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Speaking of Nancy Garin

~ Tikka and Luna

Tikka and Luna-they’re 2 of my favorite girls!  Nancy kindly welcomed us to the Salem Weim play dates at their house.

We’ve been there many times and Mick typically hides between my legs or behind me for most of the day and if I sit, he gets in my lap. Mind you he’s one of the biggest, if not the biggest weim there! Haha! He’s just a big baby. The last time we were there, a few months ago, there were fewer weims there and Mick was actually social, it was amazing…we were all impressed to see him out there running around with the other dogs. 

I think Rudy was one of your weims as well. Ashley stopped me while I was mowing my lawn and asked if we could take a picture of our weims together. I ran into her almost a year later at Nancy’s house and we recreated the picture. So cute…Mick is at least twice Rudy’s size! 
Have a great day! Shannon

Breeder Comment

Yes, Western Oregon Weimaraner folks have a great advocate in Nancy. And then too–her Playdates are an extraordinary opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and have fabulous fun.

At My Friend’s Place

~Me, Winchester, Visiting Luna and Tikka

Mom took me to play with my friends at Luna and Tikka’s. Their parents are always so nice to host our playdates.

Mom put my costume on me and I ran around and played with my friends while our parents ate food. The food smelled so good but Mom wouldn’t let me have any. I got to play for 3 hours! Then I went home and had a nice long nap! Cant wait to see my friends again soon! ~ Chester

Breeder Comment

Dear Winchester–you lead an extraordinary life. You have a tough job taking care of your Mama and entertaining others. Cliff and I are glad you can get to the playdate to Bill and Nancy’s Salem home.

Hank is my Name

This is Hank, my new Weimaraner puppy!

My name is Hank, and I have friends.....

My name is Hank, and I have friends…..

Dagny was first

Dagny was first!

Hank spent his first 9 weeks in Ontario, Oregon with his family but he’s getting used to life in the North End (Boise, Idaho).

He has already made some friends, and the cat is intrigued.

                                               ~ Teresa 

Play-Date with Charlie Mae and Murphy

One of my new friends (Will) reported : “Charlie Mae and Murphy had a friend over yesterday for awhile to play!! Hank is a new best friend to our two :)” Here are some photos of their play-date.

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Hank says, “I think I am going to be needing my own Facebook Page sooner, rather than later.”