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What Can We Say?

Celebrating One Year


Our girl is 1 year old today😊. Freyja is the best!

We use all kind of positive adjectives –maybe we just say she is awesome. We celebrated her birthday–she is definitely much loved.

Breeder Comment

We are happy to celebrate right along with you. In light of the new Dixie X Boone litter, it is beyond excellent to have this update. Everyone will appreciate it. Thanks and Happy Birthday to Freyja.

Happy Birthday Emma Blue

When it comes to birthdays,

Emma Blue had hers celebrated in a grand fashion. 988686_10151732381942591_1892985711_n[1]

There was an unparalleled cake…


There were presents


There was a great toy in that bag–it squeaks!1005453_10151732382507591_2094363523_n[1]

There were cookies for all to share

73527_10151732384152591_1297347072_n[2]Emma  is not alone.

Weims tend to get pretty fancy birthday affairs, but have you ever seen such a cake?

We thank you for loving Emma Blue….Cliff and Shela