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Sunday Photos

~ And a couple of video clips

As I have mentioned here and there–the Atti X Martee litter exited, so now we hope their family will stay in touch and share snippets here and there. But here are a few moments just before their departure–the little wiggle-butts.

And at the Vet Office

–not that long ago.

And now, their ever expanding world continues. Some have fur family members and a couple are the only pup in the household. So, the journey begins, and it remains to be seen what they can achieve.

Maizie is Amazingly smart!

I spoke a bit too soon…

Maizie is almost 19 months old.  She is so darn smart!  She knows that I am “Linda” and that Jerry is “Jerry” and she knows the names of special other people in her life.  Here is an adorable video for you to enjoy.  This was yesterday.  I’ll set the scene.  My mom, “Grandma,” our son, “Andy” and Andy’s Doberman “Dio” were coming over for dinner.  I made the mistake of telling Maizie too soon!  Here was her immediate reaction!  😉