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Adding the Second

Bowmans's Oakley1

We made it safely home yesterday afternoon to Portland.  We were all exhausted after the long drive and Dudley our other Weimaraner was pouting all the way home.  He didn’t quite know what to do with our little one, whom we named Oakley.

Dudley–the resident Weimar

Bowman's Oakley2We made it all about Dudley yesterday and last night.  He got his usual walk by himself and business as usual.  Oakley is intent on following his new big brother.  Wherever he goes he wants to go.   Dudley quickly got used to this but is not ready for Oakley to snuggle with him, as Oakley would like.   They’re also learning to share me as you can see from the photos.  We figure as long as we don’t force the issue that they will get along soon.  They play well together … chasing each other in circles.
Oakley is quickly learning potty training. No accident so far, knock on wood.  We take him out every two hours or so and he does his business and decides to come back in.  He’s learning from his big brother, sit.  I tell Dudley to sit and Oakley seems to automatically do what his big brother does.   It’s quite cute.
We’ll keep you posted on how they progress.  But we’re loving Oakley to pieces.  :).
Thanks!  ~Cathy and Jeremy.

 Breeder Comment

Wow! You are doing so well with the introductory process. I know you are right. Things will continue, and Oakley and Dudley will be inseparable. We look forward to hearing more about the adventures of the two. Keep up the great work.


With the New Year and the idea of setting a New Year’s Resolution forefront, we might consider one. Another time we set these kinds of unrealistic and humorous goals is when we bring home the new Weimar. We say to ourselves that we are not making the same mistakes as last time. (oops) We pronounce things will be different. Maybe we say they are not on the furniture. (OMG) Well recently, we have heard many such a proclamation. Come on folks; we are all with Jeff and Marisa.  Remember a couple of weeks ago when our blog featured the lovely Schatzi? If not click on her name to see that post.

Schatzi sofa side_5364.JPG


Wind forward a couple of weeks and we hear from Papa Jeff how things are going. He writes “So much for not getting on the couch!!!  She is great!!”

Have we not all been here? Well, consider this–it is typical that we go the way we went before or make new mistakes. Maybe you understand for what I speak.

Cooper finally leaves with his family

Time well spent…Cooper1

Time to bond…

Cooper2We just wanted you to know that Cooper did so great on the ride home yesterday. Before we got on the road, we headed over to the grassy area and all of us just sat around and played with him a while letting him warm up to us. He would take turns running up and licking us on the face 🙂

Breeder’s Note: We held Cooper awhile so that we could arrange this family-meet up. Cooper’s family is a perfect fit for him. He and the girls are fast friends. The big thing was this family didn’t overwhelm him. They took the time to make the transition so much easier. It was our goal to have him set up for his new life, but sometimes things can unravel quickly. It is much nicer when the family takes the time to connect and engage the young Weimaraner. Making a wrong turn early-on creates a lot of extra work. This family did everything right to get Cooper off to a great start.

No Accidents…

He is such a great dog! No accidents in the car but we did stop a few times so that helped.

This is a great experience…

Cooper3Thank you both again so much for making this such a great experience and a smooth transition for him. We took your advice and put his crate on a table next to our bed and he slept all night! The girls are so excited and are really enjoying having a dog that likes to play fetch!

Thunder goes to work with Mom

Here I am at work with Mom -- I'm a star!

Here I am at work with Mom — I’m a star!

Thunder came to visit Mom at work,,,,,

      Other news….

He’s adjusted to crate now pretty well. Had his shots & check-up at vet last week. Considers his sister his newest chew toy.

We just wanted to give you a little update. Have a great day!

Breeder’s Note: Thank you Kristi for updating us on Thunder. We truly appreciate it. There are always challenges of one sort or other during the first year. Bonding happens during the most challenging of times.
Like much Weims, Thunder went to work with his Mom. Weim parents are often able to take their young Weims to work. Some do it daily, and some do on occasion. Other folks work from home. Being able to take the pup to work can help with their adjustment. It is equally important that they learn how to stay alone. The Weimaraner is prone to separation-anxiety, and totally catering to their every whim can lead to severe separation-anxiety. You don’t want that either. There is a balance. We always say it takes a knack to raise the Weimaraner.