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Hi Shela & Cliff,

I trust all is well at your end. I am attaching two pictures of trigger at three months of age. My family and friends love him. He has a very friendly personality. Very playful yet very obedient for his age. Thanks for giving us such a lovely dog. Regards, Waqar

Breeder’s Note: We are thrilled that Trigger is doing well, and is much-loved. It is news of the best kind!

Pups grow so quickly; within a very short time, they are adult-looking. Sometimes people forget they are still a puppy. Very soon Trigger will fall into this category–(Adult-Looking Puppy). We feel it is challenging to remember what is appropriate, and should be expected for a puppy this age. By the time they are four months, we hope they can attend a class to (further) expand their education, and on-going socialization. Of course, for those folks close enough to drive to Jan’s class it is ideal. Ruby (an OwyheeStar Weimaraner) is currently enrolled in Jan’s class. It is always fun for Jan to have the Weimaraner in her class. She has owned, trained, showed, and loved the Weimaraner for thirty-five plus years. She is a personal friend, and lives with an OwyheeStar Weimaraner named Willow.