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With the New Year and the idea of setting a New Year’s Resolution forefront, we might consider one. Another time we set these kinds of unrealistic and humorous goals is when we bring home the new Weimar. We say to ourselves that we are not making the same mistakes as last time. (oops) We pronounce things will be different. Maybe we say they are not on the furniture. (OMG) Well recently, we have heard many such a proclamation. Come on folks; we are all with Jeff and Marisa.  Remember a couple of weeks ago when our blog featured the lovely Schatzi? If not click on her name to see that post.

Schatzi sofa side_5364.JPG


Wind forward a couple of weeks and we hear from Papa Jeff how things are going. He writes “So much for not getting on the couch!!!  She is great!!”

Have we not all been here? Well, consider this–it is typical that we go the way we went before or make new mistakes. Maybe you understand for what I speak.

Speaking of Sofas

Armless Sofas not preferred

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Comfort is Important

The Weimaraner can make do in the absence of luxury. They know how to adapt when it comes to comfort. They expect to use the sofa, and they need a pillow the arm may work well. Some Weims use the sofa back as a perch. In the absence of a pillow, they will do just fine.

Just say, “Pillow.”

Pillows of any kind work well- -even your head. A sofa arm will do. On the bed, they love your pillow too! Your Weimaraner says for you to bring and extra please. That way they can use it too!

Reasons to buy a new sofa

Here are a few!

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Remember many years ago when there was the long list of things the Weimaraner wasn’t ever going to do? One of those things was they were not going to be on the furniture. Uhuh