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Frida and Clover

Clover on her towel next to my work space
Frida off-leash, in the rain on the trails near our house

Here is an update on Clover and Frida and send along some pictures of them. Clover is doing wonderfully in most ways – she LOVES Frida and they are basically inseparable (which is great for us since it gets out lots of their energy. We all know a tired Weimy is a happy Weimy!) She is still adjusting the the noise of our kids and my husband, but she is sweet with all of them. She spends her days either laying next to me as I teach or outside with Frida and then on a long walk in the evening when it’s cooled down enough.

Frida and Clover on one of our walks

Frida is just over a year old and still very much a puppy in many ways, but she has somehow convinced Clover that she is in charge! Anyways, thank you for both of these amazing dogs. We are so happy to have them in our lives 🙂

Clover and Frida lounging (briefly) before running around some more

Breeder Comment

In case you didn’t know, Clover recently retired and joined this beautiful household in Southern Oregon. Adding a second Weimaraner is tricky–puppy or otherwise. There are always things to work through, and we are so happy to hear things are going well–especially the fact that both Weims love each other.

Blue Sky

Good morning!  Just a little update on our beautiful Blue Sky!  

Today was her 12 week booster shots and she did great.  She weighed in at 18.3 lbs.  On her 9 week visit she was 12.4.  Shes growing leaps and bounds.

Nutz (Bernie x Boone) is taking a bit longer than we were hoping to adjust to her younger sister, but she is.  But she is coming around.  Our grand-dog took to her pretty quickly. She has the same obsession with “balls” as her big sister, but is easily distracted, as most puppies are.

She loves being outside, no matter what time of day, and follows Nutz around. When she get cold or tired she curls up on my lap for a little snuggle time. She is loved by all and everyone thinks she is beautiful … who can deny that?😁

Hope all is well with your family!  
Mark, Robin, Nutz, Sky and Rhea (grand-pup)

Breeder Comment

Sounds like your Grand-pup was excited about having the new upstart, but as expected Nutz was slower to adjust. (Haha) They will be the best of buds–snuggle time works, too.


~Doing Great in Southern Oregon

Come on–we don’t need another snapshot.

Frida has adjusted wonderfully to life here in Southern Oregon. She gets either a walk in the forest or a playdate at the dog park on a daily basis, plenty of dropped food from our 3 kids (seems to be mostly broccoli or other veggies!), and snuggles when she can be bothered to sit still. We adore her and are so happy to have found you guys! 

I wanted to ask you what your opinion on spay timing is. Our vet is pretty invested in early spaying because of his work with various human societies and a desire for no unplanned puppies. While we VERY much do not want/need any unplanned puppies, we weren’t sure if spaying before her first heat was a good idea. Our puppy school teachers both recommend waiting until after adolescence so that Frida would benefit from hormones during her growth. So, I thought I’d check with you guys as actual Weimaraner experts! 

I have a couple of new pictures of Frida to share with you – as I said, she can be difficult to capture in a still moment! (Your initial assessment of her “being into herself” has proven to be pretty accurate HA!) I also included her “graduation” certificate from puppy school.

Breeder Comment

Congratulations on earning a Puppy Certificate. We are exceedingly happy to hear that things are going well.

As you know – the experts all have their ideas—and those working with rescue and shelters lean toward the fact of preventing the unwanted pregnancy—like you, we agree, but there is the balancing thought that those hormones play an essential role in growth. The decision is a personal one—hormones can also fuel aggressive behaviors–especially in males, but each pup is unique.


Bell and Bluebell

Thank’s for the info. We’ll get her paperwork taken care of soon.

Bluebell has had her shot, all is well so far, back on schedule, thank’s again for helping with that, I so needed it. She’s gone out on her own to potty twice today, she’s figured out our doggie screen door (long story but it works), slept all night, in her crate at 8pm and awakening at 7 this morning!

Of course she’s snoozing within sight of Bell and I go early when she does and watch movies, seems to be all working out. This morning both dogs had a lovely moment, Bell’s unwilling to warm quickly as Bluebell likes to jump up and outright bite her, but in less than a week, they already are much closer. Being 14 August 29, Bell is very sweet with all that’s going on and adjusting well.

