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~Making her way into our heart and home

Shadow makes room for Skye

Skye is doing great.  Shadow and Skye bonded immediately.   It is amazing how much easier a puppy is when they have another dog to learn from and be a companion.   Robert loves her.  They (Shadow and Skye) started to sleep together the first night by their choice.  Fun to see.  

She will see the vet on Wednesday.  I go to the Dog and Cat Wellness Center in Weiser.  

Breeder Comment

We are thrilled to hear that Robert was delighted–even more thrilled to hear that Shadow and Skye were quick to bond. This doesn’t always happen–it is extraordinary. I assure you that several who read our blog are envious.

2017 24th Saturday Recap

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon


On Tuesday about a mile and a quarter from our farmhouse, we encountered this biker. It was unclear as we approached what kind of phenomena was ahead. I had Christina snap a couple of quick snapshots. We are not sure exactly what this was about; however, we are getting close to America’s 4th of July (Independence Celebration).

IMG_5973The alfalfa was cut a bit ago–the second, 2017 cutting. Yesterday it was raked. Today we see the big rectangle bales in the field. Soon they will be stacked at the end of the field, near the Union Pacific Railroad train tracks. We love every stage of the process.

The wheat fields are headed out in their glory and starting turn toward the golden harvest color. The corn is growing fast with this summer heat. Other crops that have been behind due to the tragically harsh winter are coming along well. It looks like summer in the Treasure Valley everywhere we look–as it should because we celebrated the Summer Solstice on Wednesday. It appears summer is going to bring the scorching heat.

Dusty Endorses Chewy and Suggests This Healthier Snack <== Dusty Speaks!

This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts if you wish you may review or visit them today!  I welcome updates from any of our OwyheeStar clients. Thank you–especially those folks that dropped us a little something. (Whew, (again) it really helped!) It was so great to get these unique updates and to be able to share them. We know everyone agrees.

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Friday  — June 23 — Elio (information on the Weimaraner Vaccine Protocol)


On a very personal note

Front Entry Flowers_5885We have one outdoor floor pot blooming at our front door. Front Entry Flowers_5887The zinnias are about to burst into bloom. I cannot remember what color they were or even the variety. It will be a surprise. Thus far, despite the heat, the pansies have continued to thrive.

Cliff has been busy marking things off his ‘to do list, ‘ and it makes him smile. The front puppy yard was a sight. Those three (Bubbles X Tugman) girls we kept for the future did a number on that yard. Every litter destroys the yard with their little puppy feet. It is shocking to see how tough they are on those yards, but it is what it is. The three girls used the yard longer and added some special effects–the kind we like to avoid (holes). So, Cliff leveled and filled, and he is ready to plant some grass seed. We don’t need the yard anytime soon; therefore, we will plant rather than using sod.

2017 15th Saturday Recap

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

 ~ April Showers and Whatnot

IMG_5544The week included plenty of those showers and a dose of sunshine here and there. It was what we would expect. Cliff has been busy training the Weims for the upcoming North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA) Natural Ability Test. The date (first weekend of May) is fast approaching. There is never enough time to prepare–at least where he has so many other things calling him. He trimmed around the pond and filled it for the first time a few days ago. Since then it has been busy.


We have some new residents too! You might spot them above the pond. The two Mallards took flight as they heard me approach. It looks like they have claimed ownership, but defer to the Weims and us when they must.

We are very fortunate to have two local hunt clubs which both offer the opportunity to hunt test our Weimaraners. Recently, the schedule at OwyheeStar has kept Cliff from doing as much as he would like. Anyhow, he is a member of both the Versatile Hunting Dog Federation (VHDF) as well the International NAVHDA and the Treasure Valley NAVHDA Chapters.

Once a year there is a local AKC event where Cliff can take the Weimaraners to earn the traditional Hunt Titles. Check out the above links to learn more about these organizations.

This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts if you wish you may review or visit them today!  I welcome updates from any of our OwyheeStar clients. Thank you!

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Monday — April 17 — How We Spent Easter (Emma and Alice)

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Wednesday — April 19 — Growing (Dharma)

Thursday  — April 20 — Goldee (Celebrates her Birthday)

Friday  — April 21 — Henry (At One– age-appropriate exercise)

On a very personal note


Cliff has found himself pulled toward the farm’s needs. Spring uncovers the necessary. Unfortunately, there is not enough time and energy to get everything done. IMG_5547The gopher population is expanding, and he had caught a few–there is all too many. In between everything, he managed to cut tile and drop it in place. Soon he will get it installed. We needed to complete it a section at a time. This process means something that might have been a weekend project stays with us for a month or longer. It takes us as long as it takes.

There are cabinets to revamp, wall tile on the north wall and around the entry as well as the north section of the floor to complete. He also has the utility backsplash tile cut and set around the sink. Little by little it is taking shape.

My health is slowly improving. I am happy that there is an improvement. Call me silly, but the acupuncture seems to be helping more than anything else–beyond time. I am taking up a few of my old duties to alleviate Cliff’s workload. It is a smallish effort. I am sure he appreciates anything as long as it is not counterproductive.








