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At Six Months

Updating You

     ~Loki’s Adventures

Now that spring seems to finally be here Loki and I are having all sorts of adventures. For the last month or so I’ve been working on introducing Loki to water. First, it was getting his toes wet, then the ankles, and so on. I’ve attached a video from this evening— we headed out to the lake after work. Needless to say, we’ve come a little ways from not getting our paws wet. You may notice the cord on the bumper— sometimes Loki needs to remember that the game is retrieving, not keep away, but the water work has seemed to really help this. Also great insurance in case he doesn’t go for it, so I don’t have to swim.

Aamodt's Loki_3761Other adventures include hide-and-go-seek at lunchtime on a trail system near my office. It’s a great game for anyone to play to help their pup remember to check in on hikes, but with Loki, in particular, we want to develop the idea that he can use his nose to find people. When we’re out on the trail, I wait until he gets just a little too far ahead of me, and I hide in the bushes next to the trail where I can still see him. He is quick to notice that I’m no longer in sight, so he runs back down the trail. He usually goes past me until he hits my scent (in the air), and then he usually works the scent cone back towards me. When he finds me, we enthusiastically play with his favorite toy.
Another new thing is teaching Loki to pull me on my longboard. I keep it short and easy so as to not stress his joints, but it’s a great way to practice verbal directive commands. And to take the edge off the wiggles!
Loki is also turning into quite a camping dog. Last week was his first tent camping adventure in Glacier National Park over Memorial Day weekend.
The two pictures I’m sharing here show our work on the down-stay (he’s not tied in either). You can see the drool starting to come with the cheese! That’s what happens to those who attempt to counter surf. He got no cheese.
Aamodt's Loki_3760As always, we constantly incorporate sit-down-stay-heel-come into our daily routine. The heel is finally taking hold— at least 50% loose-leash on a flat collar, and his off-leash heel is almost better. The red harness he’s wearing in the picture is his working harness and includes a handle to help keep him safe on the chairlift. We are working on associating it with good listening and lots of fun search games.
Anyway, I can’t believe he’s 6 months old already! It has gone so fast. ~ Erica

Breeder Comment

We are so delighted to see all that Loki has learned thus far–in such a short time. The development of his nose–scenting for the human is coming along nicely. The water work, the basic obedience, and all continue to come together. You are doing fantastic with him on every level. Thank you, for the diligent effort you are investing in training for the well-balanced (Search and Rescue ready) Weimaraner. Also, thank you for keeping us informed. We love being a part of the journey. We realize he is a typical Weimaraner in many ways (such as the counter-surfing thing); however, it remains to be seen what the two of you can become. Go Erica and Loki–we applaud your efforts.

Puppy Faces

Filling the Void

We are waiting for pups here just like you folks on our Wait List. I am out of easy posts for the blog, and I needed one this morning. I thought you might enjoy these photos pulled from the archives. A puppy fix never hurt anyone.

Agent Eleven Plus Years

Good news to report on our Agent .. 11 years / 4 months

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So Agent is now 11.4 years of age. Took him to see Dr. Sara Rice , who has seen him since he was 20lbs. She loves him so. Full check up including all blood work. She was amazed at how well he was doing. Agent’s physique and the way he carried himself certainly caught Dr. Rice’s eye. She commented on the muscles in his back and stated “Agent came from excellent Genes and Bloodline”. Dr. Rice also mentioned that if she did not know his birth date, she would guess his age to be around 8. Such great news. Agent gave her his Shake and they parted as good friends as always.  I would like to say that Agent Is doing very well as is Lilly. I would like to thank both of you for excellent dogs that are so part of our family. Owyheestar Weimaraners is the Best! David and Sherri H.

Breeder’s  Comment: Thank you David and Sherri for staying in touch for all these years, and for this recent update. Agent is awesome. Lily is not too bad. You have done great with them. No one can say how long a living creature will be with us. We all want the longest possible scenario–certainly everyday must be grand. Nevertheless, when a Weim reaches eleven they have beaten the odds; some do not make it this far. As with humans, every year a few depart this world for various reasons. Of course, some are lost to an accident, but a few succumb to a medical issue. We are thankful these two are doing well, and that they bring you joy. Thanks ever so much for the referrals, and for staying in touch.

Weimar Watching for Whales

Who Knew?


Jagger has a keen eye on the horizon. He and Warren are watching for Whales. Who does your Weimaraner wait, and watch for their arrival? Do they have a keen eye on the squirrels, birds, or your neighbors?

By definition, and design the Weimaraner is considered a Watchdog. There is little that escapes their notice–even when they have their eyes closed. It is like they soak up their environment, and adjust it to their liking.  (Oops)Smiling Secrets...

This Week’s OwyheeStar News

March ….

Hello look, the weather's great lets go before the next blizzard arrives...

Hello look, the weather’s great lets go before the next blizzard arrives…

Next week, we say good-bye to March, and hello to April. Some have described March as being Bi-polar in nature. (If not), then it is certainly a fickle trickster. March madness is another term we love; it applies to more than a basketball tournament.

April in the Treasure Valley is normally a bit more reliable, but there is still the flirting with summer-like temps, and then frosty mornings. The peas I planted have not made an appearance yet, nor has the grass Cliff planted. We await their arrival with anticipation. Soon (very soon) Cliff will need to turn on the irrigation water, and begin watering our crops. We are fortunate to have ground water, whereas many of the local farmers rely on the Owyhee Reservoir which is at less than 20% last time I heard. They are not expecting an influx from a spring melt either.

Winter-weather doesn’t stop us from going out. In fact, many of the Weims delight in the snow; they frolic in it like it is some kind of heavenly fluff. The rain can be a bit more challenging; however, many who live where there is rain learn to more than tolerate it. A few even love it.

Here are the links for this week’s blogs….

Around OwyheeStar……

Cliff and the New Lawn MowerCliff has been busy around the farm, and on some much-needed landscaping revision. It will be as a simple affair. It is more of a cleanup, and clear our situation, than a fancy landscape. Not that we would not love to go full blown into terracing the area, etc. We have too many other projects calling us. Cliff has dropped two trees. We loved them, but they were very close to the house, and power-line. In addition, the pine tree appeared to be dying. The last thing we need is for a big wind to drop it on our house. That won’t be happening, because we brought down the pine yesterday. Cliff already had the crab apple tree on the ground. We look a little bare on the west side, but it should end up being easier to manage. Cliff will plant some grass and mow it. Thank God his father bought the new lawn mower. He thought Cliff needed it since he now must mow both yards.


Outdoors we have not seen anything green except for the winter wheat, weeds, and people’s lawns. The grass is getting greener. Inside, I have started my tomatoes, peppers, and some flowers. I love the heirlooms; however, I am open to other tomatoes. I have my usual Brandywine and Pear Totmato Heirlooms. They need me to trim back the extra stalks. I planted some Shasta daisies from seed. That is something I have not done before. Normally, I try to buy some started daisies. The last few years I have not had good luck with these; therefore, I thought I would see what I can do with starting them myself.

Puppies and People…

 1_6634Elsa_5827We are also busy with spring puppies; and the people that come along for the ride. I have been working on some photos for days. I am doing what I said I would not do–editing them. It takes a great deal of time and patience. It is all good. 🙂  So, we are busy with the walks, interaction, and caring it takes. We have toted the pups to the timber patch, as well as the hay field. They love the experience. 

Many blessings and warm wishes from Shela and Cliff–(and the OwyheeStar Weimars too!)

~Thank you for being a part of our lives!