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Bell and Bluebell

Thank’s for the info. We’ll get her paperwork taken care of soon.

Bluebell has had her shot, all is well so far, back on schedule, thank’s again for helping with that, I so needed it. She’s gone out on her own to potty twice today, she’s figured out our doggie screen door (long story but it works), slept all night, in her crate at 8pm and awakening at 7 this morning!

Of course she’s snoozing within sight of Bell and I go early when she does and watch movies, seems to be all working out. This morning both dogs had a lovely moment, Bell’s unwilling to warm quickly as Bluebell likes to jump up and outright bite her, but in less than a week, they already are much closer. Being 14 August 29, Bell is very sweet with all that’s going on and adjusting well.

There’s a first week update…our family is doing well with the new addition of Bluebell #8…Thank’s again for all your hard work. Debbie 

Breeder Comment

Thank you, Debbie, for the beautiful update. So happy that things are going reasonably well–I mean a tiny pup and the aged girl, it is challenging. But you have this managed.

Here she is a few days before she left OwyheeStar. That face says a lot.

Emma Celebrates

She is Two Years Old!10458331_10152547236942591_3996180682888951398_n

A day all about Emma We celebrated her 2nd Birthday a few days early….she ran, she swam, she played and she opened presents


Remember when?

Remember when?

Breeder’s Note: We bring home the little package thinking we are going to mold them, and shape them into whatever. The process of our training begins–it is focused on us. All our preconceived ideas fly out the window in short order. They fill our heart with a type of love we didn’t expect. There is no explanation for what these guys bring to our lives. It is our honor, and joy to share this joy with a few fine folks each year. Some, more than others, remember us faithfully. Emma’s parents have been among the more faithful to send thoughts, and notes our direction. As you might remember there was a nice note last week. We are very blessed by all this hoopla.

We meet the most wonderful people–our connection runs deep. Thanks Emma Blue!