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New Collars

~Surrounded by Fluff

The kids got new collars on Thursday–moved up to the adjustable ones. Christina took some photos and a couple of video clips–excuse my barking (coughing) in the background–it is a thing. I think you will love hearing the little puppy sounds.

2017 34th Recap

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

       ~September 2, 2017

Play Time at the Sanctuary Sept 1, 2017-37 

This morning while we played with puppies, the roar of the stack wagon picking up the bales of hay caused us to take notice. The pups were unfazed by the ruckus. It took little to no time to get a load, and I captured this photo as the driver went to set it in the stack. Harvest is in the works and will continue for several weeks. Some crops like the sugar beet crop hold off until October.

The Hay got whipped around during the recent windstorm; however, our hay guy managed to clean it up nicely. We do so appreciate the quality of work and our relationship with this family. Cliff says there are 154 bales in the stack and it looks like we will get another cutting before Mr. Winter arrives.

This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts if you wish you may review or visit them today!  

What a variety we have this week! We began with two fun updates (Sunday and Monday) and then moved to Mesquite’s Golden Year Placement. (BTW) We will hear more from Mesquite soon–the daily reports have been pouring in. We so appreciate her family’s knack to incorporate her and the continual updates. Finally, we moved to the stories of impending loss, grief and our thoughts of preventing the untimely or accidental loss. We have Part Two of Extending Our Time in the works. You will see that soon!

We absolutely appreciate you (who sent an update) for taking the time and effort! Thus far, we have been getting enough to keep us in business. (Happy Look from Shela!)

Sunday— August 27 — Working From Home

Monday — August 28 — G2 (best ever all-around companion)

Tuesday — August 29 — Golden Year Placement (Mesquite)

Wednesday — August 30 — When You Know (Roxy is failing and doesn’t have long)

Thursday  — August 31 — The Depth of it All (Olli becomes the only fur baby)

Friday  — September 1 — Extending Our Time (Insight in preventing loss-Part One)


On a very personal note



I am still obsessed with the  Cyclamen. We have what I am calling in my mind the Trinity. There are three gorgeous blossoms. You would think I should be satisfied but I am holding out for the return to the Angelic Host of blossoms like this pre-accidental decapitation photo.

We were at our oldest *Granddaughter’s home for Grandpa’s haircut the other day. She had the 2018 Farmer’s Almanac sitting on the table. I picked it up to take a quick gander and found an article about the Cyclamen. In that one, it said you can expect them to bloom several months a year. My unending blossom maker is more amazing than I imagined. I found a different Farmer’s Almanac article talking about the Cyclamen– I think they must like this little house plant.  If it interests you click here to read more. Weimlovers–remember this plant is toxic to our beloved fur family members.

Cliff has the tractor running. He spent some time mowing at the Three Cliff’s Sanctuary today. He came in with a smile on his face but the sweat and the heat of doing this midday lead to exhaustion. He needed the break and some fluids. Beyond the tractor, he finished the Utility Bath floor tile. He still has trim work to complete.

To Cliff’s chagrin, I still have several coughing spells every day. Regardless, I slowly improve which is promising. With the cold and flu season pressing in it is vital that I get my lungs clear before I catch something else. This current health crisis started the beginning of September 2016. For better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and health–these are the promises we made and kept. It wasn’t always easy and most certainly in many ways, this ordeal has been worse for Cliff albeit true I wondered if I was going to live to see my 2017 birthday.

*Those of you who follow us might remember our oldest granddaughter helped us with our puppies several years back. Now she has her own family with two sweet girls. Our current helper is our second oldest grandchild. Christina, like Ashley, is doing a fabulous job helping us. We rue the day when she moves on.

Puppy Faces

Filling the Void

We are waiting for pups here just like you folks on our Wait List. I am out of easy posts for the blog, and I needed one this morning. I thought you might enjoy these photos pulled from the archives. A puppy fix never hurt anyone.

Puppy Breath

A Cabin Fever Fix

We know it is true. Addictions happen. Some are healthier than others, but we occasionally need a fix. Those afflicted with Weimarism know of what I speak. (Yes, I made up that word.)

It seems fitting that we set our eye on some photos to feed the soul. Today, from the OwyheeStar archives we selected a few very young puppy photos for your enjoyment.

Remember, these are from our archives and have long since joined their forever families.

It Was Only A Matter of Time


       ~ AKA Smokester, etc.

