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Jagger helps himself

Duck dog…..

961263_10151850570032341_1110525824_nIf we understand the story correctly, the opportunistic Jagger pilfered the stuffed duck from another dog. He (doggedly–pun intended) brought it home.

To us,  it looks as though he is planning on keeping the duck.

Do I look guilty of a crime to you?

Do I look guilty of a crime to you?

Breeder’s Note: It is hard to know what to say about this situation. The Weimaraner is so clever, and they think they should get everything they want. Come to think of it, that is a little like most young adults these days. (hmmmm–just saying) Clearly, Jagger believes his is the pack leader part of the time. He certainly is above other dogs in his world; therefore, being the top dog, means you get the toy right?

One thing we can agree on is these wonderful critters know how to get their way. They can be so utterly clever, cunning, and manipulative it is a bit scary.