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Wild Child

     ~ Newest Trick

Henry’s newest trick. Bring me everything I need to take him on a walk.

First, he brought my hat, then my shoes. He has yet to bring an unmatched pair.


Henry Works His Charm

22751261_10155661950964564_1805265951_oHenry got what he wanted, a hike up Pisgah with his BFF Tule. For extra fun Henry found a wiggly rope (snake) and brought it out to play 😳

And he is a blessing. Most of the time, lol. He loves to chew on wood, he finally has a victim….bamboo coasters. I told Kevin last night that Henry is a wild boy sometimes, but at least he has only ruined our coasters. Lol.

~ Kiley

Breeder Comment

Have we mentioned that we meet the most incredible people in the world? Kiley is amazing with Henry. When she is not orchestrating a family event–like the laundry, an outing, or whatever Henry has planned you might find her saving lives. That’s right — Kiley is a nurse. I am sure she has a more impressive title, but to anyone who ever needed specialized medical care for their self or someone they love, we can agree nurses are incredible.

Thank you, Kiley, for letting us use your video and photos and for sharing your Henry tails. We sincerely appreciate your dedication and your sense of humor.

Working From Home

~Sharing the Keyboard

Hatung's Koda_1346
It’s hard to get any work done with Koda climbing on me and my keyboard!  LOL!  I’m not sure what he wants but he’s determined to get my attention.

As soon as I tell him to get down he heads for my trash can and grabs a piece of paper. He is way to smart!  Sure do love this guy!!!Hatung's Koda_1347

Featured Weimaraner — Parker

Today, OwyheeStar News shares and update from Parker and Terrika. They live and work in western Oregon. Parker joins Terrika at the office–click here to see where Parker goes to work! Read on to capture Terrika’s comments, and Parkers thoughts.

Terrika: I picked Parker up from the groomer, and took her to the office with me. All the other agents love her!

Parker: I got to go to the office and help Mom manage the office. I am the official greeter, and I do it so well too! “Woof”

Terrika: I gave her bribe to encourage her not bark at everyone. She is happy to see them come into, but she still needs to alert everyone when someone arrives.

Parker: I got a treat to be good at the office and not bark. It didn’t work. I got the treat and still managed to bark at every client or title person that came by. It’s my job!

Terrika: Parker wants to be in the drivers seat.

I totally love this dog. Good job picking her out for me Cliff

Parker: I am taking Mom home from the office. The Mercedes does not have as much room as Dads Yukon, but this way it is easy to squish against my Mom. I love my Mom. Thanks Cliff and Shela for getting me a great Mom. Now, the only thing better about going to the office, is we get to go home. The only way this could be better is if I was sitting in Mom’s lap, or driving myself.

Parker: While I am sharing things about my Mom, I need to tell you that even when we go to the cabin, I like to be close to my Mom and Dad. At the cabin, Dad hogs the couch. But I manage to fit in.