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Lulu and Lyla

~on our heels at all times

Lulu & Lyla are are on our heels at all times ( just like our last two Weimaraners)!  If we shower we had better make sure the rugs are down, if not we better lay down our clothes so they can keep an eye on us while we shower!  This surely must be a sign that we are good dog parents as they cannot get enough of us!  Wish our twin almost 14 year old girls felt the same!

Thank you for these faithful, loving and furry kids!
Jeff, Heidi, Emma & Ella

Breeder Comment

For those who like their personal space or privacy, we say keep on traveling toward a different breed. The Velcro Weimar is all about being in your space–touching you, having your things. Oh yeah! You Weimlovers know what we are talking about–don’t even think about the Weimaraner.

This Week at OwyheeStar


1AThe month of May–it brings so many things our direction; as spring envelopes us while we dream of summer adventures. This might include a vacation, or simply what we can harvest from the garden–big red tomatoes. (Yum) We will not be growing a garden this year. Deven’s folks have a giant one in the works, and we may be able to get weekly produce from them. If we cannot work out something, then there are a couple of places nearby that offer reasonable, and organic buys.

This Week on the Blog….

We are once again thankful for the updates that make this possible! Some of you have gone out of your way to make sure we have an excellent blog featuring your OwyheeStar. Of course, no one could top Jean, and Nancy. Pictured above you see their two girls, who are closely related, but as different as day and night. Regardless, the gals are able to enjoy the challenge, and the journey together. Their stories, and efforts warm our heart in ways we are sure you understand. If you missed the post, it was published on May 5, and you can grab the link below.

Sunday May 3— Arai

Monday May 4— Princess Winnie

Tuesday May 5 – Hazy Skye Daze

Wednesday May 6 — At the Oregon Coast with Zurie

Thursday  May 7 —Laps for Maizie

Friday  May 8— Luna’s Counsins

On a very personal note……

Cliff and I have continued with our major undertaking–the remodel, and relocation of us (and the OwyheeStar Weims). If you don’t know, we are moving into the old farmhouse. It is modest, and this includes size-wise too. It will be a good decision when it is done, but for now, we are pressed to get it ready for us to make the move before summer’s end. For those who follow us on Facebook, I created a page titled ‘Moving Cliff and Shela‘ — not many folks have discovered it yet. I have not invited people to the page. Seriously, I am just trying out the post to see if it something we want to do.

Poor Cliff has not been well this week. It is enough dealing with all my doctor appointments, and follow-up treatments that keep me going. Nonetheless, he is working hard, but you know how it feels to be on the edge of not being able to go anymore. He has been there for the last few days. I made a big kettle of chicken-corn-chowder. I knew he didn’t feel much like eating, but that seemed to help. There is one bowl left for lunch today. Yesterday, I went to lunch, and I left Cliff and Deven the soup warming on the stove, plus sandwich material. Cliff ate a bowl of soup. Deven ate two large bowls, and a turkey sandwich. He must have liked the soup. Seriously, there is nothing like homemade soup–if you are eating soup. I try not to use the stuff in cans whenever possible. No, I don’t follow a recipe. People will always ask me for the recipes, and I shrug. I usually work with the ingredients I have to make whatever we get. I am glad Cliff likes my homemade soups.

As for my health, it seems to be a bit better. I am very much struggling with the Lymphedema; however, it is not getting worse. I have six physical therapy visits over the next six weeks. We spread them out, because insurance companies don’t like to let you have them, for some reason. Physical therapy is costly–I do what I can on my own too. In addition, I have a couple of massage, and acupuncture appointments to help curb the problems. I have to wear a compression sleeve everyday, and limit how much I use that arm, letting the swelling get out of control would not be smart. I do what I must, and even things I am not asked to do. I have adjusted my diet, and tried various approaches to controlling toxins. Everyone has them, but in my case, my body doesn’t have the system to pump them out in certain regions. Some of you probably know what I mean.

As Always…

Thank you for your love and support. Keep the puppy updates coming–photos are nice, but it really helps to have at least two or three sentences to go with a photo. Updates without photos are tough; we live in a visual world. Who wasn’t warmed by the photo of the two blue girls laying side-by-side? A picture speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

Angelic for the moment

Dreaming of their next escapade

Skye and Hazey

Skye and Hazey

Refueling for tomorrow…

Envision, if you will, a fuel pump. These guys are tanking up. Yes, they need the right food, water, and plenty of fresh air. However, sleep is equally important. Sometimes it is alarming how they can be going so fast, and suddenly flop down and go into a deep sleep.1383728_10202102236338969_1307478032_n[1]

Coconspirators of a special kind…

It is time to dream up the next antic. (I wonder if the ears are a bit like antennas.) It is time to make sure you have all the energy you might need for any future go-around. In the case of Hazey  (the younger of the two blue females), and Skye their alliance is formed, and forged in the image of the one their mother’s share. Nancy and Jean are friends and business partners (check out their business if you are interested by clicking here).

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The OwyheeStar blog content…

306674_4840208887531_375238369_nThe OwyheeStar News Blog has many aspects.

We hope to incorporate all these categories into your daily read and possibly more– education, information, entertainment, and news of other OwyheeStar Weims. Photos are important. Quality is valued; photo content (and context) speaks to the heart. Above Indy and Ilsa take the motor home out for a spin. We think that qualifies as inspiration, as well as entertainment.

Snow-much fun….

528474_10200286702234638_1183330086_n538635_10200286703074659_621596887_n533750_10200131254594707_667385851_nAbove Ilsa and Indy have been captured playing in the snow. What grand photos, the photos speak for themselves.

Life is sometimes a beach…

560377_4680176766828_1577801153_nThere are beaches and family fun of all kinds.

Comfort is a must…2977_4776369491586_815950761_n46567_4776361931397_539219763_nB Indi and Ilsa 2 Blue

Finally, comfort is as important as being an integral part of the family.

Blog Contributors……

Indy and Ilsa are not new to our blog. They are frequent contributors. We truly appreciate the photos, and their constant entertainment (and the blog-material coming from their antics). Weims tend to take on the personality of their humans don’t you think? So what does this say about the humans in this household?  We will not comment on that further. We so appreciate the photos, the news, and anything you send our direction. Your updates keep the blog going.

PS: We have written permission to use these photos. All rights are reserved unless you have written permission. Please do not borrow photos without getting permission. This leads to good news. Indy and Ilsa will be featured in the OwyheeStar Store where you can purchase their antics on household items, etc.  Thanks for your consideration. The store is a work in progress. 🙂