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~Survival of the Fittest

With a graveyard of destroyed beds littering the living room, I’m hoping Mr. Fellig will like this new one enough not to kill it!

We bought this one from a fancy online store called ‘made’ it was expensive and supposedly handmade free trade. It certainly cost enough! My sister has the same bed and Fellig loved it so I bought one!

Breeder Comment

Beds tend to go by the wayside all too quickly for some Weims. The first is a lovely bed–the fuzzy sort you would think they would nestle down and enjoy. But then the nibbling lead to a hole. The second was too delectable to pass on–and was unstuffed. We sincerely hope bed number three is not a tasty snack any time soon.

We have seen what they call indestructible dog beds, but we have no experience with them. We find that if a Weim starts a behavior, they continue it. They are very concrete-thinking. This concrete-thinking thing is both wonderful, and at other times it is a nightmare. It depends upon whether the behavior is wanted or not. Some Weims don’t have beds for these reasons.

UK Events and News

Making us Proud

Note: In 2011, after months of work (by Cliff), Bolt and Pete traveled with a courier to their new British home. That type of endeavor is challenging in every which way. Whether you are exporting, or importing, there are many things that could go awry. Marie-Claire is not average; she worked hard to get her new charges adjusted. In short order, they were making the transition–soon they were working. We appreciate her efforts, and her continued dedication to them. From time-to-time we have been blessed to hear from folks who have a pup from these lineages. Breeding entails the big picture–health, conformation, and temperament. Some Weimaraners are easier to live with, and train. We are delighted with the UK reports, and Marie Claire’s results. Here are some recent comments and results from Bolt and Pete’s offspring. 

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Marie-Claire wrote: “”Pete” Baileys dad .. (Blue , imported from Cliff and Shela Nielsen Owyheestar Weimaraners 2011 , he carries the long hair gene ) hes a quiet friendly stud dog a complete mummy’s boy now with my friend in Wales continuing his stud duties on a lovely farm.”

 “”Bolt ” mum to Bailey another Blue from Cliff and Shela Nielsen, really friendly and affectionate girl with a fantastic working pedigree with many Field trial Champions including Aztec’s American Pie .”