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Stone Relocated

17 hour drive with Two Weims in the car and 100 degree weather. Not fun. 
But, we made it! Stone cannot complain about his daily beach romps! He’s taken to the sea and sand like a champ! Nights he finds little nooks and crannies to burrow into – like the couch! 
Hope you are all safe and healthy.

Breeder Comment

Thanks, Victoria, for updating us on how things went. We know you must be insanely busy with the recent move.

I’m A Traveling Weim , yes I am

~ Frank is in Victor, Idaho

We’ve been to 19 states this trip (all social distanced from our RV!) “Woof”

I am doing so well! We decided to take a month long RV trip and we’ve been hiking and loving the outdoors. That’s me in victor, Idaho after we did some off leash creek stomping 🙂 

Here I am in Yellowstone enjoying our campfire and then on a walk with my BF Penny while we were in the Badlands. There is always a lot of fresh air and we play hard where ever we stop–then we crash in the RV.

Breeder Comment

Hello Frank! We are delighted that you and your family are having fun this summer. It is good that you are such a good boy for them. Thanks for the report.

Remy Blue

~ Our Snuggle Bug Rides

Here are some photos of Remy Blue in the car. She enjoys sitting in the car regardless of whether or not it is moving. 

It seems we are in a season of challenges; there are so many of our friends and family who are going through difficult times. We’re keeping both you and Cliff in our prayers. Please give Cliff a big hug from us. Remy Blue especially would be there to snuggle close to him.

Blessings to you and your family,

Breeder Comment

We are overwhelmed in a good way –by the generosity, love, care, and your response in our time of need. We are delighted to know that Remy is thriving and an integral part of your life. Thank you for this update. We are sure everyone will enjoy seeing Remy. Might we suggest you click here to read the last blog featuring Remy Blue?!?

Maize in Canada

11137185_446390652212531_3757737677504638216_nIs She a Show-Stopper or What?

Thank you for sharing this lovely account of her travels with us our followers. ~ Shela & Cliff