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Featured Weimaraner — Charlie

Charlie  (7 months olds) is the joy of our life. 

Thank you OwyheeStar for finding the right puppy for our family. 

We adore him!image001 (4)

image004 (4)

Charlie at 7 months

He is a natural…

I would be honored if you can use my photos and feature our Charlie on your OwyheeStar Blog.. I would add that he is obsessed with tennis balls and we look forward each day to spending time with him playing fetch. He points and retrieves like a trained sporting dog like its inherit.  ~ Darlene

Breeder’s Note: Like so many of you, we met Darlene after the loss of her beloved Weimaraner–Duke. No, we could not replace Duke, but Charlie is applying healing salve for a very painful event. When we met to show them Charlie, they were somewhat reluctant he was going to work. He was a bit older, and a little larger when he left OwyheeStar. He was going into a family with two active big dogs. In the end, we believe this made the transition a lot easier.