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Lucky in Alaska

Hello Cliff and Shela (and everyone at OwyheeStar!

Wow, time flies! Lucky (Owyheestar’s Lux et Veritas, GretaXStackhouse 2013 #7) is six months old and is the love of my life. She’s a doll who loves everyone- especially if they have dogs she can play with 🙂 She especially likes a couple of bulldog friends we often encounter on the trail- go figure! She loves mud and running full-tilt, and has an unfortunate love for rotting critters. :S I’ve never met a dog that could find a carcass faster than her! But after many baths (tomato juice works well on rotting fish, by the way), she’s back to her cuddle-bug self! She likes to sleep on her back with her belly in the air, preferably smack up against your body, but she’ll make do with on your feet if she can’t get that. She’s getting really good at the long distance recall, thanks to little hotdog bits that I give her when she comes.

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Thanks so much for all of your information about Weimaraners, and for talking me into a longhair. She is gorgeous, and we get so many compliments on our walks it’s ridiculous! She loves puddles and shallow creeks and is beginning to really get into fetching – I think she’s finally coordinated enough.

She and my parent’s humongous border collie, Sweep, get along well, as you’ll see from the photos, although sometimes he gets tired of her puppy antics. One treasure: when he climbs up onto the couch for a nap, she likes to hop up into the space he’s headed for before he can get there. She plops down, looking innocent. She does this with people too, although I think we think it’s much funnier than Sweep does.

I saw the photos of the blue longhair pup you have, and personally, I think blue longhairs are a great idea. I actually was thinking that I might want one sometime, as a companion for my Lucky :). Funny thing– a lot of people who know Weims think that Lucky must be a mix because of her longer hair.  🙂

Thanks again for giving me the tremendous opportunity of having an Owyheestar Weim. ~ Betsy

Featured Weimaraner — Trevi

In Calgary yesterday….

Tired Trevi

Tired Trevi

Breeder’s Note: Joe flew in from Calgary, and carried Trevi (as his carry-on luggage) home in a Sherpa Bag. He made the trip well. His new friend (Jeff’s Oscar–a Blue Weimaraner) has been playing with him, He has played hard, and is now, exhausted.

Jeff’s family has moved in with Joe for the short haul, because they got caught in the flood, and are evacuated. He sent a couple of cute short video clips of Trevi (and Trevi and Oscar). I am going to try to upload those, and share them sometime soon. Our thoughts and prayers for the displaced families in the Calgary area.

And if you happen to live in Calgary or have business with Fidelity Machine (Click Here) you might meet Oscar or Trevi there. I am sure they have secured a position in the company. Or at least they are supervising a few office professionals.