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Izzy the Beautiful

I think she is the most beautiful Weim to date; we have had more than a few. ❤IMG_0051 I will try getting additional pictures soon she is such a character.

Dear Weim-loving family.

Thank you for all your love and support. We are thrilled that you have been more than pleased with the Versatile Izzy. We know you take excellent care of her, and enjoy her every day. Thank you for that! ~ Shela and Cliff

PS: When you get more information, and or photos, we will feature Izzy Again. 

Happy Birthday Storm!

 I wanted to feature our Storm–this is her 12th birthday. Today, would have been my (Shela’s) mother’s 95th birthday were she still with us. Storm --Summer 2014

G2 Nets Birds

The Family that Hunts Together……..Family of Hunters

A few Christmases ago……G2 and John met for the first time. Shortly thereafter, we began getting updates. John and Lorina wrote:

We thought you might enjoy this video of our dog G2 retrieving a duck out of the Colorado river. We had a great family hunting trip in Blythe.  Below there are some other photos of my husband John, our daughters, and of course G2. Hope you enjoy.

 G2 and the Family

Thanksgiving Day Hunt

 Hello Cliff and Shela

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I thought you would enjoy these pictures that were taken yesterday–Thanksgiving. I am the one holding Schultz and I am with my brother Barry and my nephews Basil and Anthony. This was after a 12 inch snowfall! Schultz was able to get 6 roosters!!! Mr. Schultz is also known as Tubby for his voracious appetite!!!!

Prior to the Thanksgiving Day Hunt; Shultz  found, or pointed at least 20 bird. He probably accidentally flushed another six; he retrieved all but two. He recovered four or five runners. At the age of eleven-plus it’s asking a lot of him; however, he won’t let me leave without him! When he sees orange clothes,he is not staying home. Some of the pictures are when he goes fishing with me, and that is every chance we get. I’ve had more than a few dogs; nevertheless,over a lot of beloved dogs I’ve had in my life, he is one you only have once in a lifetime.

Note–when I say he is on point I mean rock solid. He does not move when pointing, and sometimes he is within a step of a hidden rooster. When Mr.Shultz says I found one, he’s usually right. Thank you,for a truly best friend I just can’t get enough of.


Dozer Grows Up

Companion Hunter

Hello Cliff and Shela

I just wanted to share a few pictures; we had a good day of hunting with Dozer. Three birds and this included crossing the river to make the retrieve.

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Breeder’s Comment: Thank You Greg for the great update on Dozer. It is always fun to hear of your success. Dozer has become a true versatile hunting companion. Thank you for your great work. We have included your previous photos too! People will enjoy seeing your early beginnings.


An Update; Healing Thoughts….

Bliss and I wish you the best and hope the “cone-head” days of healing are soon behind you.

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The cone-head photo was taken in Bliss’ first year. She has had to wear it again on numerous occasions in the last three years, but Thank God nothing too serious. She needed stitches after catching a wild turkey that fought back, a run-in with barbed wire, and numerous encounters of poison oak.

While she doesn’t care for the cone, it doesn’t get her down and she uses it to her advantage like a battering ram. Male groins beware!

Thank you so much for all that you do, we would be bereft without our Bliss! She has given us so much joy and plenty of stories of her adventures and antics. I have many pages to write and share another day.

Wishing you cone free days ahead soon,

Katherine and Bliss —  (Maggie x Zee 2011)

Wellie and Quinn

“Quinn, do you see my ball anywhere?”

“Quinn, do you see my ball anywhere?”

Carrie Reports: This is Wellie (and our little girl Quinn) from February when we got the snow. He really looks like he’s protecting her, but I think he was waiting for someone to throw his ball. 🙂

Wellie has not been hunting recently.  He recently ripped off a toenail jumping out of the truck in our driveway, and has been out of commission as it heals. Of course, he and Tyler have brought home many birds over the last few years. Wellie is versatile–he hunts upland game, and waterfowl. He also is an integral part of our family.

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 Breeder’s Note: Carrie and Tyler wanted their Weim’s tail undocked. They like the way it looks; and the fact the docking was not necessary. The American breed standard calls for the docked tail; in some countries, it is illegal to dock tails. OwyheeStar docks tails as per the breed standard. There are a couple of exceptions: 1. The Longhair is never docked. 2. A person can make arrangements in advance to have their pup’s tail left intact.

John, G2, and Duck Hunting

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Hi there! I finally got some pics of G2 in the field. They were taken on a recent duck hunt with my dad and I. The other dog you see is my dad’s lab Toby. G2 and Toby are like brothers they get along and hunt together so well.

