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Loki and Erica

~Modified Training/Staying Positive

Loki and I are making the best of things during these unusual times. Modified training moves forward, and this summer Loki got to try out the ATV’S. Apparently it’s not so different from the snowmobile– a couple of treats, and we were off! The goggles (RexSpecs) are not his favorite, but they were helpful in the dust. 

One of the biggest things we worked on this summer was obedience. I’ve learned a lot in my time with Loki, and we’re getting close to where we want to be, which is strong off-leash reliability. One of the most important things we have to do is a remote down, which we use as an emergency stop. I use a voice command and a hand signal that he can see at a distance, and no matter what he is doing he must immediately drop into a down. We really struggled with this until I figured out to use his ball as motivation, and we made it into a game with fetch as his reward. I’ve learned for Loki that his obedience training needs a balance of games, while also firmly enforcing the commands when needed.

We had a nice little adventure this summer on a backpacking trip. Loki has his own pack so that he can carry his bulky (but light) sleeping bag and pad. The best part is that he can now carry out his own poop bags!

Happy early Thanksgiving 🙂
Erica + Loki

Breeder Comment

As you might remember, Loki is involved with Search and Rescue; therefore, absolute obedience is a must. While he is in training, nothing could be more accurate than Erica is also growing and learning how to get compliance. Their journey together is different than the average pet person–but every experience is fraught with potential issues. It is nothing short of amazing to see what they have achieved together. We know it has required a lot of dedication and hard work. Erica, thank you for what you and for remembering us with the update.

This Week’s OwyheeStar News

January moves on….

The Weimar-gray sky continues to envelope the Treasure Valley. The only way I can be positive about it is 1. To remember we are not getting sub-zero temperatures. 2. Remember that we love the gray ghost Weim color. We have puppy loves too! What could be more perfect?

The Other Weimaraner happens occasionally…

Of course, the Weimaraner comes with variety. There are various shades of gray, the blue, and the longhair (which comes in blue or gray). We have some longhairs to cheer us. They provide us routine comic fodder. You have to admit they are somewhat ethereal, and yet at the same time we find them whimsical.


Arm full of Weimar Babies

Questions and

      wonderment surround the longhair

DSC_2764People ask us a lot of things about the longhairs (which are sometimes called the other Weimaraner). Keep in mind, it is reported that one-in-three Weims born in Germany are longhairs. They can be found pretty much everywhere; they are not well-known in the United States. Nevertheless, more inquiries arrive each quarter.

Interest continues to grow. Some folks that shied away from the Weimaraner, find the longhair variety more appealing. Possibly, this is due in part to the wispy hair, and a tail. The tail is not as deadly as you might imagine; nor is the hair anything like living with America’s beloved Labrador Retriever. They require a bit more grooming each month, but for those that find this variety a must-have, it is a small price to pay.

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Looking back, and then forward……


Shaydee says, “Uh, OK–we can get him, as long as I am still the princess.”

Sunday we featured a cute pup (we were calling Brewster). He has found his forever family. They cannot wait to get him. Currently, their family has Shaydee — a blue female. From here forward he will be known as Ruger. We are so very happy for him. Thank you for your interest, and kind notes. We really appreciate them, and you!

We hope to continue to have a couple of educational articles (or at least one a week), and we should have some of the updates too! We have been running a little thin on those, and that is quite possibly because most everything is being posted on Facebook. Nevertheless, some of you are faithful to send us notes (as well as photos). Thank you! There are many people who write to say that they live vicariously through your stories. They may have one Weim, or be waiting to get a Weim, and each story brings delight to their heart.

Keep Warm, and Healthy..

Don’t let cabin fever overtake you. Find a fun (light-hearted) diversion for the next few weeks. All too soon, you will be working in the garden and anticipating the tomatoes. Who will have the first ripe tomato? By the time it arrives, we will be so glad to have fresh garden produce. We are blessed to have good produce in the store, but it doesn’t come close to seasonal (locally) grown vegetables.

We will enjoy the moment, and at the same time we look forward to sunshine. Winter holds its own fun–snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling, sledding, and snowman building. Then too, there is the beauty–snow, frost, and icicles. A little way north of us in the Idaho mountains, you find that winter activity fuels the economy. It is also time for the ice carnival time in McCall, Idaho. We wonder how their warm temps will affect this year’s event. Regardless of what you find yourself doing, try to stay upright, and retain your smile. Life is grand isn’t it?


Many blessings and warm wishes from Shela and Cliff–(and the OwyheeStar Weimars too!)

~Thank you for being a part of our lives!