15123339_10207598657387828_7816734183850106147_oUpdate on The Smokester– he is potty trained!! (Well, at least almost.) He knows how to use the dog door to go out to our small dog run to potty! So proud of him!

And he is very brave in his kennel and only whines for a little bit when we put him in there for nap times.

Remember Us

The Sentiment Taken to HeartArliss

Shela, it is ____(fill in the blank).  It has been so long since I updated you as to this beautiful and fantastic dog (your pet’s name here).  He was born ____.  You bred him perfectly.  

I wanted to thank you, and impress upon you and Cliff to please keep us in mind down the road.  Your genuine care and expertise certainly blessed us with an incredible dog.

The above excerpt extracted from a recent note is commonplace to our email. In a future blog, we will be using the expanded note for a blog. Nonetheless, we wanted to make use of the sentiment for today’s blog. We get a lot of emails that say something similar. We even get inquiries from people we have never met that ask us to keep them in mind. (Whew) Even though the comments warm our heart, we cannot keep track of all the people that write to us hoping we will just think of them.

We could easily have several hundred persons on the Wait List at any one time. The reason we do not is the change we implemented about 15 years ago. We require a small (non-refundable) deposit to get on our Wait List. Before then, we often ran with a hundred plus names on the list and worked our way through the list each time pups arrived. Many on the list never replied. Others never spoke to us again once we asked for a deposit. This deposit requirement changed things for us. It meant we could spend our time on what is most important–the puppies and those who are committed to getting a pup from us. We also have a small personal life. (Haha).

A lot of folks make a comment about us asking them to complete the application. The application is how we gather all the information to determine if we are the right breeder and if we would be interested in placing a pup with you. It also is a systematic way to gather the much-needed information for our process–your contact information, who lives in your home, and what expectations you have for your relationship to the Weimaraner. At the same time, we spend a considerable amount of time and effort sharing pointers and tidbits of information that help ensure the puppy placement’s success.

A goodly portion of our Wait List comes from referrals as well as repeat business. Even then, a fresh application is of vital importance. We still require a small deposit to get on the Wait List as well as the puppy deposit. To the OwyheeStar savvy person, this seems reasonable and is to be expected. For those who has never experienced this type of process, it might seem a bit crazy. Regardless, it works.

5 Blue Males-Zula Blue X Blue 2016 Week 5-26We cannot thank our puppy families enough for their trust and loyalty. If you are new to the process, it is important to understand that this works the same for everyone. Secondly, it is not only in the best interest of the puppy but you. 4-lh-boys-hattee-x-stackhouse-3wk-a

This Week at OwyheeStar

 Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

It is officially cold. For you shivering at fifty or sixty degrees we do not possess empathy. It was in the low twenties here this morning. The good news is it a bright day bringing the much-needed warmth of sunshine. We can happily forego fog and heavy dampness for the time being. Missing those two things is a welcome occurrence. In truth, what can we expect for the first week of November? I suppose some of us (like me) continue to hope for Indian Summer until Thanksgiving–this thwarted pipe dream is but a fleeting wish.

2_Mesquite X Stackhouse WK 5-5Earlier I stepped outside and watched a few leaves topple to the ground. There are a lot of leaves remaining in the deciduous foliage. As much as I dislike the tree disrobing and the green foliage turning to a shade of brown, it is a necessity. The four seasons help us learn to appreciate each one for its diversity. Without winter, the mountains would not become snow packed. The snow will provide the much-need irrigation water. We are hoping for an abundance of snow in the mountains.

5_Mesquite X Stackhouse WK 5-15Last night I posted some of the puppy photos on Facebook. We know how much you enjoy getting a puppy fix. Warming from the inside out (with puppy faces) seemed idea as we find ourselves chilled due to the freezing temperatures. Everyone enjoys the photos except for the pups. These are five-weeks-old pups, and they were not so amused with us expecting them to pose. Our goal is to try to get them to hold still long enough to capture a photo without assistance. The camera captures photos in rapid succession, so we are often successful; however, it is never all that simple. Normally we have anywhere from 600-1200 photos to process after a very short photo shoot.

3_Mesquite X Stackhouse WK 5-39

This Week on the Blog

This week (again) had so many great posts. If you missed them or want to revisit the posts, here are the links.

Sunday— November 1 — Weimaraner Markings

Monday — November 2 — Texts that Haunt you

Tuesday — November 3 — Jaeger

Wednesday — November 4 — Time Change Woes

Thursday  — November 5 — Graydon

Friday  — November 6 — Opus & Winchester

On a very personal note

The week brought more of the same. The farmhouse remodel appears to be endless. It will most certainly be longer than we hoped–we have far exceeded our deadline. Nonetheless, we are doing what we are able each day. Shela is packing–that which is not a must to have available. We have been virtually camping out for some time.

