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~Making her way into our heart and home

Shadow makes room for Skye

Skye is doing great.  Shadow and Skye bonded immediately.   It is amazing how much easier a puppy is when they have another dog to learn from and be a companion.   Robert loves her.  They (Shadow and Skye) started to sleep together the first night by their choice.  Fun to see.  

She will see the vet on Wednesday.  I go to the Dog and Cat Wellness Center in Weiser.  

Breeder Comment

We are thrilled to hear that Robert was delighted–even more thrilled to hear that Shadow and Skye were quick to bond. This doesn’t always happen–it is extraordinary. I assure you that several who read our blog are envious.

The things of Christmas recent…

Rosario Family with two OwyheeStar Weims

The new kid finds a fitting name…

As you well know, finding the right name is not always easy. Before we brought him home, we thought Griffin might work. We have finally agreed upon on a different name. I just didn’t love Griffin, and one family member insists on a nickname and Griffey. I wanted a short name to counter the longer Winchester name. We liked Bere. But then it was changed to Bexar  (that’s the county we live in, pronounced like bear). And on and on and on….Yes, everyone agreed on Opus, which was the biggest hurdle. This name resonates with everyone; it relates to guns, a cigar brand named Opus X, and a million years ago, a cartoon strip “Opus.” It’s Latin for work.

It’s certainly different, and it is shorter than Winchester. So he is  Opus! Guns and cigars. When shortened it will be Opie, which reminds me of Mayberry, which is FINE.

The new norm begins…

On Friday morning (the 20th), Winchester decided the puppy is OK. Winchester commenced  playing (with Opus) as though he had waited his whole life for something so grand.  He very carefully carries the baby’s toy in his mouth to entice him to play. It’s so much fun to watch. It is also a relief that things are coming together in quick order. It was hard to lose Bruno, and we knew we could not replace him. Regardless, we wanted another gray male. We are delighted that Winchester is accepting him early-on. They are going to be great friends.

The two dogs have been great entertainment this week. They play until they’re tuckered out. Little Opus is a chow hound. He knows where the food door is, and is very vocal if he has to chase a bowl (I fed him in his kennel, and he talked the entire climb up the stairs). And the kennel training is going much better, thank you. It requires Patience, hmmmmm. By the fourth/fifth day, we were in better shape. (Click here to read our earlier struggles–back when he was still being called Griffin.)  

We have a Winner. Thank You for what you do!

~ Melinda and all here (with Opus and Winchester)

Breeder’s Comment: We are thrilled you found a name that everyone likes. Thank you for the lovely Santa photo that included your two OwyheeStar kids. We are also glad you flew in from Texas and carried Opus back on the plane. We are convinced this helped you get off to a better start. Finally, thank you for your loyalty. We truly appreciate it. Good luck with Opus, and we sincerely hope he is the perfect fit he seems to be.