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~JuneAnn & Porsche

This probably won’t help with the Blog, but it’s the Blog that clued me into the existence of “nose work”. 

A BIG thank you to you and whoever shared their experiences.  Porsche and I have attended only one class.  She seems to have taken to it like a duck to water.  It is so great to have this activity that we both can do.  Agility and stuff like that are out for me.  Porsche sends her love.

Breeder Comment

Asher’s First Trial

Indeed, we are happy that some of the successful OwyheeStar folks shared their experience. Off the top of my head–I can think of three Weims who earned ribbons (awards or titles) in Nosework–Shiny in Colorado (and click here), Henry who lives in Canada, and more recently Asher from Western Washington.

JuneAnn–we are happy you found something fun to do together. Please keep us posted. We also know Asher has earned more ribbons, but we don’t have the exact information to share. We would love an update from Asher’s Mama or anyone else that has been dabbling in the Nosework. If possible–we would love an Emailed report including at least one photo.

Short Blurb Updates

Letting Us Know…

Jo Ann writes…photo

End of a long rewarding day. Thank you so much she is a doll!

Laura Writes…

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Thought I’d give you a little update. We named our pup Ruger. He has adjusted beautifully! Here is is with his new BFF, Jax, It’s good he has a friend because my old dogs aren’t willing to play with him. They have accepted Ruger but puppy play isn’t their thing! We are all surviving with little sleep as Ruger doesn’t like to be crated at night. Every night is getting better though. This picture is of Shannon’s solution, he loved it, Shan only lasted a little while.

Keith writes….IMG_1179

Just wanted to share this picture of us on the mountain. He and Suri are adjusting well.

From Debbie

……………who flew in and carried her puppy on the plane to Anchorage…
We arrived in Anchorage without any hiccups. The puppy did amazingly well. Not a peep until the last few minutes of our last leg. He was a trooper. We have decided on the name Finn. We thank you again for trusting us to raise this handsome chunk of love.

From Carla and Jacob

HI guys, Just a quick hello to let you know how much we already love Audi and what a fantastic addition she is to our family..She was well worth the wait! Thanks again for all your hard work.
Breeder’s Note: We get a lot of short notes, and often they don’t contain a photo. Many times we don’t use these because it is tough to fill a blog with a single sentence. This time; however, it seemed as if we could use several notes to create a theme. These folks are keeping us informed along the way. Some of them may write us more often than others, and with more detail. Facebook has become the place where we normally see updates in between emails. What is the biggest blessing for us, is seeing the story unfold. Seeing the pup grow up, and along the way they are an integral part of the family. Thank you OwyheeStar folks for sharing with us. We know it takes some effort on your part. We appreciate it!