The post-cancer issues are manageable. It still takes physical therapy, special massages, etc. The most important thing is a positive attitude. Healing is a body, soul, and spirit thing. A negative attitude or allowing discouragement to wrap you in a feeling of hopelessness will lead to nothing good. We hang onto our positive outlook and believe we are in a good place in our personal lives. Yes, I suppose it is a kind of firestorm; however, we will come through not even smelling of smoke. We are not in this fire alone. It is all a comforting thought. We believe in a God that is bigger than anything that comes against us. We feel His love as well as yours. Thank you for your love and support. It means more than words can express.


As Always

(Note–thank you to all of you who made sure I had enough material to make some fascinating updates this week. I have exhausted the supply; however, several of you said you would send something along shortly. I have a few thoughts to work on as well. )

There is no way we could ever thank you enough for your love and support. We are especially grateful for those who continually provide us with the material for the blog. Unfortunately, sometimes this is only photos and no script. There is no end in sight of our farmhouse remodel. We are doing it ourselves, and it is the installment plan–we are not borrowing to do this. We buy something and install it. Therefore, having the updates is even more appreciated than usual–it is always a blessing! DSC_0134edit

Fellig’s Progress

Just a few lines abut Fellig’s progress; now it’s coming up to a month of having him around.

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As you can see from his FB posts he has settled in well, is enjoying all kinds of adventures and is trying all kinds of foods and winning all kinds of friends on his journey!
There are two bad things about Fellig – one, his biting. My arms and hands are full of welts, and it is extremely difficult to break him of the habit. I’ve noticed that the biting occurs (mostly) when he is tired. Two, his screaming when he has to go in the lair. But both these things are surmountable and nothing compared to how great he is in other departments.
He hasn’t once had an accident in the house – it’s quite amazing! He takes himself outside and is now starting to save poops until our morning walk rather than in the garden.
He is learning really quickly. He knows his name, know his whistle and comes to it also 80% of the time will come when asked, and he sits. He is learning ‘off’ because he is ripping holes in pants and shorts from jumping and grabbing.
He loves travelling in the car and has found his favourite niche (the passenger seat floor) where I provide a bowl of ice (it’s still hot here). And he likes to watch out of all the windows.
He is free feeding now. I have shifted him to two new kibbles since we can’t find the one you use here, a large breed puppy grain free and a limited ingredient grain free adult kibble. I top this with a little raw lamb, and he has sampled salmon (he likes it cooked) and many vegetables and fruits and these are included in his bowl. He likes chick peas as well. He LOVES green beans, and I have discovered him helping himself to them straight out of the garden!!
He is pretty fearless – the only thing that phases him are sirens and motorbikes – he doesn’t mind storms and is very friendly with all dogs, and people. I take him everywhere – art openings, shopping, etc. and everywhere we go people want to say hello and make a fuss and he certainly accepts all that attention with grace.
We hike and go on various walks quite a few times a day and also he loves the dog park. He is off leash a lot of the time, sticks close and comes when called.
He sleeps with me on the bed – sometimes he gets up in the night and asks to go out, but more and more is lasting all night. He gets very fractious when he is tired and bites, but then flops down beside me and snuggles up.
He is a very, very smart little wilful creature and is going to be a great little dog.
I’ll keep you posted and feel free to guide people to his FB page!
best, Jill


GREAT new Family Member!

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Our new Weimaraner “Simian” from Owyheestar is a GREAT new Family member! He is doing great on a leash in Idaho for walks in the rural countryside.  He was basically potty trained somehow when we received him at 8 weeks (Thank you!). The only bathroom accidents have been when we weren’t paying enough attention, our fault.

Training Continues

He is learning commands well, and is now a daily office dog at my firm. He has mastered going up and down the stairs at week 11.   Thank you Owyheestar, Simian being an ambassador with the public, i am already recommending your company.

Everyone Adores Him!

One young 5 year old girl while petting him said: “He is so soft, i want to pet him ALL over!”

Breeder’s Comment

Thank you for updating us on Simian. We are beyond thrilled that you love him so much. Keep up the good work.

A Weim Fix

Sometimes Words do not Suffice

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Sometimes Words Cloud the Issue–today for your enjoyment a few Weim looks.