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Our First Week

~ Kobe arrive November 2nd

Our little guy Kobe came home on 11/2. Certainly, there was some anxiety with Luna as expected. Frankie seemed to be unphased. After all, this wasn’t his first puppy rodeo. We brought Luna home on 1/1 and it rocked his world. 

By Tuesday morning,  Luna was dropping the ball in front of Kobe trying to engage him. I knew from there things were on the right track. 
It’s now Sunday and you’d think Kobe was always part of the family. He’s settled in nicely and Luna has a new playmate. 

I managed to get a few pics of him when he’s actually still. Otherwise, he’s on the move! He came equipped with the Weim on/off switch. 
It warms my heart Kobe and Luna are getting along so well. They’re really so much alike and seems like a match meant to be. 

I’m looking forward to the months to come as he grows. I think he’s gonna be a big boy!! I’m sure they’ll go by fast. In the meantime, we’re anxious to get through the puppy piranha phase. However we have LOTS of toys get through it. 

Breeder Comment

Kobe –he has rocked your world as well as Social Media. It is so cute how he slid into the family and found your place in your hearts in quick order. We love hearing how Luna has adopted him and is grooming this boy to be her co-conspirator. We can only imagine what the two will manage to accomplish. Kris, thank you for making the trip and your continued loyalty. We are blessed to know you–and to share the Weimaraners.

Liesl and Hank

My Fur Kids!

Here are some more pics of Liesl and of course Hank. Liesl came to live with us on New Year’s Eve, 2019.

Maybe that’s why she’s such a firecracker! The best word to describe her is “spirited.” She is seemingly not afraid of anything! She’ll chase the vacuum cleaner and her brother Hank with equal energy.

We have other moments, too–such as around the house and at the office.

Breeder Comment

That is very funny that she chases the vacuum. I am sure many a Weim person wished their Weim was fearless. You are busy with the two, thank you for all you do with and for them.


AKA Whippersnapper

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Well, we are just past the 10-week mark and boy are we having fun!  Olli, aka Whippersnapper, is keeping us all busy and entertained. He already knows the sit and drop it commands, and we are working on the come.  I should send pictures of our flower pots as Olli is quite the gardener although his pruning skills are questionable….  Still working on house training – but we will get there.  We know when he needs a nap is when his energy level goes through the roof! The little devil turns back into the sweetest puppy once he wakes up and gets out of his crate:). Our older dog is still not thrilled but tolerates him better when outside.  That will take some time.

Breeder’s Comment

It sounds like you are off to a good start. The recall (coming when called) is vital to master. Pruning skills are not a necessity but could come in handy.  The resident Weim being happy about the new arrival will take some time. Regardless, it is hard to move over and share some of the limelight.