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~Habits Good and Bad Take Hold Quickly

Innocence –but there is one in the Group (Haha)

Habits form quickly–once a behavior (good or bad) starts it can soon become habitual. For example, the Weim can become an incessant barking machine. I swear they can bark at a cloud. Maybe it looks like a bird. Incessant by definition means unceasing or Continuing without interruption. Maybe that is an overstatement, but if you have that behavior ingrained, it will not seem an exaggeration.

Barking, digging, territorial behaviors, chewing on everything, and the list goes on–if you allow it in a small dose, it can become a thing. Us humans, often get duped and our efforts undermined.

To prevent that and other unwanted behaviors a person must be vigilant early on. It is not one and done thing either.  The childlike tendencies often last past their third birthday with the occasional teenage behavior surfacing from time to time. I laugh at people who want this breed and expect them to be easy to manage. A lot can and should be accomplished in the first three months; however, you are not home free so to speak. At the same time—getting the basics done right up front will save you a lot of trouble. 

Also consider that the Weimaraner who wants to rule their world can employ growling and snarling. They can withdraw and sulk. They have all kind of ways to get what they want–some are acceptable, others are not. One thing for sure–do not reward or excuse bad behavior.

Under the Weather

~Awesome Girl–Jorja

We haven’t been feeling well, so the house wasn’t kept up with properly.  Today disinfecting the house I found these open chips of the coffee table near her toys. They were there for at least 2 days. She took the bone off the table while she was with me. So proud she never touched the chips!

Hard day today! Missing Arleen! 
But these good and new things (Pheasant Hunting) make me appreciate the great start she had from you all and Arleen. Xoxoxo Eileen and Jorja

Breeder Comment

Dear Eileen, I know so many of our readers feel your pain of the loss of your lovely Weim-loving sister Arleen (and of course, Arliss who passed not long after her). Arleen was a friend to so many–an advocate for pets. We are sorry for the loss you must face day in and day out.

Thank you–for this cute story about Jorja. We sincerely hope you are feeling better. Prayers for you, Eileen.

This Face

Never Tired

     ~of seeing the cuteness

4-Mousse X Boone 2018 Wk1-1

Well, I must admit I never grow weary of puppy faces. I know I am not alone. While they are not mine to keep, for a day or two I care for yours.

What can they become you ask? Well, for the most part, it remains to be seen. The journey on which you embark may have twists and turns. Sometimes the desire to get everything right this time is your undoing. Well, isn’t it the truth that we overcompensate and create a new issue in all likelihood? Or so it seems.

Quirks and quandaries are a thing. You cannot go far when exploring the Weimaraner before you run across something downright silly. Their antics are celebrated. Well, these are for the most part celebrated. There are the hair-pulling crazy times I suppose. Yet we are addicted. What can I say? You know what I mean.

Featured Weimaraner — Emma Blue

If you don't believe it, I will not believe what I hear about you either...

If you don’t believe it, I will not believe what I hear about you either…

She is a master world-class beetle hunter!

We couldn’t quite figure out why she all of sudden started digging in our yard…she had previously pawed around a bit (our yard is definitely not what it used to be), but she had never really got down to the mud or done any damage…until recently.

Who would have believed?

After watching her, I figured it out. She sniffs them out, digs them up, kills them, rolls around on them, then carries them around…much to my dismay :). We really are at a loss on how to stop it….she has lost her small amount of independent time in the back yard (which she had just earned) because we have to watch her every second to make sure she doesn’t dig. I’m sure we will figure it out soon enough though, not the first behavior we have overcome 🙂

Breeder’s Comment: Digging is a problem, but beetle-hunting is a new obsession. We have never heard of this before. Dusty was a weed-aholic digger. That is until he ate a rock which lodged in his gut and ran up a $2,000 vet bill. That is a lesson-learned. The college of hard-knocks is expensive. We have known many a Weim that dug for the sheer pleasure of the activity. They took no notice of rocks, weeds, beetles, or anything. The dirt would just fly through the air, and soon there was an underground parking garage. (Oops)

Emma’s parents are doing everything right, but even then the inquisitive, concrete-thinking, obsessive, manipulative behaviors, ( ………….and the list goes on) can suddenly appear out of thin air.

Freedom is earned, but even then (like Emma’s parents are doing) you must monitor the Weimaraner. We are forever telling people that these are not your typical throw-in-the-backyard dogs.