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Rain or Snow

~Ready to Go!

Walk or run–we usually do about 2 miles walking and up to 4 ish running. They love getting out although want to chase squirrels . This is usually in addition to the dog park. They have two different cold weather jackets and then their rain jackets. And yes, we try to get out every day otherwise the house becomes a race track/ jungle gym, lol!

This is our coats for cold with a chance of rain and we always wear the glow in the dark collars.

Cheers, Erika

Breeder Comment

We are so happy the boys love helping you stay exercised. We get it–you do it for your sanity more than your health. (Haha) We love their glow in the dark collars. It is essential when you are out for the early or late runs.

The Longhairs, part two

Popularity, Polarity, and Placements

Helga and Cliff CThe interest in the Longhair Weimaraner continues to grow. Statically speaking, we see double the interest in the Longhair compared to the Blue. When we speak of interest, we mean people looking at them, asking about them, and accessing information. There are simply put, not as many ideal placements for the longhair; sometimes called the other Weimaraner. Indeed, they are all Weimaraners. There are those that are wild about the longhair. There are others polarized by the different look, the idea of an undocked tail, and the wisps of hair.

We find the varied responses interesting. In America, the concept of the Longhair is new; sometimes it is shocking. A few American breeders have this variety, but in Germany (and worldwide), they are well known. They compete in the show ring, field trials, and are well accepted. They are part of the gene pool.

Shocking, Unsettling, and other than Traditional

Cliff with LH Pups_9092The reasons for slower placement are multifaceted. Overall, the average American thinking about the Weimaraner, is thinking smooth-coat. To mention the longhair variety is often unsettling to an applicant. That being said, there are not as many readily available good placements for the American Longhair. The Blues continue to find homes in quick order. They seem as in demand as the traditional gray ghost variety.

The importance of campaigning the longhair cannot be overstated. They are important to the breed as a whole. We know some traditional American Weimlovers cannot stomach the idea of a Weimaraner other than the one they know (and love).  It is OK if they choose not to embrace them; however, we cannot ignore this varied component. For this, and many other reasons, incorporating the longhairs into the process is important. Interest is on the rise.

Cliff and the Longhair Pups

We have a few (awesome ready-go) Longhair pups. As it sometimes will happen, people waited months for us to produce a few longhair pups, only to not be ready.  It is much too complicated to explain the complex juggling act involved on our part. It includes a list of folks that have their own agenda. We face many unknown factors. The number of longhair pups within a certain litter is a mystery until they arrive. This, indeed, creates more drama than  usual. The juggling act becomes more flamboyant. Sometimes, as a breeder, you end up with a bigger show than you thought possible. Despite the challenge, we believe our efforts are warranted. Those who added a longhair to their family affirm our conviction. Some things in life require participation to (fully) comprehend. This is probably one of those areas.