2017 14th Saturday Recap

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

     ~ Sleet, Snow, and Whatnot

Frost_5517The fickle spring weather continues. Mr. Winter insists on imposing his will. Yesterday, in the Treasure Valley as well as the Pacific Northwest, the winter-like weather made an appearance. We didn’t get the snow at OwyheeStar. Not far from here it made an appearance, and the moans of many could be heard. The frost was considerable earlier too!

Hay_5520The alfalfa looks good. Before long we will be irrigating and filling the pond for a puppy swim. Spring is such a fun time. Cliff also uses our pond to train for his hunt tests. He is preparing for one coming up the first weekend of May. Our homing pigeons flew the coop this winter. It has been a strange winter, and there is an outright pigeon shortage among those who use them for dog training. Rose (who lives at Emmett) parted with a few to help us get another start. Cliff brought them home this week. They are young, but we still have them locked in. They have to identify with their new location being their home, or they would try to fly back to Emmett. The beautiful thing about the homers is you can use them for training, and then they fly back to the nest.

This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts if you wish you may review or visit them today!  I welcome updates from any of our OwyheeStar clients. Thank you!

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Wednesday — April 12 — National Pet Day (late)

Thursday  — April 13 — Litter Socialization

Friday  — April 14 — Pup Cakes Anyone?

On a very personal note

Evie Galoushes9086Cliff and I want to wish everyone all the best for Easter. We are more traditional in our approach to the holiday–thinking of it as Resurrection Sunday. Yes, we are aware of the history behind the Goddess of Easter. No, we are not against Easter Egg hunts and baskets. How you celebrate is a personal matter. This year, we bought the two great-granddaughters galoshes. Evangeline Grace (Evie) got the Princess Rain Boots. She has been stomping in every mud puddle she can find. River has the traditional yellow type, but they look perfect on her.
Cliff continues to work on the utility bath. He is doing the floor in sections. Who can say if another will be completed today, or not?!? It is coming together.

I am doing better healthwise. That being said, I still cough way too much, and there is a lot of phlegm. Every day is a bit better. The recovery speed is not fast enough to my liking. I am looking for the miracle where “poof” it is gone instantly. If that comes, I pledge to remember how thankful I am for instant relief. If not, I will continue taking it a day at a time. It is hardest on Cliff–there is nothing he can do. He has to watch and listen and suffer along. Anyhow, it is a lot better. I have a way to go. I am hoping for a full recovery soon.



2017 8th Saturday Recap

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

~ We still have snow


The snow headline is identical to last week. To make a point, I took this photo out the front door yesterday afternoon (Friday, February 24, 2017). The accumulated snow is diminishing. Patches of bare ground are finding their way free. It is a beautiful sight (speaking of the snow-crusted field), but I think we (in far Eastern Oregon) are beyond ready for spring’s arrival.

The Onion Industry–buildings down, equipment ruined, and onions lost. Everywhere we drive we spot new damage or removed buildings. Some lost structures were tucked in behind other buildings; therefore we had not seen them before. A lot of buildings are gone. Many will never be replaced because the farmer was doing what farmers often do. They use what they have. For many, it will not be economically feasible to rebuild. Onions are a big dollar crop–farmers are made and sometimes go bankrupt growing this staple. The Treasure Valley is fertile, and there is a variety of crops. Too many to mention but including–sugar beets, corn, hay, asparagus, wheat, potatoes and various seeds. Therefore, the local economy is tied to agriculture. This salt of the earth avocation affects those who don’t grow this vegetable–or anything more than a family garden. It impacts those who don’t eat them too! Even if you do not like onions or your work is not connected to the onion, it affects the community economics. Is the industry dead? Not hardly–read on.

The Baker & Murakami Produce Co, LLLP ushers in a new era after two local packing companies reveal their merger. The combined operation (according to The Packer) will represent an “onion supershed” in the Treasure Valley of Idaho-eastern Oregon. Yes, onions are a big deal here, and you wondered why we live on Onion Avenue. As Paul Harvey used to say, now you know the rest of the story.

This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts if you wish you may review or visit them today!  There is another segment about puppy availability in case you missed it. We have news from Russia and some outstanding updates. 

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On a very personal note


Cliff has the utility sink working. He doesn’t have the backsplash installed yet, but we have used it for puppy baths, and it worked great. He is amazing.

My lungs are slowly improving. I still cough, but not as much. I lost my voice from the constant coughing. My current effort is to be as helpful as possible and yet to work on getting better. I am ever so thankful to have Christina’s help. She has not been feeling well the last couple of weeks; nevertheless, she has been a trooper. How blessed we are to have her help.

Thanks to You

There is no way we could ever thank you enough for your love and support. We are in need of a few stories to get through the December blogging. Several of you have promised; however, we understand how busy you might be–nevertheless if you can send along something we would greatly appreciate it. Without you, this would be impossible.

