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A Service Dog


~In The Snow

In case you think a service dog’s life is all work and no play, here a couple of pictures of Porsche in the snow. 

Our Willamette Valley snow is so wet Porsche looked like she was gathering ammo for a snowball fight.  Her feet gave a whole new meaning to “snow” shoes.
Best regards,  JuneAnn

Breeder’s Comment

We are so happy to hear that the amazing Porsche (your Service Dog) continues to do well–even in the snow. Thanks ever so much, JuneAnn!


The First Snow

    ~ With Chloe

What do you mean toe-fur-sickles?

Chloe explores the backyard after our first real snow of the year, unfortunately, it’s been all rain since and the snow didn’t stick around for long. Snow tends to get packed in her feet creating what I call ‘toe-fur-sickles’. 

We brought an 8 week old Chloe home at the end of November 2016, Soon after we had a foot or more of snow and while house training Chloe she became so accustomed to going potty in the snow that as the spring came and snow melted she would seek out the remaining patches of snow to potty on. Silly dog. We’re so excited about adding another fluffy puppy to our family soon and while there will be an adjustment phase- we think Chloe will be a great big sister for our next pup. 

Breeder Comment

We are thrilled to get this lovely update. Snow–well I think most Weims prefer it to rain. (Haha) We cannot wait until you meet your new fluffy family member. Thank you, for being a loyal OwyheeStar family. 

OwyheeStar Week Fifty-one 2016

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

15442279_10209268675206630_7485618693497698931_nWinter Weather 

Winter has been pushing fall back and making its wishes known for quite some time. Honestly, snow, icy roads, and colder temperatures are not unique to Eastern Oregon. The more temperate regions have been blessed as well. Hey Winter– did you know your official arrival is slated for Wednesday, December 21st? Winter Solstice typically is either the 21st or 22nd of December. 

Near Yakima Cooper looks on as his Blue Longhair brother Levi enjoys a dip in the snow. I suppose he got snow on his toe tassels. That is probably one of the few downsides. For those that love the Longhair, they dread the fact that I mention some people have the tassels trimmed. There is something addictive about the feathering once you get into it.

This Week on the Blog

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On a very personal note

entrance_4073Cliff has the pellet stove installed. We are very thankful to have it running with the extreme cold weather. The whole area is not complete; however, it will be finished soon I hope. We still have the upper wall, and mantel work left to complete. More importantly, it is perking along and keeping us warm. 

With that complete, he is working on the entrance. Of course, we would have liked it finished earlier, but something else is always requiring our attention.

I am still struggling with the Bronchitis. Cliff said, “I don’t think you are getting better.” I replied that they will not give me better antibiotics until these fail to work. (OMG) I have tried to whip it without anything unsuccessfully. I think it is important to avoid antibiotics when possible. I believe that it helped my immune system by not just running to the doctor. I am still hoping this will work. I am about halfway into the ten-day regime. As Cliff says, I am coughing about the same. Who can say? I am thinking positive thoughts.

Thanks to You

There is no way we could ever thank you enough for your love and support. We are in need of a few stories to get through the December blogging. Several of you have promised; however, we understand how busy you might be–nevertheless if you can send along something we would

Featured Weimaraner — Targa

Targa is fitting in well!

Jan 4, 2013Life has been crazy since we got Targa – holidays, stomach flu running through the house, colds too, the snow – BUT Targa is doing well, everyone adjusted quickly, he loves the kids and they love him, hubby too.  Training is going well.  I love Don Sullivan’s information – very similar to Scotch Pines, but even better.  

We are getting positive results for the most part!

Targa’s a bit stubborn, but terribly smart.  He pointed at our bunnie a couple of days after we got him.  And while he really wants to chase the chickens, I can call him off.  I can keep him within the front yard borders with a firm ‘NO’ as he approaches the boundary. He potty trained super fast. He sits for his meals (w/ a high-five) and sits at the door before I’ll open it to go out or in.  I can clean his ears and trim his nails with no issues. The puppy biting is our only complaint.

I’ll get a picture off soon – he’s really beautiful.

Targa at 6 m

Targa at 6 months

March 30, 2013I finally, a sort of decent picture of the 6 month old, and I have a few minutes to send it to you.  A beautiful specimen in my opinion.  Crazy smart and very full of energy.  Loves to be outside.  

Breeder’s Note: Puppy Biting is the bane of most Weim owners. They want to engage everyone, and everything with their mouth. This is never more true than those they love. It seems unending, but with time and patience it will subside. We and others have written extensively on this topic.