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The Maternal Side

-Lu (True X Benton)

I know you are low on content for the blog – sometimes I think I send too much about Lu, but this is precious.

First of all, Lu was born 2011, True x Benton. In her long-ish life she has NEVER met a baby – very cautious about other dogs (not so much about people, tho’ she has to “vet” strangers thoroughly!). But we have a beautiful new girl-baby in the family, our grand-niece, and her parents brought her down for a visit for a few days from Portland.

From the time little Juni (Juniper) arrived, Lu kept trying to figure her out…watched her constantly, getting ever closer, and getting upset if she fussed. Lu’s curiosity finally got the best of her the morning the family was leaving, and she approached our nephew holding Juni. You can see the result in this precious picture! Showing her “maternal” side! HA!

Breeder Comment

Thank you for this beautiful story–it is perfect. I am sure you know this is just the kind of thing that our readers love to see. Weims (like any dog) can be unpredictable. They are often inquisitive and cannot stand not to investigate that new tiny human.

Anyone who knows this breed must realize they are prone to quirks–and once they get an idea, that is typically that. You can try to get them to change their notion, but the concrete-thinking Weimaraner is not easily convinced. (OMG) So, introducing a baby to Weimaraner at any age should be approached with caution.

We love how careful Lu was and how you managed this situation. There is a story that resonates from the archives where a client had their first human baby, and the place the baby calmed best was laying on top of the Weimaraner–the two were inseparable. That Weimaraner, like Lu, was so careful.

While this is often the way it works, sometimes the Weimaraner is jealous and doesn’t go well. We cannot forget that they have been the center of the universe–the first baby. While a human baby is beyond precious and celebrated, casting aside and forgetting the faithful companion could go badly—good job to Lu and her family.


Raider Wants You to Wake Up!

When grandma babysits, and Raider loves to snuggle. All goes well until she wants her baby to wake up—at least Raider wants to show her some intense pressing love.

Featured Weimaraner — Betsy

Betsy is about to turn 3

Betsy vigilant and watchful

Betsy vigilant and watchful

It’s been forever since we sent an update of Betsy. She’s just a few days away from her third birthday and has definitely matured in the last year to a grown-up.

Betsy is busy–we have had a big change!

It was a tough transition going from an only child to having to take care of an infant. Betsy has learned to pitch in and help, and she’s been really busy raising our baby.The night we came home from the hospital, the baby wouldn’t stop crying and Betsy threw up all over the carpet.


`family game night

We knew adding a baby would mean change!

We made sure to give Betsy a lot of extra attention (so she would not feel displaced). Over the months, she’s grown to understand that raising this baby is her responsibility. She immediately lets me know whenever the baby wakes up, cleans her up after meals, and plays keep away with her.

Betsy still goes to work with her Dad..

We can tell that the responsibility wears her down at home, so she still gets to go to work every day with her dad to get a break. News of her work at our company will come in a later post. Betsy has written in from her perspective. She never ceases to amaze us. 🙂

Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012

Breeder’s Note: It is especially important to keep your Weimaraner wormed when you have a baby (or small children) in residence. Roundworms and hookworms are the most common problems, but a broad-based worming program is important. Please discuss the proper protocol with your veterinary of choice.