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Weim Privilege Denied

`Maizie Gets her Chair

Maizie, age 8, has lived her life without being allowed full access on human furniture and beds.  (She has no idea other Weims get full privilege).  (She has numerous comfy beds and fleeces of her own in every room of the house). About two months ago, she weighed the situation and took a gigantic risk.  She stepped right up on the comfy recliner chair in our bedroom and curled up into a ball!  We were so stunned we were speechless!  She didn’t get yelled at!  We didn’t have the heart to scold her.  We relaxed our expectations justifying, “Well, she’s 8.5 years old….she’s getting older etc etc etc)”.  It’s Maizie’s chair now for certain times of day—at her choosing.  We ask her when we want to sit in it.  The power of the Weim!

Breeder Comment

The Weimaraner doesn’t see herself as a dog–and her humans use furniture. Having a fancy dog bed isn’t the same–look this chair just fits. What more should I say? Well, nothing more to say other than we do so appreciate this photo and your little story that we could use for the blog.

House Rules

~Regarding–the Furniture

We try to have strict rules so all the furniture doesn’t get taken over by the dogs since both Jim and I are allergic to big loads of dog dander.

Our compromise is this:  One ancient sofa near the front hall is all theirs.  Sucia and Patos know that they can wrestle, scratch, jump on, chew toys and rough-house all they want on “their” old couch. The rule for the rest of the furniture is off-limits.  The one exception is this gray couch, and by invitation only,  in this picture is that it is off-limits, UNLESS it is covered with one of their fleece blankets.  they can only be on it when it is covered with one of these fleece blankets, usually when one of us is on the couch and want a pup to snuggle next to us.   Clearly, this was an afternoon that Sucia and Patos discovered that the fleece blankets were left on unattended…….😊

Breeder Comment

Every household has rules–spoken or unspoken. Sometimes we humans fail to keep our end of the bargain, and it is either confusing or allows bending the rules a bit. (Haha) Weims have a way of working things to their liking. We all know that. Don’t we adore them for their shrewdness — for the challenge they present? I think we can agree, we do.

Thank you, Megan, for this fabulous update. We truly appreciate it!

So Many Caption Possibilities

This Photo

19260790_10156337223419838_4727383142732298426_nI can relate to these three that are so ready for bed. There are so many captions that could fit this snapshot–maybe you can comment what came to mind. That would be great.

  • Let’s get this show on the road
  • Find a place if you can Mama–don’t disturb us.
  • Are you going to get this bed made so we can call it a day?
  • We need our beauty sleep.

There is no doubt the snapshot speaks. It is a special one. Two Weims and a Kitty–both Weimaraners are Blue. One is a Longhair and the other the traditional smooth coat. Behind the obvious, there is a magical backdrop. If you don’t remember the story, or you missed it, less than two months ago Blue (the smooth coat Blue Weimaraner) joined the family. Click here to get the scoop. Things happen for a reason seems to be the appropriate mantra. What an amazing family (fur and human) to pull all this off during a busy baseball and golf season. Many thanks to Beth and all that made this fairy tale ending possible.

Which Chair is Mine?

10920937_10205378299640251_6321535199977477693_nDibs on the Sofa, Chair, or Bed for to the Weimaraner…

The traditional Weimaraner has attracted a following for many reasons. Their smooth-coat is comprised of eyelash-length hair. For those tired of the car, and home being pelted with hair that seems to slip into every crack, crevice, as well as clings to your clothing–this breed is a magnet. When we mention the longhair (sometimes referred to as the other Weimaraner), some folks react negatively. They imagine the same scenario we just described; nothing could be further from the truth. That is a blog for another day.

People new to this breed often are used to making their dog stay off the furniture. For as long as I remember there has been some form of this recent Facebook post….


To the new-to-this-breed person, they cannot imagine their resolve giving way. The a fore pictured ‘Dog Rules’ resemble most Weimaraner residence rules. Here are only a smattering of photos we have grabbed from Facebook, or been emailed. Please keep in mind, the photos belong to the photographer. We have watermarked them to protect the; however, we make no claim to ownership. Thank you for sharing these moments from your life with the Weimaraner.

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Mr. Peabody is relocating to the Portland area

Hello Pacific Northwest!

Mr. Peabody's Last Look

Making a mental note of the view….

 The circle of life

Oregon, here I come! My Mom and Dad felt it best we leave our beautiful sunny California (pacific ocean overlook) nest. It was the perfect world for me to grow and learn new things. We are moving to Lake Oswego, Oregon. It is about six miles south of Portland. We have visited there recently; I know where we are going, but I don’t totally know why. So, I was born in Oregon, and I return to Oregon. It is funny how life works.

Portland Weimars 

I am told there are a lot of Weimaraners in the Portland area, and many are OwyheeStar Weims. Maybe I will connect with a few of you. Who can say?  So, it is good-bye California, and hello Oregon.

Will the furniture be off-limits?

It's my birthday, and this is a perfect treat...

It’s my birthday, and this is a perfect treat…

Here I am making the most of an opportunity to use the furniture. I am not supposed to get on the furniture, but seeing my bed perched there (when Mom was doing the floors), I capitalized on the moment.

My bed on the chair…

I thought it was a sign, and meant to be. Mom thought it was funny, and snapped these photos.

Maybe we will have a different set of rules when we get to Oregon.peabody 2