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Emma’s First Field Experience

Raising the Successful Hunting Companion

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The same snuggle-bug your family loves will most-likely have multiple roles within the family structure. They  can also be a successful hunting companion. The Weimaraner is a good versatile hunting companion given the proper training. We sometimes expect all this to happen for us, and the Weimaraner naturally. It doesn’t work that way.

Exposing the pup to birds early is important.

Some people do this with castoff wings from various game birds. Other folks have homing pigeons they can plant, and reuse time and again. (We are sorry for the pigeon fanciers who find this reprehensible, but the birds get used to the work we have for them.) Still other folks buy, or raise game birds. It is important to remember that a live game bird is usually not the best choice for the very young pup. The Coturnix Quail is the most appropriate game bird for a puppy like Emma. These may be found for sale in the thrift papers, or other advertisements. They are sometimes called Japanese Quail. They are fairly docile by comparison, but with some effort can be flight-trained.

Gunner has personality

Gunner has been a blessing and joy from day one!

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He is definitely his own personality but I love that boy like crazy!!! He’s become not only my hunting companion but truly a large part of my family. He was well accepted into the extended family and gets quite spoiled by “Grama” and boy does he love to go visit. He’s full of energy but more than that his unconditional love is amazing. Regardless if it’s been minutes, hours or days his excitement soars when I come home and there’s nothing better than coming home to this “charmer.” Thank you won’t ever fully express my gratitude for placing this bundle of joy (and terror) in my life! We look forward to many more years!!!

Breeder’s Note: We are thrilled to know Gunner brings you so much joy. You two look like you are having a lot of fun together. Thanks for all you are doing for, and with Gunner. We appreciate you thinking of us, and for sending the update.