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Bob and Whisky

~Preparing for Competition

Whisky has been in training now for 6 months and is becoming a great bird dog. He loves it. The trainer feels he would do great in Hunt Test competition, so we will start training for that.

At the age of 6 months, Whisky started retriever and obedience training at Coyote Creek Oregon Gun Dog Training in Eugene. He started at the age of 6 months and has been doing very well. We visit him at least twice a week to work with him and train ourselves. The trainer is very impressed with his abilities and drive and is confident that Whisky will excel in the field and in competition. 

Breeder Comment

We are glad you are doing well with Whiskey and that your trainer feels he has good hunt trial potential. We look forward to hearing about the experience.

This Week’s OwyheeStar News

Greetings from far Eastern Oregon…


Corn, Sign, and Spent Yucca Blossoms_4135

Another week passed in a blur of activity. It left us wondering what we had accomplished (or had to show for it) Great laid plans sometimes fail. Life comes along and bumps at-will in varied time-slots with little respect for our agenda. We are thankful that another cutting of hay made it to the stack. The first two cuttings are gone, but not before the hay field agility took place. Cliff had Stackhouse, Bonnie Blue, Bernie, and Cleo flying over the mown hay. He had his cheap (water proof, dirt proof, and drop proof camera in his pocket), and he captured some video clips. They are not so great, but here a short youtube video you might enjoy. 

Training happens

FB_I found the birdsCliff continues to train. Bonnie Blue who arrived for hunt training a couple of weeks ago, is making dramatic progress. She had been instructed to leave birds alone (because mama has chickens), but she is now infatuated with birds, and will be learning chickens are off-limits, but other birds are fair game.

Retrieving the homer for Cliff.

Retrieving the homer for Cliff.

Bonnie spends her weekdays with Cliff, and returns home for the weekends, as well as any vacation. She recently went rafting.

She is pointing, and retrieving the homing pigeons. She is soft-mouthed. They fly off to train another day. They will also be working with other game birds too. Bonnie is not quite a year-old. Yes, it is important to keep the love of the retrieve, and instill birdiness, the right trainer who understands this breed can turn things around later. Bonnie is proof positive that this is possible. She is not as big-running in the field as her sister Bernie. Nevertheless, comparisons should not be made. Bernie is a big-running Weimaraner, and has a ton of hunt potential. She was given the opportunity to develop her abilities a bit earlier, but Bonnie Blue is catching up. If you take home a hunting Weimaraner, it is smart to keep them retrieving and to get them exposed to birds early. This makes your experience, and training go smoother. Cliff cannot be there (on site) for everyone of you. 🙂

This week…….

          we had a mix of blog topics!

We started with Lucy, who has two speeds (full speed ahead, and off). Lucy is seven years old, and she enjoys her Sunday nap on the sofa. That sounds good to me. 🙂 Thunder went to work with Mom; Cooper finally got to join his family, and there was more news on Jagger. We had the interesting post about Zelda, a longhair living right here in the Treasure Valley. Her resident feather family member and her seem to be getting along really well, but there is a cute story about them, and it was a bit of a wake-up call for Zelda’s Mom. 🙂 Finally, we had a topical post on the importance of getting respect from the Weimaraner. We hope some of you found nuggets of truth, and benefited from the post. It is something that we feel very strongly about. It is an area that we see related to almost every failure, and major struggle.

Here are the links for this week’s posts….

Looking Ahead

We have some blogs started, and waiting to receive attention. They are mostly the time-consuming writes on a topic we want to address in the near future We have a few current updates from which we can snag a photo (and comments from) in order to complete a post or two. We know we will be hearing from a few more persons this week. Every week, we get a pleasant surprise or two. We try to share as many of these as possible.  

Puppies continue to grow and change

1B_Zula Blue X Blue 2Wks (14)Zula Blue is busy with her pups 24 X 7. Before long that will begin to change a little. People imagine them being far more mobile than they are at this point in time Right now, they and their mother (Zula Blue) are in a small space. We try to keep things somewhat controlled and quiet. That way, Zula Doesn’t jump to attention and accidentally step on her baby. This week the babies will see the lawn for the first time. This is so important. Some people feel the pups should be raised inside, but they have to experience the great outdoors. We want them loving the yard, and enjoying being out. This makes a huge amount of difference to the housebreaking success. It makes for a better balance puppy experience. Isn’t that what we all want?
Their eyes are open, but when we did the two-week photo shoot they were only partially open. The ears open next. Every day there are changes. They look more puppy-like, or what we feel a puppy should look like by the time they reach the five-week mark. They start to grow into their faces, and they run around on all fours.
Thank you again for liking OwyheeStar, and for keeping us updated. We look forwarding to sharing news during the coming week.

Many blessings and warm wishes from Shela and Cliff–(and the OwyheeStar Weimars too!)

~Thank you for being a part of our lives!