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Who Needs Surveillance?

~Got it Covered

It doesn’t matter what comes our way–squirrel, bunny, lizard, birdie, or a pesky human–I see it all. If you have one or more Weimaraner in the household, you know for what I speak. “Woof!”

There are other perks too–my nose art mention one.

Weimar Watching for Whales

Who Knew?


Jagger has a keen eye on the horizon. He and Warren are watching for Whales. Who does your Weimaraner wait, and watch for their arrival? Do they have a keen eye on the squirrels, birds, or your neighbors?

By definition, and design the Weimaraner is considered a Watchdog. There is little that escapes their notice–even when they have their eyes closed. It is like they soak up their environment, and adjust it to their liking.  (Oops)Smiling Secrets...