work into something. Cliff and I are sure we can come up with something if we need to do so. The updates save a lot of time for us. It is a toss-up for the folks that read the blog. Many people crave our topical discussions; nevertheless, the updates are manna for the soul. We hear from people every week that love seeing the photos, and reading about other people’s Weims.

This Week at OwyheeStar

Owyheestar Febuary 2015 Notes

Sadie's FirstbornWe have had another incredible weather week. For us, it was shirt-sleeve weather. This morning it is slightly above freezing. A couple of days ago, I planted the pea pods in the garden. I have a few other things that could be planted. They only deterrent is my lack of energy. It is an on-going theme. Thank you all for being so patient.

The spring pups are on the horizon. As we all know, there are folks that wait for a spring pup every year. Many feel this is the best time to get a puppy. We feel that every season has its rewards. We won’t take the time to discuss each quarter’s benefits. Many times it is personal preference as much as anything. Regardless, the outcome will look something this photo of Sadie’s first baby.

Lacee's Firstborn

Lacee looks at her new baby while Cliff works on it

Please Note: The above photos are from the OwyheeStar archives, and not actual current new-born pups. The spring pups will arrive soon; the majority are promised. We cannot guess exactly what will be born, or how things will shake-out. It is a juggling act that follows the wait-and-see frenzy for us, as well as the prospective waiters.

The Week

We are once again thankful for the updates that make this possible!

Sunday February 15 — On Patrol in Vegas

Monday February 16 — Raider

Tuesday February 17 – Hoot at the Beach News

Wednesday February 18 — Izzy Wins Hearts

Thursday  February 19 — Entertaining Maddy

Friday  February 20 — Bella Kisses and Loves

On a very personal note……

The farm house before.......

The farm house before…….

We are so happy to move forward; however, there will be the lasting effects. My left arm is fighting the good-fight with the lymph-edema. As long as it is not extremely painful, and doesn’t get worse, it will be fine. I normally have problems with the right arm. I have to be extremely careful to avoid over-taxing it. When I do I can get a serious inflammation going, and this means shooting pains. For those counting on me to keep up with Facebook, Email, the Blog, and the Websites, this would not be good news. Therefore, I have to continue the massage-therapy to reduce the left-arm inflammation (and swelling).

We are facing a lot of leftovers from last year. The previous six-months has seen me doing what I was able–nothing extra. The farm house remodel needs to be completed. I sincerely hope we can get it done in the next year. We plan to move next door to a smaller, and more manageable house size.

paint and windows

New windows and paint

Nonetheless, it is gutted, and being completely redone. The work is mostly Cliff and Shela; let’s be honest; it is almost all on Cliff. I am excited about the process, but I also realize it requires a piece of our life to get this done. Our son is in construction, but his backlog is huge. I am sure he could get us some help; however, sometimes help is not all that helpful–if you get my drift. A lot of it can be done by Cliff and Shela. Then we cannot complain about waiting on other people, or not getting what we asked in the first place. Oh, sorry–we are as picky as everyone else. Regardless, it is all good news. It is part of our plan to make life more doable in our golden-years. When do those officially begin?

As Always…

Thank you for your love and support. Keep the puppy updates coming. They brighten our day; and allow us to have something to share. There have been so many great ones……….

This Week’s OwyheeStar News

August is in full bloom

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10575242_860676537285251_8728438392546579601_oThe thing about summer is it seems to be intense, but fleeting. We have seen our third cutting of hay leave the field. There is one more to follow. Lauren and the pups enjoy the top of a hay bale. How fun is that? Thank you Chris (hay guy extraordinaire) for taking such good care of us. Lauren loved the hay bales, and she used them for one of her senior pictures. So, as summer winds down it is time to return to the classroom. Our daughter-in-law (Cara–Lauren’s Mom) is preparing her classroom this week. Maddie (Blackbird Photography of LaGrande, OR) came by to take Lauren’s first Senior Class Photos. It again features the third-cutting of hay. We could say, “Hay There!”

This Week….

Our approach was a bit different. Cliff and I are always looking for the best way to help our clients. We want to keep the blog not only entertaining, but informative. Things aligned in a manner that made it possible to revisit, and go into a bit more depth on a couple of our topics–mouthing and biting, and the opportunistic events that surround the Weimaraner.  No one is totally going to escape these events. It is easy to under estimate the way their lives will be affected. Nonetheless, most everyone lives through it all. These wonderful creatures help us discover our weak spots, shed more than a few tears (actual or emotional ones), and evolve in a way we never imagined possible. Somehow, when the new Weim comes, they put their paw on a previously hidden area in your life. It doesn’t matter how evolved we believe we are in the world of dog-savvy. Everyone can find new areas in which to grow. Have you heard that pride comes before the fall? We want to help you avoid the devastating kind of events–both yours, and the beloved Weimaraners. Thank you Jan and Rod for your excellent comments this week.

On a personal note……

Cliff stops to help us

Cliff stops to help us

Cliff continues with it all. We will forego the description of all here, because he is pulled fourteen-ways come Sunday. I am so blessed to be married to a man with such heart, and ability. Our personal projects have gone untouched. It is not that we want to put off painting the house, or finishing the tile. It is about the fact, that we can only do what we can do. When you look at the folks that came to the new world (whether you agree or disagree) you have to marvel at what they accomplished. The physical demand on them was unending. They were working to survive. Some of the more elite (money-types) had the cash to purchase indentured persons, or acquire slaves. In some of my research, I discovered an ancestor who indentured their self to come to America. I hope the person they served was a good master. 

Any amount of work we find ourselves doing pales in light of history. Today, there are labor camps. There is enslavement. No one wants to think about this while we find ourselves enjoying the American life. Yes, some of us work too many hours. The farm life is a choice–how hard the owner works depends upon how close they are tied to their patch of ground. Then there are those that work to provide services to other farmers. These sorts, often work around the clock. The harvest doesn’t wait. Planting must be done in a timely manner. If the crops are not tended, and watered they will not produce a good yield. They could shrivel up and die. City-dwellers (in some cases) pay little attention to what it is that keeps the American food supply great. They may be fighting a cause, but not understand the full implication of their proposed outcome.

We are less engaged with the Internet, our cell phones, or other media. We try to stay connected, but our lives are not dictated by the ebb-and-flow of the Internet. Regardless, everyone is affected to one degree or other. There is no getting away from the Web. It is amazing that we have a blog, and several websites. Thankfully, we can spend only a small portion of our day tending these elements. This is not true during the periods when we have a litter of puppies. Then, there are the photos, and the photo updates. There is also the necessary dialogue to keep things moving forward, as well as to stay connected with the new families. There you have in a nutshell. Our way of doing things. The puppies, the Weims, the family, and the farm have to be tended first. ❤


This morning we received news that Jeff Funke has been bitten by a baby rattlesnake in Montour, Idaho. He and Keith had spent the night in the campground. If it was possible; it would be something Cliff would also do. Spending the night to avoid the travel-time, means more time to train. The bite occurred early this morning in the campground. He has been rushed to Boise. We don’t know anything else right now, other than it was a baby rattler. We send our prayers and thoughts to Jeff and his wife (Heidi).

Weimlovers ……

Your connection may not be via the farm, or our family. The Weims connect us to so many people who are from a different walk of life. It is amazing!

Thank you for your love and support. Keep the puppy updates coming. In the weeks ahead we can use them. We appreciate you all!


Many blessings and warm wishes from Shela and Cliff–(and the OwyheeStar Weimars too!)

~Thank you for being a part of our lives!