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Success Stories abound

IMG_1517We receive countless notes, photos, and Weimar news.

We love it! Yesterday, we had an uncharacteristic blog. It was in the works for a long time. We talked about how you could ruin the Weimaraner puppy.  We are not always sure how folks will receive the speaking of this kind of truths. For the most part, what we received was an endorsement. Most of us can look at ourselves, and laugh at how we have been duped in one way or other by the resident Weimaraner. Does that (or whatever when awry) dissuade us from loving our plight? No, these bonding experiences are the part of the addictive glue for the serious Weimlover.

Each of us is unique. We process information differently; we handle the Weimaraner in our way. Sometimes sugar-coating these truths don’t help us really understand where we can go awry. For this, and other reasons, Our blog has a multifaceted purpose. We want to educate, inform, and update our followers. Mostly, our blog posts contain suggestions on how to succeed; however, understanding how easily we can get in trouble (with the Weimaraner) is important too! No one wants to find their self on the wrong path. Almost without exception, the folks that do get caught in the unthinkable situation, were trying to do what they believed right. More often than not, it began by treating the puppy as if it were a human baby. Oh how difficult it is not to let that happen.

Success Happens!

64151_10200572638061715_1147811218_nYesterday, we spoke about a difficult topic. Today, we want to talk about something a lot more fun. For every Weimaraner surrendered, there are far more successes. Success doesn’t always come easy; however, the best things in life reach deep into our inner-being causing us to become a better person. Any breed could do this to us. Nevertheless, we (Weimlovers) understand all too well that this breed tugs a bit firmer. Each challenge ending with a positive outcome is thrilling. Somehow, the Weimaraner manages to weave their way deep in our lives on every level. Things we said we could not live with, happen; we go on together. We learn to laugh more–sometimes this means  tear-filled-tummy jolting laughter. We enjoy nose-kisses, and nose-art. While others might not appreciate our nose-painted window, we realize what is behind the design. Many of us share our bed; we share our sofa; and all too often we share our snack. (Hopefully, the shared snack is of the best kind–an apple slice, a carrot, or safe (as well as healthy).

964455_10151601574701670_1100169408_o[1]Success might look like Jan and Willow (pictured above left); more often than not, it looks a bit different. Earning Best in Show is a rare occurrence. (Thank you Jan and Willow!) Not every Weim competes or participates in events. Jeanne and Zeus (pictured right) have been active in agility, and they also earned their AKC Canine Good Citizen’s Award. Some OwyheeStar Weims are hunting companions; others are running companions. More than any one thing, the Weimaraner is all about the relationship. The word companion encompasses the heart and soul of being owned by the Weimaraner. Sometimes they take us down the wrong path; on occasion, we forget we are in command (Lol) If the outcome is good, then all is good.

Reno Running Free

The Weimaraner loves to run free.

By nature they are watch dogs, but watching them carelessly glide through the flower speckled wild grass you forget that aspect. Here is Larry’s Reno enjoying some safe off-leash running.

Safe off-leash time can prove beneficial for all concerned.

There is a concern (when going off-leash) that things could go awry. This is especially true when you encounter other folks (or critters); even more so, if they happen to be an unknown commodity. Recently, we learned of a person who was cited, when their Weimaraner behaved liked a Weimaraner. These creatures tend to jump up, live for fun, and are at their best when they are friendly to strangers. (Some Weims are less trusting, and more aloof of those they don’t know.) Some people do not appreciate the Weinmaraner’s demeanor–whether they are super friendly or the more aloof-type. The engaging Weimaraner likes to mouth-people (or put their mouth on people), and this is best avoided. Even when it is done in fun, someone who is not amused could report you (and your dog) to the authorities.

Whenever you go off-leash there are risks.

There is always the risk they will not recall immediately. They might take off and chase a deer, rabbit, or car. Even the best behaved Weimaraner, can forget their manners. In a moment that you wish you had back, a bad thing can happen. We urge you to take care, and not to be too quick to abandon the leash and the crate. They may well prove to be you and your Weimaraner’s best friend. Remember, not everyone is or can become a ‘dog whisperer’. Not everyone you encounter is going to like dogs, or be comfortable with the Weimaraner.

Ultimately it always comes back to the relationship

Much of what the Weimaraner achieves relates directly back to their respect of your leadership role. We are not equal in our ability to get compliance (on or off-leash). We need to know our own limits, and measure the risk. The unexpected is around the corner always. The adventurous, manipulative, cunning creature you are in charge of is depending on your good judgment.