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Zeus at the Nursing Home

Zeus Earned His  Canine Good Citizen

Zeus Earned His Canine Good Citizen

October 13, 2014 — Zeus was a very good boy at the nursing home today. It was his first visit there and he met lots of nice people! Some people enjoyed petting him and commented on how nice his fur felt and some people just enjoyed looking at him! A lot of people wanted to know what kind of dog he was because they had never seen or heard of a Weimaraner before. All in all he had a great time! Hopefully he will be a little calmer the next time we go… everything was all new to him and very exciting! I’d really like to take him to a children’s hospital someday. He just adores children and I know they would like him because he is so full of energy! He was so tired when he was done… it was quite an adventure for him!

Note: We will be posting an update in the next few days. He is a versatile guy–hunting, running, and visiting the nursing home. Go Zeus!