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Looking for a Find

~Willow in Search

UKC Best-In-Show and High-In-TrialChampion Sunstar Willow of OwyheeStar, CGC, TKN, URO1, UAG1, TDI 

Digging out in the wild or on the beach is a fun activity. Digging in our garden or the yard is not desirable. Digging–its a thing.

A hole in one, or not….

Hummmm I wonder what happened here?!!

         Lucy discusses what happened in their backyard…

If it looks like a hole and smells like a hole could it really be a hole?!! I think it is!!! But…. Who would dig a hole in my backyard?!!

Seriously, what happened here?

Seriously, what happened here?


 I am not taking the wrap for this…

I sits, and I am innocent. It was the neighbor's dog.

I sits, and I am innocent. It was the neighbor’s dog.

Oh now I know!!! It’s my bratty baby brother Luigi!!

He really irritates me at times and I must do something to set him off in a frenzy. The next thing I know is I see him digging a big hole!!

He likes to dig deep enough to expose all the white sprinkler pipes. You see all the evidence on his face and his feet?!!! Will he ever grow out of this? Not as long as I’m around….. But isn’t that what brothers and sisters do antagonize each other?… Ha Ha!!!!

Note: I am not a racist, but I want to point out that Luigi is not a Weimaraner. He is not a longhair Weimaraner. He is a Golden, or as he points out to me–he is Mom and Dad’s Golden Boy. I say uhuh whatever. You are taking the wrap for this buddy!

Idelle  has some thoughts on the topic too!

This is what we came home to today after leaving the kids outside while we went to Costco.

I don’t think Luigi will ever grow out of digging. For years we used to blame Lucy because with Luigi’s bad elbows we didn’t think he could power dig those big holes. But as time went on we discovered that the dirt was always all over him and not Lucy. That’s not to say that she is all innocent but we now think he does all the digging and she watches. I have seen her give him a look or bump into him and then he will go into a frenzy and zoom around the house or yard. Well I guess Lucy is keeping him young huh? Ha Ha!! Here is the damage we came home to…..

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"I gots my toy, and I am truly innocent." ~Lucy

“I gots my toy, and I am truly innocent.” ~Lucy

Breeder’s Note: The Weimaraner can be a digging machine. We have seen a Weim dig a hole large enough to park a jeep in less than 20 minutes.

We have cautioned people who are raising the Weimaraner puppy, not to let the digging (chewing on the house siding, or other unwanted behaviors) to begin. That is the best way to avoid a lifetime of issues.

The Weimaraner that is a serious digger cannot be left access to the yard, or a lot of freedom. Some have been known to dig in the carpet. The pup that is supervised, and doesn’t get the notion that they want to dig for fun is going to be a lot easier to manage.