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Wellie and Quinn

“Quinn, do you see my ball anywhere?”

“Quinn, do you see my ball anywhere?”

Carrie Reports: This is Wellie (and our little girl Quinn) from February when we got the snow. He really looks like he’s protecting her, but I think he was waiting for someone to throw his ball. 🙂

Wellie has not been hunting recently.  He recently ripped off a toenail jumping out of the truck in our driveway, and has been out of commission as it heals. Of course, he and Tyler have brought home many birds over the last few years. Wellie is versatile–he hunts upland game, and waterfowl. He also is an integral part of our family.

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 Breeder’s Note: Carrie and Tyler wanted their Weim’s tail undocked. They like the way it looks; and the fact the docking was not necessary. The American breed standard calls for the docked tail; in some countries, it is illegal to dock tails. OwyheeStar docks tails as per the breed standard. There are a couple of exceptions: 1. The Longhair is never docked. 2. A person can make arrangements in advance to have their pup’s tail left intact.