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Blue Sky

Good morning!  Just a little update on our beautiful Blue Sky!  

Today was her 12 week booster shots and she did great.  She weighed in at 18.3 lbs.  On her 9 week visit she was 12.4.  Shes growing leaps and bounds.

Nutz (Bernie x Boone) is taking a bit longer than we were hoping to adjust to her younger sister, but she is.  But she is coming around.  Our grand-dog took to her pretty quickly. She has the same obsession with “balls” as her big sister, but is easily distracted, as most puppies are.

She loves being outside, no matter what time of day, and follows Nutz around. When she get cold or tired she curls up on my lap for a little snuggle time. She is loved by all and everyone thinks she is beautiful … who can deny that?😁

Hope all is well with your family!  
Mark, Robin, Nutz, Sky and Rhea (grand-pup)

Breeder Comment

Sounds like your Grand-pup was excited about having the new upstart, but as expected Nutz was slower to adjust. (Haha) They will be the best of buds–snuggle time works, too.


Bell and Bluebell

Thank’s for the info. We’ll get her paperwork taken care of soon.

Bluebell has had her shot, all is well so far, back on schedule, thank’s again for helping with that, I so needed it. She’s gone out on her own to potty twice today, she’s figured out our doggie screen door (long story but it works), slept all night, in her crate at 8pm and awakening at 7 this morning!

Of course she’s snoozing within sight of Bell and I go early when she does and watch movies, seems to be all working out. This morning both dogs had a lovely moment, Bell’s unwilling to warm quickly as Bluebell likes to jump up and outright bite her, but in less than a week, they already are much closer. Being 14 August 29, Bell is very sweet with all that’s going on and adjusting well.

There’s a first week update…our family is doing well with the new addition of Bluebell #8…Thank’s again for all your hard work. Debbie 

Breeder Comment

Thank you, Debbie, for the beautiful update. So happy that things are going reasonably well–I mean a tiny pup and the aged girl, it is challenging. But you have this managed.

Here she is a few days before she left OwyheeStar. That face says a lot.

It’s Nutz

Robin Says



Nutz says, “You need some love, Mama.”

My baby girl is almost as tall as I am.   She’s growing like a weed,  but she still thinks she’s “little”.  

Here is our young pup (Nutz) along with the Old girl (Jet)

Breeder Comment

Our relationship with Mark and Robin goes back quite a few years. In fact, their parents also have an OwyheeStar Weim from us. We appreciate our loyal folks. Most of you realize we have been doing this long enough that we have a high percentage of repeat families as well as direct referrals.
Mark and Robin want to add a third Weim to the mix. Jet is up in years and doesn’t want to play with the high-energy Nutz. They want to get her a new playmate soon. That will most likely make Jet happy, too. Nutz was featured on the blog a few days ago. Click here to view that post.

Adventures with Tripp

My Friend

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Tripp is an amazing and truly wonderful dog. (LOL) Although I sometimes, (most of the time) I think he thinks he’s a person. I’m sure this is partially my fault. I treat him like he’s a little person. Tripp has been so good for me in many ways. He’s allowed me to learn how to be alone and to still do the things I really enjoy. We’ve enjoyed taking many trips–just the two of us– me and Tripp.

The Oregon Coast

We’ve been to the coast many times–several have been in the last few months. We also went to the Strawberry Mountain Wilderness Area. It seems like you are on top of the world, (lol) Well, maybe not the top of the world, but you find yourself at the top  of a mountain. Travels also include Bolan Mountain and the Steens Mountain.  I can honestly say that without Tripp, I never would have been able to to take these getaways. With him (my Weimaraner, Tripp)  I’m never alone. It is so amazing all the things that we explore together.


I love that while are just hanging out at home, he’s totally a goofball. Have you heard of the game of Twister? Tripp makes a habit of twisting himself into the weirdest position ever. He does this so he can squeeze in next to me on the chair. When it’s time for breakfast or dinner he’s so excited he tap dances and goes in circles. He truly has a unique and loving personality. Oh, when I take him into a store, he’s a complete ham. This Weimaraner really know’s how to put on a show. Together we make a great pair and I couldn’t imagine my life without him 🙂

Breeder’s Comment: Tripp is one of those Weimaraners who got a second chance placement. The problem (of needing a new home) was not his doing. Here is a previous update if you care to read it tooclick here.

Rex Specs

More than a Fashion Statement12140813_10207730437726763_5711244097088009001_n

Jaime sends word–I took Rogue to get an eye exam and he tried on some Rex Specs. I guess now I will have to get a motorcycle and sidecar!

Rex Specs

Eye protection for those who protect us

We ask a lot of our dogs; days on the trail, hours on the river, and peak upon peak – so we created a dog eye protection that can stand the test in durability and functionality. Tested in the mountains of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Rex Specs are proven to stay on through the biggest adventures to the laziest afternoons.

Since founding Rex Specs, our goal has been to develop and provide a protective K9 eyewear that can stand up to the level of activity we enjoy with our dogs. One of the co-founding dogs was diagnosed with Pannus (Chronic Superficial Keratits) the other is a fair-skinned husky whose eyes experienced frequent and severe sunburns. It came down to a decision between leaving them at home when the sun was high or having them wear eye protection all the time.  Leaving them at home wasn’t an option, so we started making Rex Specs.


