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Featured Weimaraner — Bentley

Bentley 2 Time Flies By…

I can’t believe it has been so long since we made the trek to pick up Bentley.  I have been meaning to give you an update on everything but we have been so busy moving and with the wedding that it has always seemed to escape my mind.

We relocated …Bentley 3

Bentley is doing wonderfully, he loves his new acre yard and constantly runs around the trees.  He is stubborn as ever with training and likes to defy me but he is definitely getting better.

Bentley and AaronHe is sweet, powerful, and complex….

He loves attention and loves to cuddle with anyone.  He is 58 pounds and very strong. His favorite game is tug of war and he tends to win a lot. He also has massive amounts of energy and him and Aaron could go hours playing.  We have a pond in front of the house but he is still not sure about it, he has never been too sure about water.  It is actually pretty funny with the water because he will go to retrieve something in the really shallow end and I don’t think he understands how to breathe and hold his breath because we see lots of bubbles and he shakes it out. :)Every time I get on the computer (even now) he likes to lay his head on my hands as I type.  He also LOVES kisses. 🙂

Our family has grown...

benny and kateHe has recently gotten a sister and we are still working on introducing. His new sister is a Springer Spaniel named Kate.

I will you a deal. If you don't believe these stories about me, I will overlook your faults too. "Woof"

I will you a deal. If you don’t believe these stories about me, I will overlook your faults too. “Woof”

bentley 4

Breeder’s Comments: Many experts say you should not let the Weimaraner win at tug-o-war, because it gives them the impression they are the Alpha Dog.

Swimming and water-work takes a knack to achieve in most instances. With a little patience, a lot can be achieved. Some take to the water quicker than others. It should be noted that while some Weims dive, the vast majority never get their head under the water. They carry their body far above the water to retrieve. This is a video of Diva during a practice duck search shows how she swims easily through the water and searches. Unfortunately, when the camera was running she didn’t find the duck. The next trip out, she netted the duck too!