There’s a first week update…our family is doing well with the new addition of Bluebell #8…Thank’s again for all your hard work. Debbie 

Breeder Comment

Thank you, Debbie, for the beautiful update. So happy that things are going reasonably well–I mean a tiny pup and the aged girl, it is challenging. But you have this managed.

Here she is a few days before she left OwyheeStar. That face says a lot.

It’s Nutz

Robin Says



Nutz says, “You need some love, Mama.”

My baby girl is almost as tall as I am.   She’s growing like a weed,  but she still thinks she’s “little”.  

Here is our young pup (Nutz) along with the Old girl (Jet)

Breeder Comment

Our relationship with Mark and Robin goes back quite a few years. In fact, their parents also have an OwyheeStar Weim from us. We appreciate our loyal folks. Most of you realize we have been doing this long enough that we have a high percentage of repeat families as well as direct referrals.
Mark and Robin want to add a third Weim to the mix. Jet is up in years and doesn’t want to play with the high-energy Nutz. They want to get her a new playmate soon. That will most likely make Jet happy, too. Nutz was featured on the blog a few days ago. Click here to view that post.

Ari’s 18 months Old

Today is Ari’s 18mo birthday, so I figured it would be a good day for a blog post 🙂

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Artemis (“Ari”) has been an amazing addition to our family.  

We had a four-year-old weim previously who we unfortunately lost to cancer.  I didn’t think I was a big dog person until I met weimaraners, and now I can’t imagine our family without one!  When we lost Leo, we immediately started looking for breeders and found OwyheeStar.  Lucky for us, there was a pint-sized beauty available!  Well, at 18 months today, she’s not so pint-sized anymore!

“Sweet Pea” is a busy girl

From day one, we were calling her a “sweet pea,” and she very much is.  She’s also incredibly intelligent and stubborn, but wants to please the humans so badly that she (eventually) does what is asked of her.  She is starting to burn off some of the puppy energy so she can actually lay down on the couch or the floor for about five minutes before needing to run laps around the house again.

Clever, Smart, Stubborn Ari

Ari LOVES to play, especially with her little sister (a chihuahua), paper products, her baby brother (a cat, when he lets her near him), and the myriad of dog toys available (yes, in that order).  One of her favorite past times is grabbing something she’s not supposed to, and then running around the house with it because she knows she’s faster than mommy, then dropping it somewhere for later so mommy can’t find it (hence the stubborn).

Window watcher, nose-art specialist

Ari can reach all of the windows in the house, and will actually hop up and watch us if we run outside for a minute.  If we go to a different side of the house, she will find another window to watch us through.  It’s pretty entertaining, though at night she makes a kind of creepy shadow.

Velcro Artemis

A true velcro dog, Artemis will sit ON your feet until you pet her enough (we call it “acknowledging her existence”).  She also does this dog equivalent of a hair-flip when she sits if she REALLY wants your attention.  Occasionally if you say “pretty girl,” she’ll do it on command.  She’s quite the character, and we are so happy we were able to bring her home.  Thanks, Cliff and Shela!

Sky and Misty Loved Weimars

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We (our family) purchased a puppy from you in  2012.  Misty is about 15 mos. now and of course we just love her. Misty has kind of a small frame and is 58 lbs. Sky,  our other Weim that we bought from you, is about 75 lbs. (Now- 4 years old).  I do like the fact that Misty is a bit smaller. Sky is bigger, so it’s nice to have the two types-or sizes. I have been spending way too much time cuddling with Misty on the couch and watching TV!!  She is a great stress reliever.

Actually, it was my brother Garon, who purchased the Weims. I am his sister, and we live on the same farm property, so Misty tends to roam between the two households.

I have included some pictures of Misty (15 mos.) and Sky(now about 4 years old) that you may want to use for your website/blog, feel free. They are such special dogs with great temperaments.  I can’t imagine life without a Weimaraner.