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Hello Shela & Cliff, sorry it’s been so long since the last update. Our sweet Reznor is a little over 2 years now & is a healthy happy big goofy boy. We are so happy you brought him into our lives. He has been through 2 road trips down to California to visit with his extended family & does great on the road. His favorite thing to do is go to Marymoor Park which is a Disneyland for Dogs. He loves to be there to swim, play catch, run around ask humans for treats & pretty much ignore all the other dogs;)

Our Weimar Calendar

We decided to make a Reznor calendar this year as we got tired of not enough Weimaraners on other dog calendars & certainly not enough Blue Weims!

So now we get to enjoy his face every day/week/month of the year😍
We hope you guys are doing well & I’ll try not to wait so long until the next update. Thanks, Anthony, Michelle & Rez

Breeder Comment

We are delighted to learn Reznor is doing well. The calendar is awesome. I always dream of making an OwyheeStar Calendar. Maybe one day. Getting enough current (and excellent photos) of the Weims we want to feature. We don’t always have the opportunity to carve out time. We tend to focus on what is at hand. The necessity of the moment dictates what we do. Ah, too often the fun project eludes our grasp. (ha!) It is so lovely to see this project. Thank you, again, for sharing your love and devotion–and the calendar. We are positive others will enjoy it and follow your example.


In Ireland

Winston is doing really well, he’s working on his Irish citizenship! My husband and I moved to Ireland about 1.5 years ago and, of course, Mr. Winston made the trip too. He loves it here – lots of big parks to play in and he comes to work with me on Fridays and I WFH 3 days a week.  We’re in Ireland for the next few years so we’re glad that he’s in such ideal conditions – getting to be with his owner(s) 5-6 days a week!
Unknown-1The actual move was stressful and expensive – $3000 to fly him here in an XXL crate. Weims might not weigh that much, but those darn legs really shoot up the crate requirement!
Winston is 8 now and slowing down a little bit – I think he’s at “normal” dog levels now.  We’re contemplating another puppy next year which I’m sure he’ll hate.  8 years of being the sole center of attention is his preferred way of life.
Anyhow, just wanted to shoot you a quick email to let you know Winston is happy, healthy and a little farther away than the PNW these days!  I’ve enclosed a few photos of him being a Weim – first to volunteer to clear up any spilled food.Unknown-2

Breeder Comment

Thank you, Rebecca, for remembering us. Cliff and I remember well when you came to get him. You and your sister in our front yard. I knew you would do well with him. There have been life changes–quite a few. Nonetheless, you have been faithful to keep the promise. We appreciate your commitment and dedication to Winston.

OwyheeStar Global

Well, he is not the first OwyheeStar to move from the Pacific NW overseas. Jorga just moved back from Belgium, and Dakota returned home to the Seattle area after being in Paris for several years. Another Weim (Tiga) returned home from Italy, but I believe he and his new sister are both in Europe again—the father is a Colonel in the military overseeing operations. The new pups it named Lotte. So, I am sure the military pays for all this to happen. A long time ago we had a client who lived in the Seattle area marry a man who was from NZ and they relocated on the South Island. Recently, Atticus and his Mama did the same – she is the Veterinary health director on the South Island. There is the infamous first Blue (Gabriel) we allowed to go to Russia–possibly more headed that direction in the future. We are still trying to work out the details for this transfer. So, I am sure I have missed some of the International Weims, but these stand out to me. Now we have Winston in Ireland. Oh and lest we forget the two Blues to the UK, click here.


I Travel

It depends on where we are going. I sometimes travel wearing the safety harness because Mom says I cannot be unsafe in the car. Other times I am allowed to use the counsel for my pillow. It is then I can look up and send laser beams to give my Mama the signal for what we should do next. I like the Puppucino and a vanilla cone. It is amazing how she speeds right by the ice cream joint and the coffee place.

Are You Traveling

A lot of you are probably doing something fun today. Maybe it is a family reunion. Or the traditional BBQ with friends and family. Others have gone to the mountains, the beach, or a local event. Whatever you do, be safe. Oh, and have some watermelon along with your ice cream.


Happy Labor Day Weimlovers!

Devo – the featured OwyheeStar

Devo, who is now 4!! continues to be my baby.  He has such a wonderful disposition that everyone falls in love with him when they meet him (even non-dog people comment on him in a positive way).  

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Of course, the fact that he is ultra-handsome doesn’t hurt!  Most of the time, we probably don’t wear him out enough, even though we take him on frequent runs and let him swim in the Boise river during the summer.

But we were on a camping vacation in Eastern Washington this summer, and had him so tired by the end of the day, from hiking and swimming, that he would stand by the tent when we got back to our site, and ask to go to bed 🙂

During the school year, he always helps to take the kids to school by sleeping on Montana’s lap in the morning.  And I usually take him with me on errands, as long as it is not too hot.  I’ve even taken him with me to play poker, and his favorite spot is laying under the poker table, at my feet.

If we leave him at home, he gets miffed, and looks for mischief in the kitchen. Croissants are his favorite, and he has been known to break into the pantry and devour a whole box of Costco croissants.  In fact, he is very much a carb-hound, and will demolish any bread that we unwittingly leave out on the counter – but only when we are not around.

He sleeps with Montana in his loft bed!  We have ottomans placed on the floor, which he jumps on, and then he places his front paws up on the bed, and we lift his hind legs up so he can get onto the bed.  He is able to jump down by himself, and sometimes even jumps up without help.  It is too cute….

Because of his gentle demeanor, he became good friends with our rabbit (who has now been relocated to another home), and is often nuzzled by our three cats too.  His best friend, Zelda, a Welsh Terrier, totally dominates him.

However, if you are a stick, a tennis ball, or a frisbee, your chances of survival are more slim.  He actually thinks he’s an Australian Shepherd when he goes after frisbees, leaping, turning and twisting his almost ninety pounds into the air with much aplomb.

His favorite game is keep-away.  He will always fetch, but never give up his prize without a fight 😉

And finally, he has the odd habit of chasing light reflections.  He will sit by the glass door for hours, hoping someone will open it so he can catch the light cast by the glass onto an adjacent wall…

I am sending you some photos as well, to let you know how he has developed.  All in all, I can’t imagine life without him!