2017 Saturday One Recap

Hello January

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

img_4310Even if you love the snow, this cold might be a bit much. I got up during the night to find our water line froze. It was 20+ below. Regardless, we had heat everywhere and we left the faucet dripping. (OMG) It was almost 3 AM. Cliff wrestled with the idea of getting up or not. Eventually, he could not sleep and therefore he got up. He bundled up and went to find the problem. It was not serious, but somehow the heater had gotten knocked loose in the pump house. He plugged it in and hoped for the best. He checked everything else (after all, he was up and outside in the middle of the night). We have a couple more of other smaller issues, but they were not serious enough to be concerned. By 7 AM the water issue had cleared. (Hurrah)

This will be a tough week to keep up on things. Cliff is making a propane run this morning. We own a generator and various other propane heaters. In the event of a power outage, we want to be well prepared. The accumulation of snow doesn’t look great; however, the amount under the farmhouse eaves is adding up. Flatlanders of the Treasure Valley do not expect this kind of accumulation. The weather folks are calling this the Storm of the Century–other conditions make is very precarious.

Meanwhile in Southern California

~ Sherlock was chilling in his preparation for the weekend. 


This Week on the Blog

Here are the week’s posts if you wish you may review or visit them today!  The first week in January was good on the blog if not so welcoming otherwise.

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Thursday  —January 5 — Remember When? — Mystic and Sage

Friday  — January 6  — And Then There Way — Ringo

On a very personal note

Cliff’s battle against the bitter cold weather has escalated. You read what happened last night. Regardless, we count our blessings. There are other folks who have it a lot worse.

I returned to the clinic yesterday. The battle against this bronchitis has been ongoing. It began before Thanksgiving. It is exhausting if nothing else. I am doing another round of antibiotics. I would prefer to skip them, but it doesn’t seem possible.

Our work on the farmhouse is at a standstill. We can do little else but battle the weather and take care of our business. If we are silent know that you are in our thoughts. Anything can happen during the big melt and ice storm they are predicting. We are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.

Thanks to You

There is no way we could ever thank you enough for your love and support. We are in need of a few stories to get through the December blogging. Several of you have promised; however, we understand how busy you might be–nevertheless if you can send along something we would greatly appreciate it.

Sunday, Day of Rest?

Big Job Here1928263_1037794071816_1208724_n

Raider and LeightonSome of us cannot afford to take time off. We must keep on keeping on as the saying goes. I have faces to lick–the grandkids are the primary targets. I have Mom to entertain with my antics. I save amazement for select moments when it will have a spectacular impact. You know what I mean, “Woof.”

Did you miss that last slice of pizza? I think I did us both a favor–your slender physic gets unexpected help from me. Yes, I ate the sock too! I tasted almost as good as the pizza. In my defense, it had a hole before I started chewing. By eating the whole of it, I helped keep the mess cleaned up. Yes, I do remember you thought something was wrong when it came all the way through. I tried to digest it, but my tummy didn’t like it. I hear you are fortunate because it passed rather than sticking.

I think I do my part around here. When you miss something on the boob tube, I keep watch just in case it is something interesting. I don’t know how to express it so you would know what I saw, though.


Featured Weimaraner — Gob

Kari's Gob 2013

Gob at 7….still a pup in so many ways!

Well I thought I would give you a little write up. Gob will be 7 this summer and it still feels like he is a pup! His mannerisms haven’t seemed to change, he still has his moments that I like to think of as “blonde moments”!

Gob in Agility

Last year we started taking agility classes in Eagle, ID, just to play around and get him out of the house. (Click here to see two videos and to read more about Gob’s agility success.) Gob took to it so fast! We are learning a whole lot and our dynamic has never been stronger. I love that he is more prone to ask me for direction rather than just do what he wants ( there are still those times though too). We will probably be competing in July over in Caldwell just to see what happens. Our trainer is amazed at how “old” Gob is and how quick he is learning and moves. I have had to take notes from a top level border collie trainer to figure out how to stay ahead!

Note: Kari and Gob agility train (with Mary Hunter) at Dogs A’ Flying in Eagle. For more information, call Mary @ 208-938-2300.

Kari's Gob 2013 Cut on ChestGob is a trooper

Just recently Gob got cut on some barbwire when we were hiking. He didn’t yelp or slow down one bit! He had to be stapled up (I love Snake River Vet), he kept a great attitude the whole time he was to be quite.

Gob and Kurt --March 2013. Kurt has gained ten pounds, and stands three inches taller than God in the last two months.

Gob and Kurt –March 2013. Kurt has gained ten pounds, and stands three inches taller than God in the last two months.

Kurt the Doberman Brother

This winter Gob got a “little doberman brother”, Kurt. However Kurt is now much bigger than Gob, but is really great at taking chain of command. Gob is super patient and has really shown Kurt the ropes.

Gob — All around good-guy

Again, I can’t say how much I appreciate this dog! He is a great pace setter for my running, guard dog, nanny and all around good guy. Weimar are a special treat to anyone who gets one and I can’t imagine not having my big beautiful blue boy.

Gob and Kurt share a rare moment of snuggling together.

Gob and Kurt share a rare moment of snuggling together.