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Our Turn

     ~Pilikia and Kula Bleu

The photo you posted yesterday made me send you this when April and I get up, they get in bed and take our place!

Breeder Comment

How many OwyheeStar Weims like to crawl under the covers. We all know that this is a thing. Some share the bed with their owners. Others might not be able to take it over until their ‘hoomans’ get up. Either way, they take full advantage when given the opportunity. Isn’t this about the cutest thing ever?

Undercover Weims

Blanket Babies

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When I wash their blankets and take them out of the dryer, it’s like giving
them sedatives! L O V E.  W A R M.  B LA N KE T S.

Seriously Winchester

Winchester insists on getting UNDER the covers. We can usually ward off his attempt to burrow under the bed covers. Nevertheless,  he can be so persistent that appease him with a blanket. It’s hard to take a dog seriously when he has fringe wrapped around his head.

Are our Weimaraners secret agents

Incognito Weims and their dalliance’s

Sealed LipsWhat really goes on behind closed doors? What kind of secrets does has your Weimaraner been keeping from you?  Promise you won't tell

These and other questions cross our heart as we pen this blog.

Undercover Weims

Undercover GirlIt has come to our attention that they spend a lot of time under cover. Undercover one eye openThis begs the question if they are involved with subversive activities how they accomplish this? Rumor has it that we don’t have the need to know, so we are kept in the dark. Then too, they often have the one eye open to keep watch.


I think I am invisible here...

I think I am invisible here…

When working undercover it is important to be able to change your appearance. Sometimes this means blending in, but often it means wearing a less than appealing outfit.Disguise One

No one will know its me!

No one will know its me!


Destroying Evidence

It is important to shred any evidence you have in the field once you commit it to memory. Look in the trash for anything that can lead to your being a part of the conspiracy. Drag toilet paper from the bath to the living room, and implicate the neighbor kids. Finally, send a bill to various manufacturers for services performed. Dog bed sales are skyrocketing, due to you spreading the word to make sure a hole magically appears (along with fluff) during the first week. Soon, it will require a new bed. Again, place the blame on others. We know someone keeps getting in and shredding the beds (as well as toys, etc.)  looking for the secret documents. We cannot help it that our stored secret encrypted data is in demand. It is not our fault that the fluffy toys become flat toys overnight.

Gathering Information

It is important not to get caught when you are spying. Act like you are interested in the book the humanoid is reading. Commit the computer screen to memory. Check out the desk when they go out to dinner. The information gathered can prove useful.