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Liesl and Hank

My Fur Kids!

Here are some more pics of Liesl and of course Hank. Liesl came to live with us on New Year’s Eve, 2019.

Maybe that’s why she’s such a firecracker! The best word to describe her is “spirited.” She is seemingly not afraid of anything! She’ll chase the vacuum cleaner and her brother Hank with equal energy.

We have other moments, too–such as around the house and at the office.

Breeder Comment

That is very funny that she chases the vacuum. I am sure many a Weim person wished their Weim was fearless. You are busy with the two, thank you for all you do with and for them.

Whatever Happened to Darius?

Francee’s Blue Longhair Male…

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Hello! Here are a couple of photos of Darius (as promised). I know you understand how difficult it is to get pictures when we spend our time together running or walking. Sorry, they are not very clear. I saw my opportunity when he and his longhair sister were sitting at the top of the stairs; Darus is never still! LOL. He is a very busy boy. He is always checking everything out! He is growing big time! I will try to take out by himself and get some photos of him in the future ! Take care David