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~Titer Test @ 16 Weeks

Lounging at the Idaho Veterinary Hospital

Dear Weimlovers!

You might remember that Dr. John Calhoun’s Idaho Veterinary Hospital (IVH) agreed to start offering the VacciCheck Titer Testing. OwyheeStar’s Henri was the first to be tested using this system–and the fabulous Rebecca A Balls (Certified Veterinary Technician) handled all the laboratory details. We cannot thank IVH and their competent staff for their professionalism and making this possible.

The results are returned a little different than with the traditional titer test–but by all reports it is reliable. Henri’s results showed her having protective antibodies sufficient enough to provide immunity to

CDV — Canine Distemper Virus

ICH — Infectious Canine Hepatitis–Adenovirus

CPV — Canine Parvo Virus

This less expensive titer test is relatively new so most Veterinary practices may not yet offer this option. Please click here to read about the titer test, and ask your Vet if they can make this available to you–it is affordable, accurate, and helps you avoid vaccine reactions that are common in our breed.

Layna’s Vaccine Reaction

Hi Cliff and Shela,DSC_0007 (640x427)

Here is a photo of Lanya’s vaccination reaction from her 12 weeks shot. You can see the bump it made on the back of her neck at the injection site.  It took a week for the reaction to appear and about 2 weeks for it to go back to normal. The bump was her only reaction that we noticed. I was pretty nervous for her 16 week tither test but we had very good news, her tests came back that she was protected so we could skip the shot.  We delayed both the 12 week shot and the 16 test by a few weeks to be extra cautious.  It all worked out and we are very thankful we had these suggested vaccination protocols from you guys. Thanks again!

Breeder’s Comment: A small percentage of Weimaraners develop a severe (or life-threatening) reaction to certain vaccines. A serious reaction, is most often associated with post 16-week vaccinations; therefore, we recommend a holistic approach to vaccine. Avoid puppy shots containing Lepto, we recomend you not combine vaccines, and in lieu of a sixteen-week shot we advise you invest in the titre test. We subscribe to the philosophy that it is better to be safe than sorry.

Layna’s reaction happened at the twelve-shot–it was the right shot, and it did not contain Lepto. We are glad her titre test came back showing she had adequate immunity.Here are some other photos of the lovely Layna.

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