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Happy Birthday Ceniza

Hi Cliff and Shela,

Here is a a quick update on our Ceniza.


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Ceniza turned 2 years old on Friday.

We celebrated with a fun adventure and some yummy treats. We took her to a lake, strapped her life jacket on and she had a blast swimming between our stand up paddleboard and kayak. As soon as she got onto one, she’d turn around and jump back in and swim to the other. Once she tired a bit, she would stand at the helm and take in all the scenery as we floated along. We had a little birthday celebration in the evening complete with peanut butter cake topped with a dog biscuit – she was a very happy girl.

We understand each other…

Overall, she is doing great. We can see the ways in which she is maturing. She understands us, as we do her. Her personality is so fun and spunky. Her athleticism often impresses us and she is an avid adventurer. She has brought us loads of joy and has made us better humans. We want to thank Owyheestar Weimaraners for the wonderful addition she has been.


Hope you all are doing well. Best wishes, ~Meghan