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At Home

~ Learning the Ropes


20180614_175047Maelee has been learning a lot; how to go up/down 2-3 steps on the backyard deck, still retrieving, crate training (though she did not like) and potty training (only a couple of pee accidents). Her 1st vet app. is set for tomorrow and should go smoothly; very healthy & full of energy!! Here are a few pics from this evening!

We are so thankful for what you do:)
Breeder Comment

We appreciate families like you. I noticed we started the process in February–so the wait was shorter than it might have been. Nevertheless, it is always seemingly a long time.

People ask the typical waiting time. I think somewhere close to six-months; however, it depends. As I always say, we cannot predict when and if we will get a litter. If the litter arrives, we cannot predict the sex of the pups–sometimes the coat color.  Of course, we cannot guess what the people on the list above you will do either. (Haha)


Just Napping

     ~He’s getting along nicely.Gardner's Jaeger_233915.jpg

The above snapshot is taken with my wife’s dog Caoimhe (pronounced Keeva). She has taken to him very nicely… They play a lot.
Gardner's Ruger and JaegerHere he is with Ruger, who actually curled up there when Jaeger was already there. Ruger is progressing slower; he has never been one to play a lot with other dogs.
Jaeger is still gaining like a horse, 16.9lbs today. He doesn’t like crate training, but we are slowly making progress.

Breeder Comment

It appears you are off to a good start incorporating the new OwyheeStar Weim into your family. It is a plus that Caoimhe likes to play with him. The most significant thing where he is going to hunt is to get him following in Ruger’s paw prints in the field. We know you have this as a goal. There are so many things when you bring home the Weimaraner–the crate-training you mentioned, housebreaking, the recall, and other essential disciplines that it takes focus. You, having been down this path before understand all too well for what we speak. We look forward to hearing news from time to time of Jaeger and his exploits.

Zelda is Two

It has been an eventful year…Zelda collage at 2

It’s been a year since I last wrote. Times flys! Happy Holidays! Today(12/10/2013)  is Zelda’s 2nd birthday! She’s doing well and it’s been an eventful year! She’s a swimmer and boater now! Her hunting side even comes out sometimes! (Sorry, squirrels!) We just wanted to thank you once again for adding such life to our family. It all seems so “quiet” before her! She has made life “full,” how it should be! We’ll probably make a trip to the local dog boutique and let her pick out a new toy..maybe a birthday cookie :). HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUNNY!

Thanks again! ~Lexi and Philphoto

Featured Weimaraner — Jorja

I’ve had quite a year! Happy Birthday to me :O)

Happy One Year

Happy One Year

Born in the USA

It all started in America (I am told), but that seems like a long time ago, and I don’t remember Cliff and Shela. Mom talks about them. She mentions Aunt Arleen (with Arliss) all the time. I started my journey there–with Arliss who at first was not happy with my arrival, and later he was sad she me go when I flew off with Mom.

Getting a Good Start

My auntie gave me a good start, so my Mama would have less problems with me. Aunt Arleen told Mama that she needed to be ahead of the curve with me, and like her, my Mom put a lot of rules in place from the start. I must admit there have been times I have showed my Mom something she was not happy with, but mostly I have delighted her heart (made her smile).

I am Mom’s companion, but Dad’s hunting companion

I got a big mole....

I got a big mole….

You might remember when I brought in the big find from the yard–the granddaddy mole. That was a happy moment all the way around.

Antics that entertain

I find ways to make my mommy laugh on a regular basis. Laughter is the best medicine. You may remember the time I got the packing tape roll on the end of my nose. My mum thought is beyond funny, and took photos. I do what I can to keep the family smiling.

Hey look I got duct tape roll for you Mom

Hey look I got duct tape roll for you Mom

I am loved!

There is a lot of snuggling, cuddling, and fawning over me. Aunt Arleen says there are various Weims, but she told my Mom to get me. I think she knew what she was talking about. I still remember she was so happy when we arrived safely home in Belgium. It was an event on both sides of the ocean.

From Arleen…Christmas 2012

Happy Holidays from Arleen and the Gang.   We are all doing well. On Dec 1st Arliss turned 6.  How time flies.  He is a great dog.  He was a very good big Cousin with Jorja when she was staying with us. Now it didn’t start off that way but in the end he was in Love. Eileen and Ken are enjoying Jorja.