K9 Eye Protection for Chronic Eye Conditions and Environmental Hazards

Rex Specs K9 are protective goggles for dogs. They are designed to protect your dog’s eyes from sun and natural elements through all types of activities.

Working Dogs

Rex Specs K9 design is optimized for the working dog. The large spherical lens design allows for a full range of view, eliminating the potential for any distractions or obstruction during wear.  The soft foam edge fits snuggly on the face of the dog protecting them from dust and debris. The low profile fully adjustable strap easily integrates with other products and harnesses. The goggle fits securely throughout all activities while still allowing maximum freedom and full jaw motion.

Pannus (Chronic Superficial Keratitis)

Chronic Superficial Keratitis (Pannus) is a common canine eye conditions. Though common in German Shepherds, this condition affects a variety of breeds. Pannus is prevalent throughout the Rocky Mountain West where the UV rays are stronger and more damaging.  Pannus is a corneal inflammation that can eventually leads to scarring and blindness. Rex Specs K9 are designed to assist in the treatment of pannus. Rex Specs’ polycarbonate lens blocks harmful UV rays.

For more information on Chronic Superficial Keratitis (Pannus) visit the following links:

OwyheeStar Comments

There are always the potential dangers faced on the trail. For this reason, these might be a wise investment. Beyond things that could cause scratches or abrasions, there is also the risk of developing cataracts. Protecting the eyes seems to be a wise decision. The Weimaraner should learn to wear the eye protection early on. If not, then they may well balk at the addition. Thank you Rex Specs for this excellent product that protects our fur companion’s eyes. 

Bella Blue

Bell and Jack

The puppy is Bella Blue, Bella or Bell for short, and we couldn’t be happier with her. She’s settled into her new home with enthusiasm, which is how she deals with everything. Our two-year-old Weim Jack took a few days to adjust to her; however, within a week they were best buds.  Now they spend a large part of the day rolling back and forth in a pile in the living room. She’s accepted him as the dominant male but gives no quarter when it comes to playing time. I’m personally convinced that Bell’s the most intelligent pup we’ve yet raised, based on her age when she learns new things. For example–the dog door, potty training, etc.

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These photos were taken yesterday (August 30th). I included one with Jack for a size comparison. BTW, our Vet of many years gave her an A+ rating: perfect conformity, perfect health, and unusually intelligent. And everyone that meets her proclaims her the most beautiful puppy they’ve ever seen, including us.

Bella is an absolutely incredible addition to our life; we are definitely telling everyone we meet that’s interested in a Weim to contact you. Thanks for adding so much to our life.


Breeder’s Comment

Thank you, Kurt, for the glowing recommendation as well as the update. We are thrilled to hear that Bella Blue has settled in and is doing so well. As you well know by now, we work hard to get the pups ready for the future forever homes. We realize not everyone is going to have it as easy as you did; however, we believe our methods work. Thank you again, for being so great to work with as the process unfolded and for placing your trust in us to do the right thing for you. It is a heavy burden. We take it seriously. We look forward to Bella’s story as your journey unfolds.

Sometimes You Gotta Getaway

Mom and I at the Beach

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Mom and I do a lot of Stuff Together!

Yup–sometimes we are the best of friends–the kind that means the most. Ya know what I am saying? ~ Tripp

Another Two-Weim Family

Shawn and Jaime (owner and operator of the Top Rated TouVelle House B & B in Jacksonville, Oregon) picked up Rebel on Friday. It appears that things are going well. Rogue will soon be romping with his new brother. The two boys are sure to provide entertainment, and think up antics galore.

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Repeats and referrals make up a great deal of our business. Thank you all for your continued interest and on-going friendship. We love our people and our little OwyheeStar community. Thank you, Jaime, for the gluten-free cookies as well as the recipe. They were delicious.

Timber Time Again

Growing Like A Weed

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Timber is growing like a weed, he has more than doubled his weight since he came home. He is the groaniest dog I have ever met. He loves cuddling with Olive (the mini wiener dog) when he’s not chewing on her head.
Caleb  and family.

Remember When…

Time flies by so quickly…..

Furbaby expecting sister

More Fun Ahead

We found out in September that Emma Blue was going to be a big sister, and last night we found out she is going to have a little sister 🙂 We have absolutely no doubt that she is going to be a wonderful big sister. Last night when we found out, she had two three year old boys hanging all over her and making tons of boy noise and it didn’t even phase her. She has always loved to lick all the babies she meets and she seems to know that toddlers are easily knocked over so she slows down (a tad) around them 🙂 She continues to be included in all that we do and we don’t plan on changing that. We couldn’t be more thankful for the joy she has brought to our lives. She will forever and always be our furbaby.

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We hope you are getting to enjoy this holiday season despite what you are having to face currently.  You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Merry Christmas! ~ Tanya, Aaron & Emma Blue (Big sis!!)

Comments: This is blessed news. We are having a new baby too–not Cliff and I, but we are going to have another great grand baby. I think she is due in either June or July. They will be nearly the same age. Thank you for the thoughts, and the update. We always love them. Thank you for all you have done for Emma.