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~On A Saturday Morning

Saturday morning bed snuggles with Juneaux (Timber’s sister)- she is such a great part of our family, and has become such a great family dog. She loves her daddy and worries a bit when he’s not here:)

Breeder Comment

We appreciate you updating us on your family–, especially the OwyheeStar’s lifestyle. Thanks for making them an integral part of the family. These photos speak volumes.

Maggie Jo and her best friend

Is the Weimaraner Kid Friendly?

Cliff with his first (about 55 years ago)

Cliff Doc (about 55 years ago)

People ask this question all the time. Others, who grew up with the Weimaraner have an answer for you–yes! That doesn’t mean they don’t run over your toddler, snatch their food, or try puppy-bite them. They did the same with their littermates. Those things mean nothing. They may warrant using a crate during meal and snack time. Your children will need to be neat with their toys. That being said, we have heard from countless individuals who grew up with the Weimaraner, and it changed their lives. Cliff would be listed among the crowd of adoring fans raised with a Weim.

This Photo Says it All…..

Napping with my best friend