Breeder’s Note: We know it is no small thing for a hunter to take the time to get field photos. When you are hunting, (unless you have a Go-pro, or something like that) your attention is focused in another direction. We appreciate John’s effort to show their success, and how the sport of hunting brings their family together.

Zeus expands his repertoire

It’s been a while…..

1463420_10152078000161670_1525204229_nI just wanted to say hi. I haven’t talked to you in a while! I also wanted to send you a new picture of Zeus that my husband took out in the field when he was walking him. I just love it!

He really loves to run in the fields that my husband went hunting in this year. We really haven’t trained Zeus what to do when he is hunting but Mike wanted to see how he’d do. 


What’s This?

The first time out in the season  Zeus put up a pheasant and Mike got him first shot. Zeus went and got the pheasant and just stood there with it in his mouth until Mike came and took it from him….he said that Zeus didn’t really know what to do with it! LOL! He was very proud of him!


He is agile 

I just like taking Zeus for walks out in the fields to watch him jump over the grass…he looks so beautiful and graceful! I also take him for walks on trails in the woods and he is always jumping over fallen logs too. He loves to jump! 🙂 


This guy changed our lives

It’s been a little over 2 years now since we picked him up from Cliff and he has changed our lives.We just love him and enjoy all the time we spend with him. He is definitely part of our family and we love him to pieces!


180267_10151601788591670_2025780238_n[1]~Jeanne & Zeus 

Breeder’s Note: It is amazing that Zeus did so well on his first trip out (especially considering he had no true introduction/training). How gun fire is introduced is important. Nevertheless, Zeus seemed to be able to handle the experience. Cliff recommends careful introduction of gun fire, and you can ask for directions should you need them. If a dog (Weimaraner, or other) gets spooked by the gun fire, it can ruin them as a hunting companion. 

It is a good idea to introduce the young Weimaraner to birds, or at least bird scent. You can buy the scent in a bottle pretty-much anywhere that sells hunting supplies. Getting a wing or bird from someone who hunts can be useful. You can seal it in a bag and freeze it for future use. Adding a little bird scent can be a plus. This gets the Weim used to the smell, as well as accustomed to feathers. 

Cooper does it all………..

Cooper has proven himself a versatile hunting Weimaraner .

Proof of that was demonstrated in these recent photos (of Cooper’s second duck hunt).

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Ray and Nancy Smile (as do Cliff and Shela). Cooper joined Ray and Nancy earlier this year (not too long after Gus’s health scare). Nancy reported that Cooper, swims, hunts, and loves–the last is the most important quality. He joins her on training runs. He is truly versatile.


Gus has nine lives

Or, who said only a cat got nine lives?


Gus on his Bear Rug

Gus on his Bear Rug

Twice in the last twelve months it seemed Gus might pass over the rainbow bridge. He is older, but not extremely old. Things can happen to living creatures. Nancy contacted us to let us know on both occasions what was happening, and we wept with her. Here is the good news, the first time the growth on his leg was not cancer. The growth (second time around) was actually a hematoma on his spleen. Who would have guessed? On the two occasions that we have heard of a growth on the spleen, it has been cancer. One was in a German Shorthaired Pointer, and the other was in a very senior Weimaraner. So, Go-figure, Gus-boy is a survivor. He lives to see another day. Not long ago (after the first huge scare) Ray and Nancy decided to add another gray ghost to their family. They met Cliff at a hunt test west of Baker City, and drove home with Cooper. Cooper has taken on the heavy load, and Gus is living the good life.

Nancy Wrote 10/18/2013–

Ray Cooper and Gus at the Canal

Ray Cooper and Gus at the Canal

Ray and Cooper

Ray and Cooper

Cooper is a dolly, dolly, dolly boy. He hunts, fetches, swims and LOVES. The last part is the most important. He’s currently lying next to me napping on the dog bed cuz we just came back from his run. Thank you for being concerned. My dogs are my life. Gus just jumped on the bed for a nap there. He went on the run too cuz he feels so good. Staples out on Tuesday. ~Love Nancy

Breeder’s Note: No one can say how long one of these wonderful critters will live. Each day is a beautiful gift. We are of course glad to know that Gus is more than alive, but full of life. 

It is also good to know that Cooper has filled the gap in the household, and that he is living up to expectations. Ray and Nancy are avid hunters, (and Nancy is an extreme athlete–her medals and awards attest to her dedication). Gus and Cooper bring them joy, and serve as more than a companion — they are versatile hunting Weims. Sometimes they are toilet paper shredders too! 🙂